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Monthly Archives: August 2010

TEACHERS WHO PADDLE TRIED TO SIC A BLOODY ENGLISHMAN ON US (But we’re not impressed by anything he had to say.)

Teachers who paddle can’t fight their own fights instead they conjured up this internet philosopher who calls himself Prof Nev. (Whoever he is). He says he’s an Englishman. He converses with the Teachers Who Paddle over the internet. He’s a know it all. He has all the answers to all the problems, we face in the world. Just ask him, just like the Teachers Who Paddle, he arrogantly, self-righteously says my answer is the only way.

The words of the know it all—Prof Nev.–Surely you accept that their position in which a handful of kids get paddled very moderately—There is nothing moderate about their paddlings. Fake Renee swung a paddle with two hands at a child and bragged about it. She wrote about it with great enthusiasm. Fake Michelle beat a handicapped boy and was proud of her accomplishment. Fake Wendy struck a kid five times who was innocent and broke no rules. She swung at him with every bit of energy she had.

Prof. Nev. (whatever your name is) are you trying to engage me in a theological debate? The Presbyterian Church of America is very narrow in their theology. Are you narrow minded Prof Nev.? They split with the mainline Presbyterian Church in 1970’s over the issue of women’s ordination. The PCA believes it’s sinful to put on a passion play or a reenactment of Jesus’ live. It is a graven image–they would argue. If the clergy in those churches had their way, there would be no more Halloween, Christmas or Easter, fun things we do with our children. I’ve heard them argue you shouldn’t celebrate Christmas or Eater because for it’s not specifically commanded in the Bible.

You are bragging about the size of Briarwood Presbyterian Church four thousand members. The state of Alabama is not just overwhelmed with Presbyterian Churches. It would probably be the biggest church bearing the name Presbyterian in the state, but the biggest Presbyterian Church in US is just one state East of Alabama in Georgia, Preach-tree Presbyterian in Atlanta. It has close to 12,000 members. It is part of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

So Prof N. you found perfection, the way you describe Briarwood Christian School. They must be prefect, nobody ever complains about them. There are a lot of Christian Schools run by religious fundamentalist who beat kids and are gun-ho about it.  Pro. Nev. Are you a fundamentalist?

Many parents in Jefferson County Alabama force their children to go to the Briarwood School, and the question is–were any of them abused? I don’t have any proof of it, but if I took an ad out in the Birmingham News, looking for people abused at Briarwood Christian School. Would anybody come forward?

If I were on equal footing with the administrators of Briarwood Christian School, I would tell it to their face. I think they are abusers, and I would like to take what they do to children to the 70% of the American population who do not support School Corporal Punishment, and let them vote– are these people abusers? Look at the instruments they beat kids with. The same thing they beat slaves with.

All private schools are good at academics, it goes without saying, but most people in Jefferson County cannot afford to send their child to Briarwood Christian School. How do you think most people in Jefferson County see that school? Also 30-40 percent of the residents in Jefferson County are African American. What percent of the student body of Briarwood Christian School is African American? It’s basically a school for the elitist. You brag about this school spanking kids as the first form of discipline. They are out of touch with the real world. They don’t do that in fake Renee’s school. Private schools are known for sheltering kids from the real problems of the world. I think Briarwood Christian School would do the same. Oh, I forgot you think Briarwood Presbyterian Church and Briarwood Christian School are perfect.

I can name a school just as good, if not better where beating children is not allowed. Look at Bergen County Academies in New Jersey. It is the number one school in the USA and no beatings occur there. Jestin live sin Southern California home of Mater Dei  and Service. Both private schools, both religious schools and both with no paddlings..

Prof. N. you arrogantly and self-righteously quoted from a publication from my church—-Turn Mourning into Dancing, A statement on Dealing With Domestic Violence. This was written by a handful of mainline Presbyterians. If I could speak, one on one with the writers of this report and ask the simple question, do you support the outlawing of corporal punishment nationwide in American schools? I’m willing to bet. They would answer in the affirmative as would most clergy in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and most clergy in all mainline denominations. If you think any differently, you are grasping for straws.

I maintain what I said all along about Nashia. She was basically a grown woman when fake Renee beat on her. I think she hates her. If she assaults someone in college, can we hold her high school responsible?

