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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Thanks to Austin Ditty, with his computer skills, I think we have finally got our weblog up and going.

A MESSAGE TO PROF-N—- whoever you are?

Jestin and I had a long talk on the telephone about you–Prof N– whoever you are. You say you are from England, my advice is for you to get your head on straight and open your eyes to what is going on under the veil of discipline in US schools. I find it amazing you would weigh your opinion on a topic you no nothing about such as corporal punishment in American schools. Your ignorance is just laughable.

I understand very well how much people suffered under Nazism in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s. You say you had family who suffered under Hitler. I don’t know if I believe you Prof N–whoever you are. If you had family
tortured by the Nazis, I think they would be proud of me because I am trying to stop the beating of children in schools. They would be ashamed of you. You support the beating of children in schools. For everyone’s information, corporal punishment was banned in schools in Germany, but was reinstated by guess who?

Answer: School corporal punishment was reinstated under the order of a man by the name of Adolf Hitler during a time most commonly known as Nazi
Germany. I guess the saying is true, “Violence begets more violence.” Doesn’t it? School corporal punishment was subsequently banned after the fall of the Nazi regime and in 2000, the hitting of children is forbidden
by anyone.

I’ll have you know Prof N or whoever you are, Jestin Samson is a proud political advocate, working tirelessly to end corporal punishment in schools. He and I both have Facebook accounts. We are not hiding anything. He doesn’t use a fictitious name, like you do and fake Renee, Fake Wendy, fake Michelle and Fake Jenny. He’s a dynamic college student, hoping to
enter law school in 2013 or whenever he graduates. He says—“I’m double majoring right now, that’s why there is a delay.”

You think you are a biblical scholar, Prof N or whoever your are. Tradition says Solomon wrote Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Songs,
formally called Song of Solomon. Orthodox Jews still believe Solomon wrote those three books in the bible.

To Be honest, I have to admit, I don’t believe the character of Solomon in the bible wrote those books or any book. I said tradition says he did. My point was that  in Christianity the primary guide is the sacred words of
the New Testament. Nowhere in the pages between Matthew and Revelation does it justify the striking of a child. Jesus would never lift his hand to a child.

What I find extremely amazing is that you would criticize, out of all things, is the layout of our blog. If that is the best you can do, you or anyone else who travels on this path has nothing to bring to the conversation. I don’t think you get the essence of what we are trying to say and that is children are being brutalized under the name of discipline in American schools. Teachers Who Paddle is spearheading the movement for having their primitive ideas still in the classroom.  Finally, I came across a comment you made concerning a study by Dr Marjorie Gunhoe, where you assert that her study proves your point that spanking is good for children. Well, there are some things you need to know about the study:

(according to The Center For Effective Discipline)

(1)  The study is unpublished.  It has not yet been accepted by a journal which requires peer review and acceptance by other professionals in fields
such as medicine, psychology or child development. Failure to be accepted for publications in professional journals can be an indicator that the process or the conclusions did not meet standards of scientific accuracy.
The release of the findings through the general media, prior to any journal acceptance suggests the author has a more political than scientific intent.

(2)  Be Ware of “outlier” studies. Almost all studies done by researchers in multiple higher learning settings find that corporal punishment of children is harmful. Studies that go against current scientific findings are often picked up by the media. That should be a warning to the public
to look at reports and positions on such issues from major medical, educational, and psychological organizations.

(3)  The Gunnoe report is a small study. Studies with large numbers of participants have a higher degree of scientific accuracy than studies with only a small number. News reports for which Dr. Gunnoe was interviewed
said there were 2,600 participants in her study. In actuality, her conclusions were based on reports of only slightly more than 70 participants, a subset of participants in the larger study.

(4) Dr. Gunnoe says in her paper that it would be unwise for the U.S. to consider banning all physical punishment of children as much of Europe has done based on research.  In answering this, a spokesperson for the
Children are unbeatable Alliance in the UK said, “The case for banning smacking is based on human rights- children’s right to respect for their human dignity and physical integrity and to equal protection under the
law….We do not look for research to justify full protection for women, elderly people or any other population group from being hit.”
The final nail on the head is your grouping together of liberals of those who support the protection of children. I guess I’m the exception, I’m relatively moderate on social issues and mostly everything else.


Michelle, should I apologize to you? We are not on equal footing. You know who I am.  You and Network 54 discovered I’m a member of North Central
Iowa Presbytery. So you know I live in the little bitty town of Lincoln, Iowa. We wear t-shirts with the inscription—“This is not Lincoln Nebraska,
this is Lincoln, Iowa.”
I have no idea who you are. You hide behind the computer, concealing your true identity. Online, you go by a fake name, an alias. I don’t apologize to people who are not upfront with me. Tell me who you are and where you work, and I will gladly give you a sweet, kind, and sincere public apology on this blog, for the whole world to see. If you want to keep it private, you can email it to me at (I had to change my hotmail account because somebody hacked my old account. I am not 100% sure, but I think there is reason to believe that it is somebody associated with Teachers who paddle. Somebody in that group is sabotaging our internet connections. Is it you, fake Renee or is it your crackpot Bob t.)


He rejoices at the idea of children suffering physical pain caused by educators. This appeared on the weblog Teachers who paddle—July 17, 2010. My comments will be in parentheses.

Dear Readers: Every once in a while, we at TWP receive some insightful comments by readers of this blog. In this segment, we have a “double treat” for readers with two comments below: One from Raymond B., a newbie,
and one from Prof. N., a U.K. reader who has commented in other TWP posts. While we did some editing for length, the comments below are 100% from the
(Right off the bat, Teachers Who Paddle admits that they have tampered with the comments. Since Teachers who paddle has been known to use dishonest tactics to sell their primitive ideas, I’m not sure if they have altered content to tailor fit their agenda. I will only be focusing on what Ray has to say, I’ve already given Prof N a peace of my mind, besides, it’s what we talked about anyways, but feel free to read it at your leisure.)

My name is Ray, I’m 53, an electrical engineer in Southern California, and recently found your blog.  I’d like to give you a round of applause for having this blog to honestly discuss the issue.

(Teachers who paddle don’t honestly discuss anything. They hate with a passion anybody who disagrees with their primitive ideas. At times they have resorted to placing the IP and email addresses of those who opposed them. Teachers who paddle, their level of intellectual dishonesty is way off the chain.)
Reading the entries of Renee and Michelle has permitted me to relive some of my childhood days.

(So Ray you rejoice reading about teachers beating children.)
I grew up in the Cleveland area and was subject to a public school progressive discipline policy there that included corporal punishment from first grade (1963) through high school graduation in 1975.

(Please define, “progressive,” because there is nothing progressive about school paddling. It is primitive and barbaric. In fact, my friend Chaz, who is an internet celebrity and victim of school corporal punishment
calls paddling, “Mid Evil behavior that has no place in our school system.” Sounds like the only thing they did was beat children to try and control the classroom. The best schools in America, the ones with the highest graduation rates, do not paddle kids. That’s the bottom line. The statistics are everywhere to prove it.

I was in school at the same time Ray was. I graduated from WP Davidson High School, in 1975 in Mobile Alabama.  By the way, the Mobile county schools, the biggest school district in Alabama, was the first school district in the state to ban corporal punishment. Others followed suit. Many school districts in Alabama are debating it. They debated it for many years in Mobile before they banned it. An honest debate is the first step towards banning corporal punishment. When intellectually honest and educated persons view
the scientific evidence on corporal punishment, they will make the right decision for the students under their care.)

At the time, I thought Northeastern Ohio was the Mecca of school corporal punishment (c.p.), only later learning that it is much more common in the Southeastern states.

(From what you said. It is the Mecca of school beatings.)

In my school system, any credentialed employee could paddle a student. At the first day of every class, each teacher would review their list of “pet peeves,” which would result in discipline, including paddling.
Throwing anything in class guaranteed a paddling.

(Please define, “Credentialed employee.” This can encompass people such as bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, student teachers, teacher’s aids, volunteers, etc. Secondly, it seems like you have the definition of
the word, “Discipline,” crossed up. The essence of discipline is, “To teach,” I can’t see corporal punishment fitting this definition, but on second thought, corporal punishment teaches and models violent behavior,
so I guess it does work.)

All the teachers that I remember kept their paddle on a wall easily viewed by the class, kept it in their desk, or placed it on the chalkboard.

(Never in any of my schools in Alabama did I see a paddle hanging on the wall. Maybe we are more progressive minded in Alabama than they are in Ohio, but I have to give up to Ohio, they got rid of this social ill known as school corporal punishment from their school system, and Alabama has not.)
Some teachers did not paddle students, preferring to send them to the principal’s office with a note.

(Ninety five percent of my teachers in elementary school beat kids on the butt as a means to control their classrooms, but few teachers were paddlers in my Jr. high and high school.)

The c.p. policy evolved over time in my school system.  In the mid-1960s the elementary school teachers simply commanded the offending student to
present over the edge of the teacher’s desk, or bend over and grasp their ankles in front of the class, for three to five swats on the clothed bottom with their favorite paddle.

(These people are not educators. They are humiliaters, self-esteem destroyers, telling a kid to stick a private part of their body out.  It’s down right disgusting. These teachers who tell kids to stick their butts out
are appalling. I feel like throwing up every time I think about it. It is even more upsetting these monsters told them to do in front of other children. Ray, most Americans are opposed to corporal punishment in
schools. We are not proud of the teachers who paddle you described. Favorite paddles? Sounds like it would come out of a pornography movie for people with spanking fetishes.)

In elementary school, us kids were well aware of the paddle, but we saw it used rather infrequently, perhaps once every week or two.  As I transitioned to middle school in the late 1960’s, the age of the students went up, and so did the use of the paddle.

(In my middle school/Jr. High School, the use of Corporal Punishment did not go up. The use of it went down.  It was used, but the school had other forms of discipline. You can rationalize with kids in middle school.
Corporal Punishment was a last resort unless you were acting up in class.

Interesting, I grew up in the Deep South. As a young man, I always had it planted in the back of my mind that people north of the Mason/Dixon line
thought we were nothing but a bunch of backward hillbillies. Sounds like the school I went to in Alabama was more progressive than Ray’s school in

The paddle’s size increased, too. In elementary school, the paddleball paddle was used, or a paddle about 3’’ x 16” x 1/4” or 3/8” thick or so
was used.  The student was usually permitted to sign it after being swatted.  Only one or two teachers had a paddle with holes.

(Twice Ray knows the exact measurements of a paddle—Creepy—Creepy—Creepy—There are  websites with naked women bending over showing their naked butts which also give measurements of paddles.
These websites also tell similar stories to Teachers who paddle, but these other websites are dedicated for people with spanking fetishes. Sounds like Teachers who paddle can be placed up there with them.)

In middle school and high school, just about every teacher used a paddle, which had grown to about 24” x 3” x 1/2” thick.  Most had holes.

(A sadist in action–loves to make children suffer physical pain.)

By this time, a new requirement was added for a credentialed witness to be present when c.p. was administered. There never was rule that it be
administered in private, nor was there any way to opt out, except possibly detention for a day or two at the whim of a teacher, but this was pretty
rare.  The students knew the rules, and expected c.p. if the rules were violated.

(So, let’s call a spade a spade. The teachers or whoever is allowed to administer corporal punishment can do everything in their power to stack the deck for the student to being paddled. It makes me sick knowing that a grown man can have a teenage girl stick out a private part and have it violated by possibly two men. For more information, please read my previous 3, “Why Paddling Must Stop!” entries for more information on why
I am saying such things.)

The teachers routinely used the paddle to teach a discipline lesson, mostly with the full intent to have each swat sting and burn.  Whether given in front of the class, in a hallway, or in the principal’s office, the three to five swats were given full-force, with the sting of each one
permitted to ripen to full effect before the next swat was given.  When administered in a hallway, each swat sounded like a rifle shot.

(A sadist loves to hear that sound. It’s music to their ears. These people enjoy inflicting pain on children which is the highlight of their day. Teachers who paddle, I find it amazing you would condone such behavior, if we
changed venues and the same sound came out of a home, the cops would be called and the parents would be charge with child abuse or anything else more serious. It just that teachers have full immunity of the law and can get away with virtually anything, even up to death.)

I felt at the time and still believe that my best teachers were “paddlers.”  They were dedicated to their profession, had control of their classes, had assertive-directing personalities and were fair graders.  Who
could ask for more?

(And, your point? This proves nothing. For every one teacher you can name that you call, “a good teacher,” I can name 10 who do not paddle and who are just as good, if not better, fair and assertive than the one you can name. Teachers who paddle, what are you trying to pull by placing this creepy story up. It proves nothing and holds no weight whatsoever. This reminds
me of the classic argument for corporal punishment, “I was spanked and I turned out okay.”)

(I’ll talk more about that argument next week.

Teachers who paddle arrogantly assert at the end:
Well, this commentary should dispel the notion that school c.p. reduces I.Q. We at TWP sometimes wonder “Where do the antis think the engineers,
scientists and business leaders who built 20th century America came from?”
Ray, I think you may have answered that question!
(It looks like the Pro CP radical zealots are up over there heads on this one. Yes, many businessmen have admitting to being swatted in school as
well as death row inmates in San Quentan, so your point is?)


Now, this story made me sick reading this, with no further delay, Michelle’s story. Note to everyone, The original comments are from Paula Flowe and I, but Wade will also add his commentary. This is written from Paula’s prospective.

This story was presented on the website of a small group that calls themselves, TWP, which stands for  Teachers Who Paddle. This group of teachers talks about their experience of beating the students in their care. Their website is connected to a child-spanking fetish website. These are the people who look after our children.

Note: Commentary is given in parentheses. Jestin Samson, a fellow board member of The Hitting Stops Here! And myself will be giving our commentary to this story. TWP always gives their stories a title like you see below:


This is TWP’s first segment on the “teacher perspective” we promised earlier this summer to retain in TEACHERSWHOPADDLE. This episode entersaround sweet Michelle, our youngest teacher and the third paddling she ever gave.

(Does that not ring out like, “The first boy she ever kissed,” or “the first cigarette I ever smoked …like more to come and we’ll help her get better at it!”)  This occurred only a couple of months after the confrontation recounted in TWP’s post MICHELLE’S ENCOUNTER WITH A P.T.A.V.E. MEMBER. (All Michelle did with the woman who called herself a PTAVE member was hate her and her son.)

This new episode should be a heart-warming and touching saga that DOES reflect who we all really are as teachers: kind and sensitive but still firm when a situation requires the use of c.p. as a last resort.

(They always say c.p. rather than Corporal Punishment–Kind
of like KFC, not Kentucky Fried Chicken–It sounds like they are placing a mask on the issue to hide the evil behind it.)

Hi everyone! This is Michelle, the ex- Alabama Crimson Tide cheerleader turned 4th grade school teacher. I know what readers think when they hear
about me from the “Fan Mail” I get weekly! Folks seem to think: “Blond bomb-shell as teacher” must be “heaven on earth” for those “lucky kids!”

Well, the blond part aside, I am a teacher first and foremost. The kids in my class seem to grasp that fairly quickly -After a week or so with homework assignments like as in any other class. Please understand, while I must be the adult in charge of my students -I also bring a cheerful and sunny disposition to my classroom.

Only twice before had I used a paddle, once when a boy pushed a girl off a     swing and the other for a “sucker-punching” playground bully.

(She does not realize the bully with the paddle is teaching them more of the same.)

But the third time was different…and was NO charm. What was it for? Flirting….WITH ME!

Please, dear readers, understand that this was not just winking or grinning at the “new teacher” at the start of the year which I expect to go through every year for however long. No, this was very overt “hugging” by an infatuated 10 year old boy I will name Miguel. (Come on guys…we’re talking about a 4th grader that this teacher is about to screw up!)

This “flirting” consisted of random hugs initiated by Miguel throughout the day and I tried unsuccessfully to stop this by conferences with his parents and Mr. Smith, our principal. (Smith’s a coward. I will tell it to his cowardly face, if he’ll stick his cowardly face in front of mine.)  After those meetings, the unwanted “contact” would stop and later resume as nothing had ever been said. Since I was the only teacher in our school who could speak a little Spanish; moving Miguel to Jenny’s class was not a good option.(I work with a resource English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher who works with a dozen other kids in our school 1 hour a day.)

Everyone told me that Miguel must be held to the same standard of behavior as all the other students. That meant Miguel had to be penalized for his “inappropriate touching” of a school staff person.

(Oh, my! Is that what you are? I guess he can have “inappropriate touching” of non school staff persons.)  And as his teacher, I had to warn him of the consequences of his actions -Including c.p. (Once again, are you afraid of saying corporal punishment? aren’t you proud of it?)

I certainly hoped it would never come to that, (Oh my God!) but did, in front of the resource teacher and Mr. Smith, reiterate the school policy to Miguel and all the possible sanctions.

(The party is very close to beginning…)

His resource teacher did translate some for me since I just know enough Spanish to “get by.” Miguel’s parents also were made aware and
understood completely. Right away, Miguel had his computer time suspended the next time he
attempted a hug.

(There went his testosterone!) At first, that seemed to work but the NEXT day I would have to repeat the sanction. Then, Miguel started repeating the attempts to hug later in the day.So, my next step was the recess sit-in. (I’m sorry, but that poor kid.)

That meant Jenny or I had to take turns staying in to watch him. This got to be a drag when Miguel was sitting in during EVERY recess (For Molesting his teacher, guys!)

As Jenny jokingly remarked one day,”I think your pint-sized ‘boyfriend wanna be’ actually enjoys sitting in with you…And not me!” (Oh my God! These two women are just treacherous!) Jenny said that only in
jest but she had a point -Recess sit-ins for more than a week were not working.

The next day, at the start of class, I told Miguel,” I’m not keeping you in recess anymore because it is NOT working…Rather, the next option is this…” I then pulled out the paddle but couldn’t even bring myself to look
at it. “Miguel, I don’t know what else to do…And Mr. Smith WILL send you to the alternative school if he hears about ANY more trouble…Understand?”

(Does everyone see what our children are facing in our American schools? This is a disgrace to the profession of education. They are considering “alternative school because a fourth grader has a crush on his
teacher…this poor excuse for a woman, in return, refers to him as a “flirt.”

A Fourth Grade “Flirt.” I guess he does deserve to have his buttocks creamed and then sent to “alternative school.” Poor guy.) I implored. Miguel nodded and seemed to understand. I had actually hoped the threat of removal from my class would cause a change in Miguel’s behavior before the paddle would be a factor. But I was mistaken…Very mistaken.