You are very biased Prof. Nev. In your battle of the century, you found a picture of me at a very joyous moment in my ministry. A story told by the Waterloo Courier (Waterloo, Iowa) where by my congregation put stain glass windows in every window in the sanctuary. Each window was given by a family in memory of a loved one. Why don’t you show us a picture of fake Renee? You’ve never met her in person. You don’t even know her real name. Teachers who paddle are cowards, hiding behind the computer.

Prof N, I recommend reading the following passage, since you engaged me to a theological debate:

Although the practice of spanking is often characterized by certain of its apologists as a “Christian” practice, there is nothing in the New Testament which says parents should hit their children.  Hence, there is no biblical support for “the rod” as a Christian practice as opposed to a Jewish practice. In response to this argument, the most common rejoinder offered is Hebrews 12.  The fact that apologists for spanking must resort to Hebrews 12 to defend their contention that there is something explicitly “Christian” about spanking demonstrates the poverty of their position. Hebrews 12 is about the relationship between the heavenly “father” and his earthly “children.”  It says not to lash out at God in response to God’s punishments, and uses the metaphor of a son being beaten by a father yet not hitting the father back.  Nowhere, in this chapter or anywhere else in the New Testament, does it say that parents must beat children with rods to begin with.

The chapter is not about parent/child relationships at all.  It is about the relationship of the believer to God.  There is no explicit New Testament support for spanking, in Hebrews or anywhere else. Aside from having nothing to do with parental spanking of children,  Hebrews 12 also was not even written by Paul, but by an unknown author. Statistical analysis indicates that Paul was not the author of this text (Kistemaker, 1984, pp. 6-8).  What the actual historical Paul does say about “the rod” is that it was used on him by persecutors and
unbelievers (see 2 Corinthians 11:24-25).

Kistameker, S.J.  1984.  _New Testament Commentary: Exposition of the
Epistle to the Hebrews_.  Grand Rapids, MI: Baker.


I would like to know how are we “misguided?” We have given the pro beating side to prove their case, including Teachers who paddle. We have given them the conditions on how this was going to be done. I have alerted them time and time again of all the mountains of empirical evidence refuting their claim and they have either claimed it to be psychological babble
and/or shoot the messenger as they did two posts ago. On the other hand, when asked to produce evidence of their own, they have done nothing. It seems like their strategy is simply this: Shoot down all evidence with antidotal claims, intellectual dishonesty, or just simply calling shenanigans on the mountains of evidenced served to them and when the anti crowd gets fed up with their little game, they win by default, hence, school beating can continue. All that aside, there is one thing we can agree on, if this debate ought to be won, let it be won
on intellectual integrity and empirical evidence. As for addressing our post, we provided a link to verify that everyone is able to post their paddling experiences. We are not making
anything up and/or fabricating to fit our agenda. Actually, we also provided an email address where you can contact him and ask him yourselves. Also, we allow people to post things anonymously because of the shame and pain paddlings made them feel as children and even as adults,  years after the fact. Second people choose to be anonymous of the sheer
reason that telling such a private issue to strangers is quite embarrassing. I would link this to a rape victim talking about it to strangers, both feel ashamed, embarrassed, violated, abused, etc. Finally, people have told us they have to remain anonymous in fear of retaliation. One must understand that paddling usually occurs in rural parts of the country, thus smaller towns. It is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. So if a story like Jake’s leaks publically, it may smear the character of the person, in this case, Mr. Cole. So, they have to stay under the table to fear retaliation. This especially applies to current students who fear that reporting their story to us may result of more of
the same abuse they reported their story to us for.


I notice you hope to become a lawyer in due course, And best of luck in that endeavour. I know that your court rooms are more dramatic than ours, but even so you will recognize that passion is only one part of argument.
Thank you for your kind words and yes, we can agree we both feel passionate about our views, but understand, we have addressed our concerns and arguments with Teachers who paddle. All of which I feel is legitimate and fair. I have given them opportunities to claim their case, but they have done nothing. My offer still stands though. As for your claim concerning positive discipline, here’s something to think about. Obviously, human beings need oxygen. Well, people also need to be treated with kindness and respect; hence positive discipline can work for everyone because the premise replies on discipline that is kind and respectful. Paddling of witch fails both prongs. It is nowhere kind nor \respectful. If you don’t believe me, let me know how you would feel if your boss had the authority to spank you if you were, let’s say, late for the second time and any subsequent time. When you ask why, your boss gives you the reason that they are short on personnel and cannot fire anyone, so he felt this was a great substitute. Would you find that kind or respectful to your well being or body? If anyone tries to play that is an adult issue, then look at the countless number of adults beaten in school. Jessica Serafin is probably the matter of this thinking and let’s face it,
most teenagers work. Go into any supermarket or restaurant and you are bound to find one young person assisting you. So, if their principal can beat them under the vial of discipline, then why not their bosses at work? There are so many ways to go about this conversation, but we will talk about it next week.