Later that morning, Miguel got up from his desk as if to ask me something. He had done likewise on previous days and would walk up behind (Oh!…Here it comes…) my large desk in the front and place his arms around my
shoulders while starting to ask a question. Every prior time Miguel did that, I penalized him with a recess sit-in. But this time had to be different because I had already warned him.

As he approached my desk, all I could think was “Dear Lord, please cause Miguel to remember what I told him earlier!” My prayer was NOT answerer (Awww shucks!) as Miguel placed his right arm around my shoulder and leaned into me (Oh my God!)  and started to speak.

But I had warned Miguel about what would happen the next time he touched me inappropriately and immediately shushed him while reaching for the one
teacher tool I hoped would be unnecessary (Did you see that…did you see that!): My 16″ x 3 1/2 x ¼…paddle.  (OOOOO! Ahhh! Perverts know the size of paddles, too.  Teacher tool–I wonder why the security at the airport deemed my paddle a weapon when I tried to take it with me on the plain, but in our American schools, it’s a “teacher tool.” That sounds like a forked tongue to me.)

I took Miguel to the conference room (Dead man walking.) after getting Wendy as a witness (Wendy’s class was with Max’s at the library). As Wendy put aside the papers she was grading (Nice to know that Wendy was doing some teacher work), I explained the whats and whys and she understood. She asked if I wanted her to do the paddling (Get your popcorn ready! Sit Down
and hang on, the show is about to begin!) but I felt (Uh-oh…here comes Ms.Noble!)  that if one of my “kids” was to be paddled -I would be the one to do it (Go Michelle…Go Michelle…).

Miguel was already starting to cry and pleaded, “Please don’t paddle me, Miss …. I’m sorry… (Here we go! Show’s about to start!)”
I replied, “Miguel, I hate doing this but you give me no other option than to send you to the office and if Mr. Smith hears about any more ‘inappropriate touching’, you will be removed from my class AND THIS
SCHOOL… (I’m sorry, I have to say this, “Do I see a little erection coming along?” Paula was Mr. Smith, the coward, watching?) Understand?”

A tearful Miguel pleaded,” I really like you, Miss …., please don’t…” Speaking in a soft tone I implored,” Everyone KNOWS you like me but you must also respect me as you teacher and the first step in that is when
your teacher tells you NOT to do something -Do not do it!” Continuing, I told Miguel,”I am going to give you 2 swats, o.k.? (Was that a rhetorical question?)…And I hope we never have to come back here again,…understand me?” Miguel nodded as I had him turn to the wall and bend over with his hands pressed against the wall. Seeing that nothing was in the back pockets of his blue jeans, I lined up the top edge of my paddle with the top edge of Miguel’s back pockets (Is that something she learned at teacher college?).
I then placed my left hand over Miguel’s back belt loop as my right hand held the paddle at a 90 degree angle. (Most definitely must be from teacher college.)

At this point, I had a lump in my throat (God help both of them) and thought,” What kind of ’sicko’ could enjoy this?…Paddling kids never even crossed my mind when I picked education as a college major!” (Having a bit
of a revelation for a brief moment. Too bad it didn’t last longer. It might have saved poor Miguel’s buttocks from a beating.)
I swung the paddle briskly. (BOOOOOOOOooooo! Get off the stage!)
SMACK! Miguel let out a “owww.”
I swung the paddle again just wishing to be done with it. (Crowd weeps in mourning, poor thing! There went his confidence, pride and innocence!)

SMACK! Miguel flinched with another “owww.”
When a teary eyed Miguel turned around, I nearly lost it myself and had to sit down to pull myself together. (I doubt that sitting down worked.)

Wendy started to escort (an abused) Miguel back to the classroom but I stopped her and said,” Miguel, I know those two swats stung but they hurt me too!…I don’t ever want to see you back here again…Do you hear me?”
Miguel murmured.” Miss …., please don’t be mad at me…I promise to be better!…And I still LIKE you!”

(Potential sexual confusion on the threshold. Poor Miguel already thinks that he must “be better” in order to win the love of his teacher. He thinks something about himself must be fixed and he is going to do everything he can to find out what it is in order to win the fancy of his favorite teacher, the child beater. He’s going to say, “Yes Ma’am,” more, pray more, become critical of himself, after all, he’s a bad boy…remember…that’s why he received a buttocks pounding. An object in motion remains in motion unless an opposing force intercepts it. Follow Miguel through life and watch him go through a series of relationships with women who reject him. If not this scenario, a relationship that is sexually and mentally unhealthy.)

Wiping away a tear, I replied,” Miguel…I like ALL my students and enjoy TEACHING everyone in my class!…So, lets put this behind us and make a fresh start…O.k.?” (Miguel’s first love; first crush; first infatuation,
and he is spanked by her. Spanking fetishes are born out of this perfect storm.

Looks like only Michelle gets to put this, “behind them.”)
Miguel nodded in agreement and smiled as Wendy took him back to the classroom. In fact, Wendy had to spot for me for about 10 minutes as I recomposed myself. (How nice of her.) I would have no more “Miguel”
problems but did get a parting “hug” (Oh my God!…after all of that!) on the last day of school from Miguel as he then dashed out the door saying, “Don’t paddle me!…Don’t paddle me!” (Of course I wouldn’t -The school year was over!)

(Otherwise…) Renee saw the whole thing and we both had a good
laugh. (They laugh at the thought of a child hurting. America is ashamed of these educators…and the paddlers lived happily ever after.)
Michelle’s final words:

Those classroom management classes I took at Alabama did NOT include instructions on how to manage “Miguels”! (I have ever intentions of sending these words to the professors of the education department at UA. I think they would be ashamed of the Jessica Simpson look alike.)

Conclusion by The Hitting Stops Here!
The thing that jumped out at me is Michelle said that the  University of Alabama’s education program did not teach her on how to handle, “Miguels.” (However, what she forgot to mention that these same classes didn’t
instruct her on proper spanking techniques. This clearly demonstrate Teachers who paddle’s blatant dishonesty to its viewers. If Teachers Who Paddle wanted to be frank and up front as they claim to be, they would say
this: Michelle’s Honest Final Words:

Those classroom management classes I took at Alabama did NOT include instructions on how to manage “Miguels”! These same classes also didn’t teach me on how to manage my classes using butt-slapping techniques.Despite the heeds and warnings of my professors, I continue to spank away, completely ignoring the over abundant amount of scientific evidence pointing to its harmfulness.


I got news that on July 30, 2010 will be, “End American School Corporal Punishment Day,” outside the Hawaiian capitol. Paula Flowe will be out there until this primitive practice is brought to an end by our governmental leaders. Please share this press release with your local
newspapers and social networking sites. The press release is below:

“End American School Corporal Punishment” Day is Friday, July 30, 2010. Concerned citizens will be rallying in various parts of the US for having American school corporal punishment banned. The Hitting Stops Here!, a
national organization for having sanctioned school beatings banned, will rally outside of the Hawaii State Capitol Bldg. (Beretania St.) from 2pm-7pm.

Beginning Monday, August 2, traditional first day of fall semester school year 2010, The Hitting Stops Here! and supporters will begin a nonstop rally at the same location until all “terms” for ending this campaign have been met. “Terms” can be viewed on our Message Board under the title, “Terms For Ending Campaign for Banning American School Corporal Punishment” at:

A petition written to US Congressional Leaders for passing the “already Introduced” bill for this ban (June 29, 2010) is accessible on our Home page.

Learn more about the urgency of this matter by reviewing our Message Board at:

Thank you,

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.

Why Paddling Must Stop! Seek Justice, Get Punished
ASSOCIATED PRESS, August 11, 1996: A judge has dismissed a “silly” lawsuit filed by a mother and her son seeking damages from the Houston school
district after a music teacher paddled the boy with a broken cello for being tardy.
State District Judge William Bell ordered sanctions on Friday against Alice and Mark Anthony Ramirez who continued their case despite repeated warnings from Houston Independent School District attorneys that state law does not permit such legal actions against school districts. Bell dismissed the case and assessed $15,000 in penalties against the plaintiffs, who did not appear for the hearing Friday. Bell told attorneys that he might view the case differently had there been any evidence of
real injuries from the spanking.
For example, when Mark Ramirez arrived late to class, his teacher beat him on the buttocks with a piece of wood. While such treatment of schoolchildren is routine in most parts of Texas and in every southern state except Virginia, in this particular district, hitting kids is prohibited by district regulations. But that didn’t protect Mark. The attack caused him to defecate in his clothes and left visible bruises. His mom was summoned by the school nurse to come get her son. The outraged Mrs. Ramirez sought justice for Mark as any caring parent would. But in Texas there is a law which prohibits legal actions by parents against school districts. She tried anyway. She sued the district and the teacher for assault.
State District Judge William Bell wasn’t impressed. After all, the Ramirez boy isn’t anybody’s prize retriever; he’s just a kid. “It’s silly to be wasting our time and taxpayer’s money. We can have people running down here to sue every time there’s a spanking,” Judge Bell told the  Houston Chronicle (8/10/96) and he slapped Mrs. Ramirez with a $15,000 penalty for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Has it occurred to anyone to ask what it is, besides the lobbying clout of the education establishment, that could persuade the Texas legislature to exempt one particular professional group from the risk of civil suits and consequently leave any schoolchild exposed to worse treatment than can be legally meted out to a convicted felon in a Texas prison? This incident
perfectly illustrates just who’s protecting whose rear and at what cost to society.