I understand where you are coming from, but now is the time to act. Congress now has a bill, so the days of paddling are numbered. So if it’s time to get aggressive, now is the time. I greed it won’t happen today or tomorrow, but we are now so close. Our American school children are closer to safety. I do agree with the camera proposition. In fact if we allowed
cameras in paddling schools, I worry that will just serve the appetites of perverts. For more information look at, “Paddling In The Digital Age.”


Teachers who paddle quickly assert that their schools are safe due to paddling and the other schools in urban areas are not. Well, I read an article that I want to share that will debunk their claim.


By Christopher Dugan

As news of yet another school shooting fills the airwaves, certain individuals seize the opportunity to exploit the tragedy to promote a sociopolitical agenda, by blaming the shooting on a lack of spanking in schools: People search in vain for some event or factor in the background of these child murderers.  They seek in vain, for it is what is NOT present that matters.  It is the absence of physical punishment, the only thing savages understand…” The government is to blame because they took the paddle away from the schoolteacher.” “If the paddle was still in schools you wouldn’t have problems…maybe, if there was discipline (sic), [the Columbine High School shooting] never would have happened.” Kids in the Good Old       Days didn’t bring guns to school and shoot their fellow students, we are told.  (Actually, such school shooting incidents have happened in the past, such as when 13 year old Carl Ambrose, shot Theodore Lux, an older child who had been bullying him.  This incident took place at Waukegan High School in Waukegan Illinois… in 1920) But even if school shootings
the USA truly were a recent development, the argument that lack of paddling is responsible does not withstand critical scrutiny.  If  lack of paddling caused school shootings, we should expect to see all or most school shooting incidents occurring in schools which have banned paddling, and few or no such incidents in school districts which still permit corporal punishment.

School paddling is banned in the majority of US states, with the most populous states overrepresented on the non-paddling list. School shooting incidents have occurred in the non-paddling states of Alaska, Michigan, Oregon, and most recently, California.  But a disproportionate number have occurred in small towns in low population states with high rates of school paddling.  The minority of mostly-rural, mostly-Southern states which still permit school paddling have an even smaller minority of the overall US population.  Yet the majority of school shootings have happened in these states.  Clearly, if a lack of school paddling caused school shootings, this is not at all what we should expect to see – quite the opposite.Not all paddling states are in the Deep South.

Paddling is still  permitted in Pennsylvania schools.  But this did not prevent a 14-year-old-boy from fatally shooting a teacher and  wounding two students at an eight-grade dance in the town of Edinboro, April 24, 1998. Arkansas has the second highest school paddling rate in the country – high even by U.S. Southern standards.  Yet this did not
prevent two boys from going on a shooting rampage at their Middle School in Jonesboro on March 24, 1998.  Not only was paddling practiced at this school, but the older of the two boys, 13 year old Mitchell Johnson, was reportedly paddled at school the day before the tragedy.  He shot and killed the teacher who had paddled him, but targeted no other faculty members.

A Reuters wire story on the day of the shooting stated,  “It was not immediately clear what the boys’ motives were, although local reports said they may have been recently disciplined by school teachers” (Reuters, 1998).  The Boston Globe reported, “On Monday, classmates and their parents said, Johnson brought a pocket knife to school, and rumors spread through the hallways that he had been paddled for the violation, a practice allowed in Arkansas schools” (O’Brien, 1998).  One of my own informants told me, “I spoke with
the reporter in Jonesboro and he told me he definitely would not write about the paddling in the local newspaper, The Jonesboro Sun.  When I asked him why, he said he’s sick of people blaming Southern culture for the shooting.”

The teacher said to have paddled Mitchell Johnson for bringing a knife to school was the only teacher shot and killed by Johnson the following day. This paddling may or may not have had any influence on Mitchell Johnson’s murderous behavior.  We will probably never know.  But it clearly did not prevent the tragedy from happening.  If paddling in the schools is the solution to school shootings, why did it fail to prevent this one? The Jonesboro shootings were not the first such incident in Arkansas.  Just three months earlier 14 year  old Colt Todd opened fire on students in the parking lot of his school in the town of Stamps, wounding two.