Note from Jordan Riak of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education:

In Texas, if somebody beats your dog with a wooden board for no reason, you’d sue and win. In addition to the civil action, the perpetrator would undoubtedly face criminal charges and be punished. But in Texas if
somebody beats your child with a wooden board, and the perpetrator happens to be a schoolteacher, you’d better back off and keep your mouth shut. If you try to seek a remedy in the courts on behalf of your child, it is you, the parent, who will be punished. That’s the way it is in Texas. Family pets are cherished, but children… Well, they’re a different story.

Thanks and Peace,

Jestin and Wade



Rev. Wade Ditty, minister, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Jesus Christ born of the Virgin Mary, under the skies of Bethlehem. Angels rejoiced. Shepherds visited the mysterious birth. Word spread around the ancient world, a savior has been born.

From the very beginning he was presented as gentle, a savior and rescuer. He traveled the ancient world, healing the sick, feeding the hungry, and mending the hurting. He took time to be with the rejected, lonely, the outcasts, and scores of people who were scorned by society at large. He earned the names—gentle shepherd, prince of peace, the great physician, friend of the poor, and helper to the needy. He would never do physical harm to anyone.

Jesus welcomes the children. He said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

“If you receive a child in his name, you receive him and the one who sent him. Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.” (Mark 9:37)

“Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” (Matthew 18:3-4) Jesus says the greatest is a child. He would never strike a child for any reason.

In the Sacred writings only one book, Proverbs is used for justification for hitting a child. He who spareth the rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him correcteth him betimes.” (Proverbs 13:24)  “Withhold not correction from a child: for if thou strike him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and deliver his soul from hell.” (Proverbs 23:13-14)

No where else in the whole cannon does it say anything about hitting a child. You could make a real controversy out of the book of Proverbs. Tradition says it was written by the third King of ancient Israel, Solomon. At first the Scriptures say Solomon was the wisest man in the world. But before he was out of power, he was thought of as the most corrupt king the world had ever seen, forcing slave labor on his people, heavy taxation so he could build palaces for himself and 2nd Kings says he had seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines. So did the wise Solomon or the corrupt Solomon write Proverbs?

Proverbs comes from the old ways of the bible. It’s the Old Testament, Old Covenant, and Old Agreement. The Old Cannon can be filled with words of charm and grace, but at times it edges on malevolence, condoning the widespread slaughter of innocent people and justifying it in the name of faith.

I am a person of the new way and the new vision. Jesus said, “I give you a new covenant.”

I distinctly turn to the New Testament, for guidance. The words of the Gospels and Epistles flow through my heart, inspiring me with words of hope and encouragement. No where in these hallowed words does it justify paddling a child. Jesus would never lift his hand to a child.

By Shelly S. Gaspersohn, Guest columnist, USA Today, October 23, 1984

Dunn, N.C. With all the talk of undisciplined children beating up on teachers, it is ironic that we must address the issue of child abuse in our public schools. But the problem of child abuse in the schools is real, especially to me.

In 1981, I was a 17 year old high school senior. As a senior caper, one day I skipped school. It was the first time I had broken any school rule.

When I returned the next day, I was given in-school suspension, placed in an isolated classroom. This punishment was generally given for such infractions as fighting, refusing to serve detention, or cutting classes. I was kept from my regular classes and fell behind in my school work. The only alternative was corporal punishment.

I imagined that I would be spanked as my parents had spanked me when I was a child. But it turned out to be the worst pain I’d ever felt.

This was not a spanking. It was a beating. After the first two whacks with a heavy wooden paddle, I was crying and very shaken. I objected, but was told I would have to go back to the in-school suspension if I did not receive four more thrashes. I went through it and became very emotional.

The six thrashes left massive bruises on my buttocks for nearly three weeks. The beating occured during my menstrual cycle and caused me to hemorrhage for two days. I was given triple doses of estrogen to stop the heavy bleeding.

Since then, I have also suffered emotionally – nightmares and reactions to everyday scenes such as children getting beaten by their mothers in grocery stores.

The beating I received didn’t make me respect authority, as some educators claim corporal punishment does. It only made me retaliate against the faculty. I remained bitter until I graduated in June 1982.

Some educators say corporal punishment, with proper controls, can be an effective disciplinary tool. But how do you control it ? How do you legislate tempers ?

It seems simple to me: Train teachers in non-violent alternative discipline procedures; make courses in alternative discipline mandatory for teacher certification and recertification.

I hope something is done soon, so other children will not be subject to the pain and trauma I experienced.


Jestin Samson, director of SAFEPASS, 
has contributed to this weblog 
from the very beginning. 
As a matter of fact, 
he’s the blogger for this site. 
His uncle passed away to
 whom he had a close 
relationship with. 
We should be in prayer 
for him and his family. 

My sister lives on the Gulf Coast. 
I used to reside there. 
People are suffering there 
because of the terrible oil spill. 
I know several people 
who make their living on the ocean. 
We should remember these people 
in our prayers. 

Also remember our troops deployed 
in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
I have two church members 
in the Marines who are stationed 
in Afghanistan.  
They see themselves as peacekeepers. 
May we pray for the safe return 
of all our troops, 
and they will succeed in bringing peace. 

For some good news, 
the Memphis City School Board 
decided to side on 
the side of scientific evidence 
by shooting down a possible revival 
of corporal punishment. 
Looks like it’s going to stay dead for a while!


I laughed. 
A man once asked me. 
“Are you a victim 
of corporal punishment in schools?” 
Never have I thought of myself as a victim 
of anything. Unless it’s my son, 
he graduated it 2009. 
I’ve tried everything to persuade him--
he needs to go to college, 
but he has this foolish notion in his head 
that he can make a living with music. 
He’s a very good musician. 
He won the Louie Armstrong award as a senior, 
meaning he was the best musician in his school.  
I’ve explained to him the only way 
you can make a living with music is to teach, 
and he’s anything but a teacher. 

Now should we call someone 
who is on the receiving 
end of corporal punishment a victim? 
I choose to refer to them in that manner. 
I grew up in a day and time 
where everybody spanked their children. 
Same way at school for the most part, 
few schools didn’t use corporal punishment 
back in those days. 
When I was in elementary school, 
almost everyday 
I heard the sounds of someone being paddled 
in the hallway. 
Only a couple of times did 
I witness a paddling first hand  
in my years as an elementary school student.

When I was in the first grade, 
I was ambling on down the hallway, 
returning from lunch. 
A second grade teacher 
had three girls out in the hallway. 
The hallway was crowded. 
At the time in my young life, 
those second grade girls 
looked all grown up. 
She paddled all three of them 
over their dresses. 
A dress was the only thing a girl 
wore to school back in those days. 
She spanked the devil out of those girls. 
I still have images of the black 
headed witch swinging the paddle 
hard at those girls. 
They must have been tough. 
They didn’t whimper, cry, flinch, 
or make one little sound. 
They just stood there and let her beat them.

A couple of years later, 
a boy one desk in front of me, 
was told to stand. 
The brunette battle-ax 
beat him hard, ten times in my estimation. 
He cried. He buried his face 
in his arms on the desk, 
and sobbed loudly. 
I don’t know what he did.

It happened to me twice in the fifth grade. 
Five of us guys stepped out in the hallway 
at the wrong time. 
The principal lined us up in front of her office 
and paddled all five of us. I thought I was tough. 
I didn’t cry, moan or make any sound, 
but one of the guys made fun of me—“You flinched.”  
So what? You have a right to scream or holler 
or cry or flinch or do something, 
if someone is beaten on your anatomy.  
The second time I was spanked was for staying in
the restroom too long.  
I was a victim of Corporal Punishment three times 
in Jr. High School. It never happened to me 
in high school. 
I went to Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama, 
big ole school had between 1800 and 2000 students. 
I was naughty but I just blended in with the crowd.    
I tell you these stories because even today, 
many years later, 
I still have negative memories 
and thoughts about teachers who paddled me. 
It’s not emotional. 
I never cried when it happened, 
and I don’t cry now. 
I don’t have nightmares over it. 
But it’s a nagging negativity. 
I have no pleasant thoughts of those people. 
Why would an educator want 
to be remembered this way? 
It doesn’t make a bit a sense to me. 
I always said if I ever meet a teacher 
who paddled me again, I would make it a point 
to confront him/her straight forward 
about their abusive ways. 
It’s too late for that now. 
I’m sure they are all dead. 
I hope when they meet 
their maker the Lord will make 
them look into the face of every child they struck.  

Paddling is particularly hard on females. 
My last year of junior high, the ninth grade, 
my friend’s girlfriend was 
a victim of corporal punishment. 
I don’t know what rule she violated. 
She was petite and pretty.  
My friend said. “She cried and cried and cried.” 
Months after it happened she cried according 
to my friend. 
At the end of the school year 
we had a dance in a community center. 
She was crying. I asked
my friend. “Is your girlfriend alright?” 
He shook his head. “Something made her think a
bout the paddling she got at the beginning 
of the school year. She gets very upset 
every time she thinks about it.” 
No girl is that naughty. 
She should be crying 
all year about something she did wrong. 
This took place in Dothan, Alabama 
at Young Junior High School. 
The school is no longer in existence. 
I was never a freshman in high school.  
After my ninth grade year of Junior High School, 
the company my dad worked for transferred him, 
first to Long Beach Mississippi then 
to Mobile, Alabama.  
I started to school in Mobile as a sophomore.  
After my family moved, 
I never saw this girl again 
but I would be willing to bet 
she still can’t talk 
about the paddling she received 
in the ninth grade without crying.  

This reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song, 
Don’t Blink. 
It’s a song about how fast life passes us by. 
Don’t blink teachers who paddle. 
You paddle a nine year old. 
You blink, he’s out of school 
and he’s nineteen. 
What will he think of you? 
You blink again. He’s twenty nine. 
What will he think of you? 
Any kid you paddle will grow into an adult. 
He could carry bad memories of you 
for the rest of his life. 
Or do teachers who paddle 
even care what others think of them?


I scanned through the perverted 
weblogs of Teachers Who Paddle. 
Arrogantly, they assert, a parent shouldn’t 
be alarmed at a paddle. 
They shouldn’t be concerned or upset.

Parents wake up--don’t let these teachers 
beat your children. 
The kind of instruments they are using, 
you would never use on your child. 
It’s estimated most parents still spank their children, 
but they would never use 
the kind of blank instruments a teacher uses. 
Every year, there are thousands of kids 
left with bruises and abrasions 
because of these sadists. 
Some of these children are only seven, 
eight, nine years old. 
The teacher is a foot taller than the kid. 
These teachers do not care about your children. 
All they care about is a momentary 
moment of quietness. 
Teachers do not spank children they beat them. 
Just read the story I examined a few weeks ago. 
Fake Renee swung a paddle with both hands 
at a child. In Fact, this child is 
actually close to being a grown woman.  

Prof N:
I’ve seen your other posts 
on other websites 
and you are no better 
at the name calling 
as you accuse us of being. 
For example, 
calling my partnership with Paula Flowe as, 
“Puppy love,” and telling Paula to, 
“Watch out.” 
Your level of intellectual dishonesty  
is just off the chain.

To Be honest, 
it doesn’t cease to amaze me a
bout the readiness of people 
who don’t know what they 
are talking about loving to talk. 
You may call yourself an intellectual, 
but being associated to Teachers Who Paddle, 
\who resort to antidotal evidence 
and outright lies to support their primitive 
views brings your stock down the drain. 
I would like to advise our readers 
to look at the comment thread 
that we had with Prof N on 
our previous post and come back for our side.
Funny enough that Prof N has 
accused us of not being 
up front of who we are. 
We are telling the whole truth 
of who we are. 
We’ve got nothing to hide. 
Prof N, reveal yourself. 
We already have, 
in the name of honesty and fairness, 
it’s only right you do the same.

Here is the letter 
that Prof N is referring to: 


I’ve been a pastor 
in the Presbyterian Church (USA) 
for almost twenty five years. 
I served for the past nine years 
in a rural church in Central Iowa. 
I’m originally from the 
sovereign state of Alabama. 
I’m a one man wrecking crew 
trying to do what I can to 
outlaw corporal punishment 
in schools nationwide.    

It seems to me Corporal Punishment 
is out of control. 
Some principals paddle children 
for breaking the dress code. 
This recently happened in Oxford, Alabama. 
A male principal paddled 17 cute teenage girls 
dressed in their prom clothes. 
One girl chose to be suspended instead of paddled. 
This misguided principal said 
she could have a make-up paddling if she dressed 
in her prom dress…sounds odd to me. 
In some town in Mississippi, 
a principal paddled sixty boys because 
they didn’t have their shirts tucked in. 
Another school in Alabama a male principal 
gave a cute teenage girl a choice to be paddled 
or going to alternative school 
because she had a cell phone in her lap 
on the school bus.  
There is something about school paddling 
that is down right disgusting. 
Every school day in America, 
a grown man gets behind a closed door with 
a cute teenage girl and 
orders her to expose in a vulnerable way 
a part of her body she keeps covered up, 
actually a sexy part her body. 
When I think about it, 
I want to throw up. 
Even with a witness 
it is downright appalling. 
There is nothing Christian 
or wholesome about this practice.               

There is a bill soon to be introduced 
in congress by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy 
of New York to outlaw 
corporal punishment nationwide. 
I encourage you to vote 
in favor of this bill. 
Being from Iowa, you know, 
Corporal Punishment has been 
outlawed for a number of years. 
Yet, Iowa has some of the best, 
if not the best schools in America. 
You know that too. 
We’re very proud of our educational record. 
My youngest child will graduate 
from high school in one month. 
I’ve already had three other children who
graduated from the Gladbrook/Reinbeck District 
in Tama and Grundy County.  
Iowa school districts show you don’t need
corporal punishment to have a successful school. 

Look at this poll done by ABC news. 
It is five years old, 
but I think it shows the sentiment 
of the American people. 

The public by a 2-1 margin approves 
of spanking children in principle, 
and half of parents say they sometimes 
do it to their own kids, an ABC NEWS poll found. 
But an overwhelming majority disapproves 
of corporal punishment in schools. 

Sixty-five percent of Americans 
approve of spanking children, 
a rate that has been steady since 1990. 
But just 26 percent say grade-school 
teachers should be allowed to spank 
kids at school; 
72 percent say it shouldn't be permitted, 
including eight in 10 parents of

Indeed, even among adults 
who spank their own child, 
67 percent say grade-school teachers 
should not be permitted to spank children at school. 

At Home

Among parents with minor children at
home, 50 percent report 
that they sometimes spank their child, 
while 45 percent
do not. That's about the same 
as it was in a Gallup poll a decade ago.

Spanking Approval
Approve of spanking children 

 Yes:  65%
    No: 31%

Think spanking should be permitted in school 

  Yes: 26%
No: 72%

There are big regional differences in spanking. 
Among Southerners, 62 percent of parents 
spank their kids; that drops to 41 percent 
in the rest of the country. Similarly, 73 percent 
of Southerners approve of spanking children, 
compared to 60 percent elsewhere. 

Even in the South, though, 
just 35 percent think spanking should 
be allowed in the schools. Support for spanking
in the schools is about the same, 
31 percent, in the Midwest, 
falling to 19 percent in the West 
and 13 percent in the East. 

One other difference in spanking 
is among education groups. 
Among parents with college degrees, 
just 38 percent spank their kids; 
among less-educated parents, it's 55 percent.

The U.S. Department of Education has reported 
that school-sanctioned spanking 
is most prevalent in Southern states - Mississippi, Arkansas, 
Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Louisiana. 
There are no state laws against spanking, 
although 27 states have policies against the practice 
and this year Pennsylvania is debating becoming the 28th. 
Spanking in schools is currently allowed 
in 23 states (although in many districts parents 
who object can withhold permission for school personnel 
to spank their kids).
(This story was from 2005, 
thus 27 states banned school corporal punishment. 
Currently, it’s down to 20 states)

I don’t want my federal tax dollars 
going into any of those 
school districts 
that practice corporal punishment. 
I think most Americans agree with me. 
Eventually you’ll either have to 
end corporal punishment 
or reduce the federal funds 
sent to these school districts 
to reflect the will of those who 
are against it. 
Soon, the majority of Americans 
are going to cry out loud 
and hard to end corporal punishment in schools.  

If you can’t out law corporal punishment 
all-together, pass laws where no grown 
man can order a teenage girl 
behind closed doors, 
to expose in a vulnerable way 
a sexy part of her body. 
If a school district is going 
to use the repulsive practice 
of corporal punishment, 
it should be same sex. 
Females paddle females and males paddles males. 
That will eliminate any suspicions 
of sexual abuse. 
And there should be a law now making 
it an act of assault 
for any school official who would spank 
a child in special education.  
My oldest child is autistic 
and I’m very sensitive to this issue. 
Think about it and pray about it.

May God richly bless you in your service to our nation.

Rev. Wade Ditty

We were fortunate enough for the 
Holladays to contact 
The Hitting Stops Here! 
We spoke to the wife of the principal 
and they told us to remove the materials 
from our website, including 
the article from the Spoof website. 
They both said they would cooperate with us 
and give us their side of the story. 
So far we have no notice. 
Here is a letter from Paula Flowe, 
director of the organization.


Hi Wade,

Please tell the author of the letter 
(Prof N) that we contacted the principal.  
We told him that we will be very happy 
to remove the story given the opportunity 
to hear his side of the story.  
We informed his wife as well 
in a lengthy conversation. 
They have since ignored our 
attempts to support their clearing their names.

It was clearly stated to 
them that if what was printed 
and told on state and national 
news was untrue, 
we would do a write up 
and support of clearing their names.

Neither the wife nor husband 
have responded to our offer to date, 
though it still stands.

Feel free to forward this message 
to the person inquiring and 
he may send this to the Holladays as well.

Thank you for your good work 
and God bless you for 
your concern regarding 
the mistreatment of our American school children.

Best regards,
Paula Flowe, Exec. Director
The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness 
and respect in schools everywhere.

Prof N, one more thing, 
although it came from the Spoof News, 
it doesn’t make it false, 
they report on funny stories, but if you insist, 
I will do a better job of citing sources. 
Although The Spoof has it wrong, 
it doesn’t take away from 
the lack of judgement on the principal’s part. 
If we are going to spank grown women 
in one place, what’s not going 
to stop others from taking advantage 
of this mentality.
(I’ll talk more about it next week)

For now, I will leave you with 
two videos of people 
displaying their true feelings on this story.
News story on the issue:
A gentleman claims that 
he is not a principal, but a pervert:


I guess that principal wants to spank that, 
well you know what I’m talking about.

Family Wants To Take

Spanking to the Supreme Court

A DeKalb County family is resurrecting

the debate over corporal punishment in schools.