The Jonesboro tragedy was also not the first instance of a paddled student later shooting the same school official who paddled him. 13 year old Robin Robinson was paddled by the principal at his school in Lanett, Alabama, Oct. 15, 1978.  He then returned to school with a gun, shooting and wounding the principal after the principal told him he would be paddled a second time (Dedman, 2000). Another high-paddling state is neighboring Georgia, number six on the paddling list nationwide.  Keyvin Lyle Jones, 13, stabbed to
death the principal of his school in Barrow County, just a few weeks after the Jonesboro tragedy.  The weapon Keyvin’s hand was a fingernail file.  The weapon in principal Murray O. Kennedy’s hand was a paddle.  The Kennedy had thrown the child to the floor shortly before the boy stabbed him with the nail file. According to an Associated Press wire story dated April 17, 1998, the boy’s mother, who witnessed the stabbing said she thought her son was reacting out of fear.  “I believe he was afraid of Mr. Kennedy,” she said, “He just lost control, I think, but it happened so quick.”  Not only did this school’s profligate paddling policy not prevent the murder of a school official by a student, it may well have precipitated the deadly event.
The paddle-wielding State of Georgia was the scene of two more a school tragedies the following year.  A 17 year old boy shot and killed a classmate and then took his own life at Central High School in the town of Carrollton on January 8, 1999.  Then, on May 20, 1999, 15 year old T.J. Solomon left six students injured at Heritage High School in the town of Conyers. In neighboring Alabama, not only did a school paddling fail to prevent 13 year old Robin Robinson from bringing a gun to school and shooting the principal, it may well have been the precipitating event.  In the small town of Lanett, on Oct. 15, 1978, Robin was paddled by the principal. He returned to school with a gun; when told he would be paddled again, he shot and wounded the principal.
In Virginia, yet another pro-paddling Southern state, a 14 year old boy wounded a teacher and a guidance counselor in a school hallway on June 15, 1998.  A more recent school shooting took place in yet another high-paddling Southern state, when a 13 year old boy gunned down his teacher at school on May 26, 2000 in Lake Worth, Florida. In 1999, the Oklahoma legislature passed a resolution encouraging corporal punishment of children with implements. Oklahoma schools are near the top of  the list for both paddlings and dropout rates, and near the bottom of the list for SAT scores.  But the heavy pro-spanking culture of Oklahoma homes and schools did not prevent a 13 year old Middle School student in the town of Fort Gibson from wounding four of his schoolmates later that same year on Dec. 6  with a 9mm semiautomatic.

Kentucky is also a pro-paddling state, in which spanking in the home and in schools is a thoroughly embedded component of the  traditional local culture.  Yet this did not prevent West Paducah, Kentucky 14 year old Michael Carneal from killing three and wounding five others during a prayer meeting at his school on December 1, 1997.  Unfortunately, this was not the first such school tragedy in Kentucky.  In the town of Grayson, Jan. 18, 1993, 17 year old Scott Pennington shot a schoolmate in the head
and a school employee in the abdomen at East Carter High School. Tennessee, another pro-paddling state, witnessed a fatal shooting of a student in the parking lot of the Lincoln County High School in Fayetteville by fellow student, Jacob Davis, on May 19, 1998.

The only state with a higher paddling rate than Arkansas is Mississippi, where a 16 year old student killed two and wounded 7 at school in the little town of Pearl on October 1, 1997. If lack of school corporal punishment caused school shootings, we ought to  have seen such incidents in a number of countries which have long forbidden the practice.  School corporal punishment has been banned nationwide for over a century in Austria, Belgium, Italy, Finland and France, and for over a century and a half in
both the Netherlands and Luxembourg.  Poland banned corporal punishment in its schools back in 1783.  Yet it is in the USA, not in these countries, where the school shootings have taken place. School shootings are terrible tragedies and it is imperative that a solution be found.  Shamefully, certain advocates of spanking continue to muddle the discourse on this important topic by pretending that these incidents have occurred in schools which don’t use corporal punishment, when the actual trend is just the reverse.  Paddling, or the lack of it, is unlikely to be either a cause nor a cure for this complex and difficult problem.  I don’t claim to have the solution to this problem.  But the people who promote still higher rates of paddling as a cure-all don’t have a solution either.