It all started when Bill and Dava Cody’s

daughter Meghan was caught

with her cell phone on a bus after school.

The principal of Fyffe High School,

Ricky Bryant, said she would have

the option of being paddled

or going to the alternative school.

The Cody’s chose alternative school

for their daughter.

The school board told them the principal

has the right to punish their daughter as he sees fit.

Now the Cody’s are asking the

Alabama State Board of Education

to ban corporal punishment,

and their daughter Meghan is speaking out.

“No you’re not going to paddle me.

You’re not going to touch me on my private part.

That’s my zone.”, says Meghan.

Dava Cody says, “I want to take it to the legislation,

to the Supreme Court of Alabama, I want these laws changed.”

The Codys have enlisted no-spanking advocacy groups from across the country to help.

Corporal punishment in schools is banned in 30 states.


I commend the Codys for choosing 
a more humane consequence 
rather subjecting her to 
possible sexual confusion 
and spanking fetishes 
in the future as well 
as a host of other ills. 
My friend Jeff Charles really 
nails it on the head. 
Principals and other teachers 
will do anything to spank 
that bottom and that 
includes using punishments 
that may possibly harm grades 
and athletics, 
but that all goes away when 
the student decides to take on 
a posture a prostitute would take 
in a hotel room. Bend over, 
spread your legs and show me that sexy butt.
Meghan, you truly are a hero to 
all students in the United States, I salute you!
Break It Down!, A Rude Awakening, Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb!, 
& Why Paddling Must Stop!
Dear readers:
Jestin and I hope everyone had 
an amazing Independence Day Weekend!

Break It Down!
Last month with the help of Jestin Samson, 
my internet buddy, we set up 
a weblog entitled Teachers Who Paddle EXPOSED.  
The sole purpose of the weblog is to give 
an alternate opinion to the weblog 
Teachers who paddle. The name for the 
weblog is accredited to Jestin.

 Jestin is the director of a very 
dynamic group called Safepass—Student A
lliance For Education in Peaceful 
American Schools. 
He is a college student 
at California State University, Fullerton. 
After he graduates, he hopes to attend 
law school wherever he can get accepted. 
As he tells me—“Don't think I'm just planning 
to stay instate, 
I'm also considering going out of state. 
For a culture experience some of these schools 
are in the south. This includes Vanderbilt, 
North Carolina, Texas, and Alabama 
(Sorry fake Wendy and fake Jenny).” 
He adds to his resume: “I'm a public speaker 
in my spare time. I work for the disability 
Awareness Foundation. I am also a concerned 
American citizen who wants this 
primitive way of handling students 
to be brought to an end.” 
And he also informs me—
“I'm single and ready to mingle.”

A Rude Awakening

Last week that group of teachers/fetishist 
or a combination of the two found our website. 
I knew they would at due time.  
They said derogatory things about me. 
I knew they would. 
They hate with a passion anyone 
who holds a different opinion 
than them on corporal punishment in schools. 
I guess you hate most of America. 
All the polls I’ve seen show most 
Americans oppose corporal punishment in schools. 
At least sixty percent of the population is against it. 
It could be seventy percent just depends 
on how you interpret it. 
In fact according to an ABC poll conducted in 2005, 
although a majority of Americans agree with spanking 
in the home, seventy-two percent of people 
polled disagree with corporal punishment in schools. 
The south, where paddling has its main support 
is still dwarfed by the disapproval of its use. 
Thirty-five percent of southerners support 
the practice with the number falling to nineteen percent 
in the Midwest, and finally falling again 
to thirteen percent to the west and east respectively. 

What Teachers Who Paddle said is below.


Dear Readers: It has come to the attention of this blog that an anti- c.p. zealot, who calls himself “Rev. Wade Ditty”, has entered the wordpress community with a blog of his own. Hey, we at TWP have no problem with the right of free speech. But we also believe in honesty and “truth in labeling”. The “Rev.” does neither.

Honesty: The so-called “Rev. Wade Ditty” wrote to us FIRST and claimed to be a “man of the cloth” who was opposed to corporal punishment. TWP believes in fair debate and had some back and forth with Rev. Ditty. (As our policy, we kept the last name confidential until this post.) But his comments about “pretty teen girls” and “sexy bottoms” made us wonder about this guy. In the “Prom Dress/Oxford” episode, the Rev.’s comments about “paddle swats on prom dresses” which came from confirmed to TWP that Ditty was a dud.


And he calls US “creepy”? Question: What kind of “man of the cloth” obsesses about the rear ends of teenage girls? Rev., we at TWP think YOU are the definition of “CREEPY”!

Truth In Labeling: Mr. Ditty, you have the right to say whatever you wish but stop calling yourself a pastor. All four of us are of the Christian faith and have the up most respect for all those who work in the ministry. Mr. Ditty, stop calling yourself a “Rev.” because, judging by your own written words -You are NO  “Rev.”

A friend of ours reworked the spelling of “Wade Ditty” and came up with “Dead Witty”.

Editor’s Extra: Hey Mr. Ditty, we see you’ve been exercising ( and abusing) your freedom of speech with your callous “award” to sweet Michelle. Well, we at TWP have broken with routine and hereby award “Rev. Wade Ditty/Dead Witty the PERVERTED PASTOR AWARD for reasons given above. You REALLY earned it too! With it, you get a travel package to visit all the REAL victims of sexual abuse around the world. Who knows, maybe you might come to an understanding about what REAL abuse really is.


One of the remarks they made was about not 
putting my full name on their creepy weblog. 
From the very beginning I sent them 
my name and my email address. 
I made no bones about it. The only thing is that 
if my name appears on their log, 
I want people to know I don’t agree with them. 
They acted like they were doing 
me a favor by not putting my full name 
on their site as though I was afraid. 
Fake Wendy, fake Renee, fake Jenny and fake Michelle, 
I’ve already told you I’m not afraid of you, 
and I’m certainly not afraid of your readers. 
I dare anybody try to hurt 
me physically over this issue.

They try to evade the issue by calling me fake, a phony. 
There is nothing fake about what we are attempting 
to do by exposing this primitive group. 
They say they are women of faith. 
They question my faith, my status 
as pastor for the last twenty five years. 
I see potential perverted behavior and I point it out. T
hey don’t like it. They could use a little less crude language. 
Also, if you call yourselves, “Women of God,” 
Let me point you to a passage in the Holy Book 
in which you have insulted Jesus

At that time the disciples came to Jesus, saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” And calling to him a child, he put him in the midst of them, and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.  Whoever humbles himself like this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, [Greek causes to stumble] it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea, (Matthew 18:1-6 Revised Standard Version)

Obviously, paddling children causes them to have increased aggression (that’s a sin), wanting to get even with the paddler (that’s a sin), chronic depression which can lead to suicidal tendencies (The Bible says to be joyful), and a host of other ills. Also, why would you take what Jesus calls, “The greatest,” in his kingdom and beat them. So, it looks like there is nothing left to do, but to get that millstone and get yourselves ready to get wet.

There are large volumes of clergy 
who would agree with me in trying 
to outlaw corporal punishment. 
The Presbyterian Church (USA), 
The Evangelical Lutheran Church, 
The Roman Catholic Church, 
The American Baptist Church, 
The United Methodist Church, 
The United Church of Christ, 
the Episcopal Church, and 
the Reformed Church of America, most clergy 
in these churches would stand 
with me in opposing corporal punishment in schools.

One other thing I can’t let go is the nasty name they called me, 
“PERVERTED PASTOR.” They said first that I’m not a pastor, 
now they are saying I’m a perverted one. 
What is it? Interesting—the only person who could determine 
if I’m perverted is my wife. 
August 29th of this year we will celebrate 
our 30th wedding anniversary. 
I’m very much in love with her. 
We were married on a hot summer day 
in 1980 in Mobile, Alabama. 
I’m trying to save up some money 
so I can get her a nice gift for the special occasion. 
We have four children ranging in age 
from twenty six to eighteen. 
My oldest child is severely autistic.

My wife of almost thirty years could point 
out to you all my flaws, 
but I don’t think she would say 
being perverted is one of them. 
If you want to talk about perverted, 
then you can start by looking at yourselves 
in the mirror. 
The creepy paddling stories with the 
gory descriptions you give can and 
I personally think have attracted an audience 
who are not interested in school discipline, 
such as those with spanking fetishes. 
Surprisingly, two posts ago, we clearly exposed 
the website you are connected to previously 
as a website popular among those 
with child-spanking fetishist. 
It’s also a telling that you have to 
buy paddles at S.M fetish stores. 
If you want to talk about perverted, 
then your blog is a good place to start 
and stop feeding the slippery stuff that 
fuels your perverted audience. 

Fake Renee is always defending 
fake Michelle as being sweet and kind. 
How am I to know she is sweet and kind? 
Teachers who paddle hide behind their computers, 
using fake names. 
You can be anything you want online. 
It’s like Brad Paisley says, “I’m much cooler on line.” 

Just like Teachers Who Paddle, we are
going to put up a new post every week. 
We want to come up with a name for these women. 
These women call us anti-cp radical zealots. 
In biblical times a, “Zealot,” 
was someone who radically opposed the Roman Empire. 
Today a more proper definition is a, 
“passionate, militant proponent of something."  

Jestin and I have thrown out a few names for these women: 
Hitler’s girls, school terrorists, and playground bullies 
with a paddle. I have the perfect name pro-cp radical zealots. 
I want to be on the anti-end of it. When I meet my maker, 
I want to fully confess 
I did all I could to keep children from being 
hit at school by a teacher. 
The prince of peace opposes corporal punishment in schools.      

Finally, tell me about dishonest! 
On our weblog, we  allow everyone 
to speak their mind, even Teachers Who Paddle. 
On their website, 
they tailor everything to fit their primitive ideas. 
Teachers who paddle is known to take things 
out of context and using dishonest tactics 
to please the masses 
and have their primitive views palatable.

Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Last week we gave Teachers Who Paddle awards 
to celebrate their accomplishments 
as dishonest spank happy teachers. 
In connection with The Dumb Award, 
here’s fake Wendy’s story that clearly 
shows why corporal punishment must stop. 
For this post, I won’t say much 
because I feel the post speaks for itself, 
but look at the end for my commentary.

Dear Readers:We at TWP are probably goin to catch HELL for this post -but, with Wendy’s blessings, we are going to give a side of Wendy that shocked all of us. Wendy is a quiet type who is as friendly and caring as Michelle, Jenny, and myself. A few commentators have unfairly labeled Wendy as the “mean one”,”hardest paddler”, and “most hot-tempered.” TWP believes that all of this stemmed from our post WENDY’S (?) WORST PADDLING -but these assumptions are way off. Rather, just like the rest of us, Wendy hates using the paddle and as she puts it: “5TH graders are too old to be paddled and need to grow up!” In Wendy’s post, she tried repeatedly to get out of using the paddle but only got lies in return. In that case, the other contributors of TWP would have done no differently than Wendy.

(So, do you agree with paddling preteens or not, there is no middle ground. Thank you for demonstrating why paddling is ineffective, it causes children to be sneeky about their behavior in order not to get hit and hurt. This reminds me of a story that Dr. Irwin Hyman said in a movie. “If you hit Johny, your brother, I’m going to beat you, I’m going to whoop you. So, the message is not to hit Johny.” Think about it, what’s stopping this boy from hitting Johny? Is it the fact that the parent is bigger and stronger and he will show the child how it’s done because he is bigger an stronger. Or is it the fact that the parent wants the child to fear the pain when the parent finds out because the parent will be, “The pain giver.” . Obviously, if this child wants to hit Johny he can’t get caught. If he can get away of getting hit and hurt himself, then he can misbehave without anyone noticing. This is called external control. Unfortunately, it doesn’t internalize the discipline why hitting is not okay, ssame thing about lying. When did your husband spanked you last for lying about buying something?)


(Should have been called Wendy’s life destroying experience.)

The first part of this saga is second hand info since I (Renee) was not present. It started at a morning recess for the 5th graders in which Wendy and Max, our other 5th grade (and only male) teacher, were monitoring while sitting on the steps that lead into the classroom wing of our school. A student, Shad – who is a loner and keeps to himself -was doing some art work on a paved walkway at the far end of the playground area. He had the school’s permission because colored chalk was being used that washes away when it rains. Every teacher, including Wendy, knew about this “approved art” -so it was never an issue. But some other “art” on the brick wall only a stone’s throw behind Shad WAS an issue -A VERY BIG ISSUE!

I was told later that one of a few of our black students came up to Wendy and Max complaining, “Shad put something ‘bad’ on the side of the building!” The student admitted that he did not “see” Shad do it but asked Wendy and Max to look -which they did.

What Wendy and Max saw -around the corner from where Shad was working on his sidewalk art -was something none of us ever expected to see: A black grafetti hand-written proclamation stating “KKK 4EVER!” Both Wendy and Max were horrified and asked Shad about it. Shad denied any responsibility but Max checked the black chalk and compared it to the markings -they matched as to color and Max later told me the markings looked “chalky” to him.

That’s when Wendy “blew her stack” and hustled Shad inside after telling Max, “Shad is MY student and I will handle this!”

(So let me get this straight, Wendy blows her stack over hearsay and although the student denies the charges, Wendy wanted to show she was judge jury and executioner, like some tough guy. Our courts don’t even treat prisoners this way. Have you ever heard, “Innocent until proven guilty?” This could have stopped right there because Wendy had no evidence to incriminate him with, so she could have given him the benefit of the doubt, but she clearly shows how much she wants to, “Pop that bubble.” Also, what happened to, “The last resort?”)

Since Jenny was in the middle of a science demo and Michelle’s class was at the library at the other end of the building, I was the one who was called on to be a possible “witness.” (This was only a week or so after the paddling referred to in WENDY’S WORST(?) PADDLING). I could tell she was steamed and she already had her “TAKE ALONG” paddle tucked under her right arm. After telling me what happened, I was aghast and felt this was SERIOUS! But despite our repeated questioning, Shad would not admit to it.

(You could have stopped there too, but here you go, playing tough guy.)

Finally, Wendy gave an ultimatum: “Confess to us and just get a paddling or take your chances with Mr. Smith, the principal -And risk certain suspension and likely placement in the alternate school for the rest of the year!”

Shad continued to protest his innocence but must have feared being the youngest student in a school set up for older students who repeatedly start fights in school. Wendy was ready to just haul Shad to the office when he finally ‘fessed up saying,”O.k., I did it…Please don’t take me to the office!”

(That was a nice trick, that’s how police interrogate suspects and we all know most of those confessions get thrown out of court. I guess Wendy can be considered a spank happy teacher. It makes me wonder if she has a fetish or not, but here you go folks, what happens between a quarter of a million times and one and a half million times in a United States school with the aid of your tax dollars.)

“Alright then, Shad…We will handle this apart from Mr. Smith…But this paddling is one you will not forget!” Wendy proclaimed. “The VERY IDEA of putting a racist message on the outside wall of YOUR school…” Wendy muttered as we entered the conference room where paddlings are given behind closed doors.

(What a great message, violence is sometimes acceptable. It sometimes makes me wonder if they knew how to speak English.)

While just the three of us were in the room, a three month pregnant Wendy took charge and insisted on doing the honors because she considered Shad “her” student. If anyone thinks a pissed off pregnant teacher cannot swing the timber -think again! She gave five of the hardest swats I’ve ever witnessed -and I had to keep her from swinging at a wider angle than 90 degrees! I’ve heard that 5th graders do not tend to cry when paddled but this was definitely an exception. But even through his tears, Shad then stated, as he walked back to the classroom,”I did not do it!”

(This reminds me of a true life story that happened when I was in elementary school during my time. This time, paddling was much more common. We had two Davids in our class. One of which was going to be paddled. The teacher took one of the Davids outside where the Principal was waiting. During this time that David was pleading they got the wrong David and right after the paddling, it turned out they got the wrong David. The principal told him, “Next time you get into trouble, I won’t paddle you and we’ll be even. It makes me wonder if the score was even or not. Let’s see if there is a repeat here.)

Wendy and I considered that pathological but let it go because the punishment was done and over with. The discipline report simply stated “playground misconduct” and we left a note on the janitor’s closet door about the wall markings.

Strangely, he was nowhere to be seen! That really was strange since he had a reputation for being a wanna-be teacher whom everyone loved and respected. Ol’ Clyde, as we all call him, is a black Korean War veteran who retired the year I was hired but came back because, “If I just sit at home, I’ll die of boredom!” Well, Clyde was more than just a school “fixture” -He was the school before the old building we now use was even built! But he was “out on errands” as Wendy and I found out later when lunchtime began.

Popping in the teacher’s lounge where all of us lady teachers were watching our favorite daytime drama while eating lunch (Poor Max is always out-voted -but hey -Life is unfair and someone has to watch the cafeteria with Mr. Smith!) Scratching his head as he looked at our note, Clyde asked,” What did you give me this note for, Renee?…I already knew about the markings early this morning when I unlocked the school doors…I saw them when I walked around back…”

That meant two things: First, Shad didn’t do it because he rode the bus and never had the opportunity apart from recess! Second, Mr. Smith never mentioned the markings at our early morning staff meeting. Suddenly I lost my appetite and Wendy looked like she had a bad case of food poisoning.

“Uh, Clyde…Where were you this morning?” I asked.

“At the hardware store…Trying to find something that will remove the black ink markings without ruining the exterior brick’s color…And I found ‘it’ and…NO MORE ‘KKK’ AROUND HERE!” Clyde declared in triumph.

I only wish Wendy hadn’t been there because I seriously thought she might have a breakdown right then and there…and lose her baby!

Patting her knee as I sat next to her, I calmly said to a trembling young lady,”Easy now, Wendy…Calm down and take a deep breath…Don’t fall apart on me…and remember… YOUR baby!”

(No one else knew or understood what this situation was really about.)

Wendy then got up and made a beeline for the door to the cafeteria but I managed to intercept her and steered her to the conference room down the hall. Wendy already had tears streaming down her face but agreed murmuring,” I have to see…”

“I know…I’ll bring Shad and have a substitute called to spot for you this afternoon…Because you are in no condition to teach right now.” I then had a wobbly Wendy sit down while I went back to find Shad in the cafeteria.

I half dragged a quiet and sullen Shad back to meet Wendy, explaining what happened and imploring, “It was a mistake, Shad…and Wendy -knowing her as well as I do -will spend the rest of her life if necessary trying to make it up to you…Just keep in mind…She is also carrying a baby inside …and in her present condition…”

“It’s o.k., I understand…I don’t hate HER -just what she did!” Shad replied, to my relief.

When Shad stepped inside, what happened next was such a departure for Wendy that I will never forget it as long as I live!