Dedman, W.  2000.  “Bullying, tormenting often led to revenge in cases
studied.”  The  Chicago Sun-Times, Oct. 15.
O’Brien, E.  1998.  “Arkansas Boys Showed A Taste For Violence.”  The
Boston Globe, March 26.
Reuters News Service  1998.  “Four Young Girls Killed in Schoolyard
Shooting.”  March 24th.

Additional information came from: and, (for info on 1920 school
shooting incident) , , and (for the three
pro-paddling quotes) (for Lanett,
Alabama shooting)


Well, Teachers who paddle congratulated Mitch Daniels for implementing a law to protect those who execute child beating. So, I decided to get a story from that state and let’s see what Teachers who paddle decided to support by default. Also, Teachers who paddle claims that the media play the game of the student being the, “Good guy” and the school officials as the, “Bad guys.” Well examine the language they use and a letter to the editor will help drill in what I am saying.
Coach accused of paddling boys

By Ruthann Robinson
Northwest Indiana Times , January 22, 2005
A Gary basketball coach spanked his players with a wooden paddle as punishment for their poor play, the Lake County prosecutor alleges. Thayer L. Williamson, 31, of 1967 Roosevelt St., Gary, faces a maximum of 24 years in prison if convicted on three counts of D-felony battery. The alleged corporal punishment came to light after several of the boys told their parents. The school nurse told police she examined every boy on the team and 11 of the 12 players had bruises, welts or slight swelling on their buttocks the day after the paddling. Upset about his Melton Elementary School team losing badly in a Nov. 16 game, Williamson brought a duct-tape wrapped wooden paddle to practice the next day, according to the probable cause affidavit. He held the paddle in his hand and as each player stepped to the free throw line, he asked them “Why did I lose?” the affidavit said. “I’m going to motivate you all,” Williamson reportedly told the boys. “Shoot free throws and for every one you miss, you’re getting beat.” Williamson reportedly told the students they could leave if they wanted to, but warned them “you won’t be on another basketball team in your life,” the affidavit said.
The 13-year-old got from five to 20 swats, the report said. One boy told authorities Williamson had him up against the gym wall as he hit him. During one of the swats, the boy hit his head on the wall, the affidavit said. When that boy told Williamson he had a headache, Williamson called the player’s mother to come get him. When she arrived, Williamson allegedly told her he had to paddle the boys. “I am not teaching no ladies,” the report said Williamson told her. “I am showing them how to be men. I put the paddle to them for losing.”

Letter To The Editor
Letter to the Northwest Indiana Times re: accused coach
By Robert Fathman, Ph.D.
January 22, 2005

Dear Editor:

In the article [1/22/05] about the Gary basketball coach who “paddled” every boy on his team of 13-year-olds each time they missed a free throw, the use of certain words throughout the article says much about our attitudes towards children.  Fact: the coach picked up a board, wrapped in duct tape to keep it from fracturing, and repeatedly hit all the boys on his team. If this was done to the elderly in a nursing home, it would have been described as an “assault.” The words “hit” or “struck” would have been used. The board would have been called a “board” or a “piece of wood.” Instead, the article called the hits “swats” or a “spanking” and referred to it as “alleged” [even though the coach admitted doing it] and “corporal punishment.” Only the prosecutor got it right. He called it “battery.” If this had been done to pets or farm animals it would be called “cruelty.” We need to re-think how we define the act of hitting children with boards, and no longer give this act cutesy labels that minimize the real violence in the act. It’s time to end the euphemisms, and call hitting just that, not soften the blows semantically because the victim is a child.

Robert E. Fathman, Ph.D., President
National Coalition to Abolish Corporal Punishment in Schools
Dublin, Ohio

Once again, I’m sorry for not posting the top schools in the country, as
an assignment of Teachers who paddle. I just started class and a giant
headache is what you get for taking 4 philosophy classes. I have to still
organize the data and will probably have it next week, but I’m not
promising anything.

Submitted by
Wade Ditty

Teachers who paddle have two web-sites. There original one and one called School Corporal Punishment TWP II (Link back to the original ‘Teachers Who Paddle’ thread.) Go into TWP II, and at the top of the first page is a spot to click called return to index.
In their return to index I found disgusting sites which are nothing more than soft pornography. I think there are more. One site shows a picture of a young woman being held across a man’s lap on her stomach, with the man raising his hand to slap her bottom, covered by pink panties. Another site shows a man supposedly spanking his wife. I thought only John Wayne did that in the movies. Thankfully, many women groups spoke out against depicting women in humiliating ways. You don’t see that kind of thing in modern movies.
Still another site was submitted by someone who goes by the name, Ian Turing. Here’s how it reads in his words.