Wendy literally dropped to the floor on her knees and wrapped her arms around Shad’s waist and sobbed, “I’m sooo sorry, Shad…Please…forgive…me!”

I then worried that if she did not pull herself together , we might have a miscarriage right then.

Patting Wendy on the back, I encouraged her to take deep breaths and calm down. Then I helped Wendy up so she could sit back down in the chair.

A wide-eyed Shad then spoke,”Wendy, I hated what you did but now that you said ‘I am sorry,’ I forgive you!” and then embraced Wendy who could only cry softly as she repeated, “I was wrong…I am so sorry…”

As lunchtime ended, I was so thankful that in our small 200 +/- school, nearly all the grade levels had lunch within a 55 minute period. Who knows what might of happened if Wendy had found out while my class and I were back in our room? I sent Shad back to his classroom with the librarian who spotted until the substitute teacher arrived. As to Wendy, she was o.k. but I encouraged her to take the last couple of days that week off -which she did. Before getting in the car when James picked her up, Wendy asked me to trash that paddle saying, “Renee, I don’t ever want to see that thing ever again!” Of course, I obliged and removed the paddle from her room.

Understand, as Jenny, Michelle, and I dropped by Wendy’s home afterschool, Wendy told us, “I’m not turning into a P.T.A.V.E. fanatic but…I just don’t want to use the paddle anymore…at least for now…And in two more months, I’ll start my maternity leave when Christmas Break starts!” We all “High-fived” Wendy on that and left our young marrieds to themselves. (If you could only see the future baby’s room -decked out in Auburn Blue and Orange wallpaper, bed sheets, and carpet -Wanna bet where that child is going to college?)

When Wendy came back at the start of the new week, there was one other change: Despite his protests, Shad was reassigned to Max’s classroom because we all felt it was in the best interest of Wendy and Shad. For Wendy because of the probability that she would be too permissive on classroom discipline with Shad. For Shad because we all understood that the “feelings” he might have for Wendy would be a problem for both -but especially for Shad’s education.

But those two saw each other at recess time. I’ve been told that the sight of Wendy sitting down near Shad to “model for art” was a sight to behold. With a growing midsection, the idea of Wendy trying to ackwardly sit and get up off the walkway would have been heart-warming and hilarious at the same time. I only wished that someone had taken a picture of Shad’s portrayal of Wendy -It was GOOD -but a rainstorm messed it up.

As to the paddling, Wendy told me that Shad said, “My butt was sore but no serious damage!” It will always “Hurt” Wendy inside but she is just glad Shad has no hard feelings towards her-Hey, those two will probably be friends for life!

Alls well that ends well!

(Teachers Who Paddle, I have to say it was a wonderful act you put on. I probably think Wendy is sorry, but saying, “All is well that ends well,” is just so far from the truth. You probably cause so much psychological damage that it’s just mind boggling. I’ve met people who are in their seventy’s and eighty’s who still remember a paddling from their elementary years. In fact after a speech Paula Flowe had, she told me she made a eighty year old man break into tears because it reminded him about a paddling he got in the 1st grade. He never got over it. In Mississippi, I met someone who dropped out of high school, why? He couldn’t take the pain of being paddling on an almost daily basis. “I can’t take it no more,” were his words to me. As for being a PTAVE fanatic, I would rather you become one because you wouldn’t be abusing your students under the vial of discipline. It makes me think and makes my stomach turn that you are out their somewhere swinging away. Here’s what was posted the very next week that I found a little flattering.)

MEMO TO “Kevin”: Thank you for the kind words. You are SO SWEET! Wendy was forwarded your comments and she was very appreciative. She understands that her mistake was an honest one and we all at TWP feel badly about it. As such, we all now will only use the paddle for a serious misdeed that we actually SEE/HEAR because no one can take a paddling back!

(Finally, we can agree on something, no one can take a paddling back. The psychological damage is done and I wonder how he will turn out 20, 30, 50 years from now. This story clearly shows why paddling must stop now! Congress woman McCarthy is working a bill through congress to call for the ban of this practice in schools once and for all. Please show your support by letting your representatives know that this abusive way of handling students must be brought to an end.

How to find your Rep:

Contact information for your Representative can be found at:  On the right side of the page, put your zip code in the section where it says “Find Your Lawmakers.”


Dear (Your representative’s last name):

Please support H.R. 5628 , a bill to ban school corporal punishment.

Here are some reasons why:

(1)  Twenty states still allow corporal punishment in schools and over 223,000 school children are hit each year,

(2)  Corporal punishment can lead to student injuries and law suits against school boards,

(3)  Over fifty national organizations including the National Education Association, the American Medical Association and the American Bar Association oppose school corporal punishment.



Thank you for your support.


(Your name)

(Your address)

(Your phone number)

Why Paddling must stop! Is Paddling A Form Of Sexual Assault?

I received a letter from a young lady who told me about her paddling experience. I know Teachers Who Paddle have resentment for those who liken paddling with sexual abuse. I suggest Teachers who paddle read this story and see if you have the same attitude afterwords.


I would like to relate a most disturbing incident that I experienced when I was a senior in high school in Florida in May of 1984. I had been a runner-up in several local beauty pageants and always considered myself attractive. However, I never felt so ugly and sullied than after this experience, which only now do I find the courage to share.

I had been late three times to school and was sent to the referral center, where I had to explain myself to a male administrative assistant. The teacher who sent me told me that I would be given a choice of three “swats” or three days suspension. On my way to the center I started to feel sick to my stomach, and my knees were starting to get weak. If I took the three days suspension, I would miss out on all of my school work and get zeros for those days in all of my subjects. This would affect my chances of attending college the next year. On the other hand, the idea of bending over and letting them paddle me was a terrible thought. I knew from other students that they make you spread your legs and lie flat on a desk for the paddling. Then they rear back and whack you really hard. Other girls told me that they left the room crying. My mind was racing and my anxiety was building. To make matters worse it had been very warm and I was wearing a mini-skirt that day. Picturing myself in that obscene position with a male administrator and a witness leering at me was a very frightening thought. I became nauseated and went to the school rest room, where I vomited.

After composing myself I proceeded to the referral center, where the male administrator greeted me and very matter-of-factly led me into his office. He looked over my record and the three documented latenesses. Then my worst fears were realized as he asked me whether I wanted three days suspension or three “swats” with a paddle. I thought I would be sick again. I knew I had no choice but to take the paddling. My heart started pounding in my ears, and my knees were shaking as I told him that I would take the “swats”. He indifferently stepped out of his office and called another male administrator to act as a witness. I was really starting to get panicky. The “witness” took a position behind me as the administrator returned to his desk. He opened his drawer and pulled out a paddle. It was about six inches wide, one and a half feet long and about half inch thick. It had several holes drilled in it and I could see the word “OUCH” written on the face. I guess that was some kind of a joke, which only served to make the whole thing that much more disturbing. He proceeded to move a few thing from his desk and spoke to the “witness” as if I weren’t there. He said he would be “giving her three swats for being late”. At this point I was holding onto the desk for support since I was becoming weak with fear. I remember praying, “Oh God, don’t make me bend over for these guys!” I felt so vulnerable in that mini-skirt. Before I knew it the words I dreaded were being said: “I want you to bend over and lie flat on the desk, feet wide apart”. In trembling voice on the verge of tears I mustered the courage to ask to keep my legs together since I was in a skirt. He responded that this was standard school procedure and I should have thought of that before. I then asked if I could have a female administrator administer the paddling, but he told me that there were none available today (how convenient!). So, reluctantly I bent over the desk trying to maintain as much modesty as possible. I can still hear his next command: “feet wider apart”. I obeyed as I wanted this to be over with as soon as possible. At this time I started to cry. He half-jokingly said, “I haven’t even paddled you yet.” I turned to see both of them staring at my upturned buttocks but was told to look at the picture on the wall in front of me. I felt the paddle touch my buttocks with a rubbing motion before he drew back to swing. I heard the paddle whistle slightly as he swung. The “swat” landed and seemed to fill the room with a loud POP. I felt the most incredible pain I had ever experienced and felt myself lifted to my toes from the impact. I tried not to move or cry out to give them any additional satisfaction. I felt totally exposed since I was sure my backside was visible. He drew back for the second swat and hit me again almost immediately. Again, I was lifted to my toes and driven toward the desk. I couldn’t take the pain, so I turned around and asked him to wait a minute. He told me to “get back into position right now.” I was openly crying and said I would rather have the suspension. He told me that the school didn’t “mix and match” punishments and that I would get a fourth “swat” if I did not bend over. I couldn’t believe how childish I was made to feel. Here I was, a 17-year-old women crying like a baby while this strange man spanked me and another man was enjoying it. I bent back over and opened my legs so I would not have to be told. The last swat was the worst yet and I saw stars through my tears. I got up and shifted my weight from side to side to defuse the pain. I did not want to give them the satisfaction of rubbing myself in front of them. He then told me not to be late anymore and asked me to sign the paddle. I refused and he said I could go. I passed the “witness” on my way out, and he looked as if he were blushing. I looked down in embarrassment and shame.

The bruises lasted three weeks, and I had to be careful not to let anyone see them. I was terribly embarrassed and humiliated, and I resolved to keep this experience to myself. I am now married with a child, and I have still never told anyone about this. I only know that this experience was the closest thing to a rape as I can imagine, and I pray that the time will soon come when no one will have to suffer this form of punishment-masked sadism again.

[Name withheld]


Wade and Jestin