“Mr Hughes said Maths teacher Miss Hobbs had caught Lynne with the crisps and sent her to Miss Dines. She was told to go back after lessons, but it was 4.30pm before the head could see her. It was not usual to keep girls behind unless their parents knew in advance. Miss Dines told her she would have to cane her, told her to pull her dress up, bend over and lean against the bookcase, and gave her three strokes on her backside,” said Mr. Hughes.”

The question I ask–did Mr. Hughes watch her get canned with her dress pulled up. This happened in England. Was this a regular practice in England? This is down right humiliating and would destroy a child’s self-esteem. Praise God. Thanks be to Christ. School Corporal Punishment is outlawed in merry ole England.

The last site I want to expose came under the title (You Tube) Corporal Punishment in the Movies submitted by a group or individual called The American Way on July 23rd at 12:18 am. Go to the second entry in the site, and you’ll see the words–commentary, more commentary, girls in tears, paddled girls photo, mild trailer and paddled girl’s video. Click into paddled girl’s photo. It pictures two young women being paddled on their naked bottoms. (Disgusting) This is hard core porn.
I could call teachers who paddle all kinds of names but I decline. Instead I’m going to strongly assert—TEACHERS WHO PADDLE PROMOTE PORNOGRAPHY.

For more proof, go to the second post we placed and there you will find that we exposed Teachers who paddle to being connected to a website
popular among child-spanking fetishists and the location where teachers
who paddle have to buy their weapons being a S.M fetish store. Now whose
promoting pornography?

I know we promised to examine the Tops schools in America as assigned by
Teachers who paddle, but that will have to wait till next week. We will
also respond to Prof N’s letter. We need time to break down the message.
So don’t think we’re cowards, we just need extra time. As you may know, we
have lives of our own outside this blog. Wade is a pastor and preparing
sermons and I am a student and I’ve been running around like a chicken
with my head cut off preparing for the upcoming semester. School starts
next week exactly for me.

We done it! We’ve hit 1,000 views!
Thanks for all your support and if you are a hater, we’re not going anywhere. We’re here to stay, until this legalized form of child abuse comes to an end.

I got a message from a woman who told me that she has never made contact
with Teachers who paddle and has never read there post, but she found
herself called out on their blog just recently. Teachers who Paddle, what
are you trying to prove?

I find it odd that after what we said on our last post, you even refuse to
notice it, does it show you’re your readers your intellectual dishonesty
and out right lies? Does it run detrimental to your primitive views?


Rev. Ditty; I am declining your offer to write for your group. Although we
are on the same side of the issue, I don’t approve of your methods and you
have aligned yourself with Paula Flowe and her cohorts. Your extreme and
brutal tactics only give ammunition to the other side. When you do and say
things that make you look and sound unbalanced nobody wants to pay any
attention to you. Also, you put me in the uncomfortable position of
feeling like I should defend TWP against you. If you would spend a little
more time researching the issue you might come up with a reasonable and
convincing argument.

Last but not least, most of our members have given an account of their
personal experience with CP at school or at home. You might get a better
reception if you do likewise.

Bob T,
We have given accounts on why corporal punishment must come to an end. If
you have been paying any attention and reading what we have posted, any
responsible and caring human being would see that this a safety issue and
a blatant human rights violation that has to stop. Also, I would like to
know the ammunition we are giving the other side? Everything we have
posted can be backed up by viable data. What leg does Teachers who paddle have to stand on? Finally, having to defend Teachers Who Paddle is the lowest you can ever go. As I’ve shown time and time again, those CP
radical zealots, known as Teachers who paddle resort to intellectual dishonesty to spew whatever agenda they have in mind. If you only knew them, the only way to deal with them is to play Hardball with them and call out their half truths and lies. Giving into there dishonest tactics would not benefit our American school children. Instead, this would fuel the pro cp crowd to rally around the paddle.
So let me ask you, do you support child beating in schools or not? With
this attitude, I can clearly see your answer and surely our American
school children can see it too.


I find it amazing and I thought I would never say this, but a small and
poor country in Africa is more advanced than the United States on taking
care of its children. I just got news that children are now protected in
Tunisia. In other words, the laws concerning assault and battery now apply to everyone. The beating of children by anyone is now a crime. This is according to The Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of
In July 2010, Parliament passed Law No. 2010-40 of 26 July 2010, amending
article 319 of the Penal Code to remove the clause which provided a legal
defense for the use of corporal punishment in child-rearing.
Prior to the reform, article 319 of the Penal Code punished assault and
violence which did not lead to serious or lasting consequences for the
victim, but stated that “correction of a child by persons in authority
over him is not punishable”.
The new law explicitly repeals this clause, making it a criminal offense
to assault a child even lightly. Publication of the law in the Official
Gazette, in July 2010, was accompanied by a statement from the
Constitutional Council that the new law is wholly compatible with the
Constitution and its effect is to make the provisions against light
assault in article 319 of the Penal Code equally applicable to
“correction” of children.
Serious assault is punishable under other articles in the Penal Code, and
the Code of Child Protection provides legal protection from other forms of
violence, including “repeated violations of [the child’s] physical
integrity”. The full text of the law and the statement of the Constitutional Council, in French, is available in the Tunisia Official Gazette. The full country report for Tunisia is available here.


Bob T,

Here is just one more reason why this practice has to come to an end.
The Hitting Stops Here! Has a feature on its website where people can tell
their paddling experiences. The goal is to get a personal prospective on
paddling and what it does to the human being. So, students and adults can
tell their stories alike. We hope our contributors have a healing
experience by letting go the bad feelings they have. If anyone wants to report their personal story or if you know of someone who has been paddled you can get started by reporting it to us at
Note: You can remain anonymous
For this entry, here’s a story from the anonymous bank, so a fake name
will be used due to privacy purposes

Anonymous Name: Jake
Last Name: A
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: African American
Phone: not given by contributor
May we contact you by phone: No
May we contact you by email: Yes
May we Publish Your Story: Yes
Are you willing to be interviewed by the media: No

School Name: Velma Jackson
School District: Madison County
Us State: Mississippi
How old where you at the time of the paddling: 14 ½
What grade where you in at the time of the paddling: 10th grade
How much time went by between your learning that you would be paddled And the time the paddling took: Within the same day

Where did the paddling take place: Hallway
Who paddled you: Principal
Name of the paddler: Mr. George Cole
Did the paddler place their hands on your body or touch any part of your
clothing prior to the paddling: No
If yes, where were you touched: N/A
How many times were you struck with the paddle: 5 times
For what reason where you paddled: I was late to class and I tried to explain myself. Mr. Cole wanted to hear none of it. He told me because I was trying to explain, I was insubordinate and I would face the consequences. What was told to you by the paddler beforehand: I was insubordinate and
would face the consequences.
What was told to you by the paddler afterward: If I was late again that I
would have to face the practice all over again. Mr. Cole was notorious for
using his paddle or even his nightstick. Whichever he could get his hands
on first.
Had your parents/guardians submitted a signed note permitting the school
to paddle you: Yes
Were your parents/guardians warned prior to the paddling: No
If your parents/guardians did not submit a note permitting the paddling,
what was their response to it once it took place: They were equally upset
that I was hit. We went to the superintendent , Mr. Kent and were told that Mr. Cole was a fine administrator and he was well within his right to “to
blister those youngans butts” ” Those youngans need a lot more of it.
Was there a witness present during the paddling: Yes
If yes, who was the witness: One of My Teachers
Name of the witness: Mrs. McGraw
Did the witness strike you also: No
Have you told others about the paddling: Yes
In what way were those who you told about the paddling helpful or not
helpful at all: Not helpful
Comments (Ur Story): Mr. Cole saw I was late for class. He always walked
down the hallway with his paddle or his nightstick in hand. He would whip
anyone who would be in the hall when the bell rang for tardy. Mr. Cole
would “go to town” particularly on the boys. He said that black children
are the most in need of a “whoopin” than just about anyone else. Mr. Cole
felt we needed to taste what our ancestors felt as slaves in Mississippi.
He gave me 5 hard licks. I still remember the pain and the shame of being beaten in front of my peers and friends. He even laughed as he took me
back to the class. I cried. Mr. Cole also encouraged teachers to “swat”
students or to yank them out of there seat when they misbehaved.