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Monthly Archives: October 2010

The sole purpose on this web-log is to give an alternative point of view to
the scary web-log—Teachers Who Paddle. Our goal is to save children from
violent educators.


I feel like I haven’t fully introduced myself since Wade and I started
this blog. I will take the opportunity to do so here.

Name: Jestin Samson
Ocupation: student and activist
School: Cal State, Fullerton
Major: political Science and Major: Philosophy
I know, I’m double majoring
Favorite Sports teams
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers
NBA: The biggest Laker fan you’ll ever going to meet
NFL: Dallas Cowboys (NFC) New England Patriots (AFC)
I know I’m going to get beef for this. If I were to pick one of the two
teams, I would pick Dallas and I know, Dallas isn’t having a stellar
season. The patriots are doing decent though.
NCAA Football: Southern California (USC)
I know what everyone is asking, You still love them after the scandal? The
answer is a definitive yes. I’ve taken their corner then, why back out
Other NCAA football teams I like include:
UNLV Running Rebels (I Have a former high school teammate playing Left
Tackle for them.(Arkansas Razorbacks (The main reason is because my high school fight song was, “Arkansas Fight.”)
LSU Tigers
Alabama Crimson Tide (Fake Michelle, at least we can agree on 1 thing. I
admire the passion of the Alabama faithful, I can really see that they
love their football. Also, although it’s not high on my list, it’s one of
the schools I’m looking  into for attending graduate/law school.)
Favorite food: Well, I played offensive line in high school, so I’ll eat
virtually anything and it shows. If I were to pick one, I would pick
comfort/cajun food. I’m single, so if you make me some southern cooking,
I’ll marry you on the spot. Lol!


Give us feed back. The four women who run the weblog teachers who paddle
weblog say we are mean and unfair. What do you think? Have we over stepped
our bounds?

These four women beat children in school.  Are we mean and unfair? A
Southern lady, who agrees with us in principle, sent me a message on my
Face-Book account. She didn’t like some of our terminology about teen girls
and their backsides.

I told her I accepted her criticism with grace, and we would try to do
better. Maybe we should change some of our terms. If you stand with us and
you want to see corporal punishment end in all of our American schools, I
will accept your criticism with grace. Tell us if you think we need to do
things differently.

On the flip side, we will not under any circumstances accept the ideas of
people who advocate the beating of children in our schools. Such people
are either misinformed about the harmful side effects of sanctioned
violent behavior targeted at children or find delight in terrorizing and
bullying children.


I harped on this last week. Teachers who paddle demonstrate to their students, violence is the way to handle our problems. “When somebody is wrong, strike them,” is the common attitude of teachers who paddle. On one of their most recent post, a teacher describes how she tried to talk to a boy after she had a coach beat him for being a bully. I don’t believe they had any luck. I’m sure of this. The boy hates this teacher and the coach with a passion. I think the boy was about ten years old. Ten years from now, when he is twenty, he will carry bad memories of these educators. They don’t care. They have no  pride. They don’t care what people think about them.  And to top it all off, these teachers have no control over what this boy does when he’s not at school. They’ve given him a life lesson, “Hit someone when you don’t like what they do,” or, “You can misbehave, as long as teachers who Paddle isn’t around.”

If it is the ladder, what have you achieved. Fear and intimidation tactics are as old as mankind has ever been on this Earth. Progressive and healthy minded people frown when sanctioned and lawless abuse is targeted at anyone, especially defenseless children. Teachers who paddle bullied the bully. Why do I say this, Teachers Who Paddle train bullies to be bullies. These students are putting the bad lessons they have learned in conflict resolution to good use as playground bullies, later down the line, this
may lead them to put these same lessons to work when dealing with problems with their spouse or even children. Assault and battery with a wooden board is not even allowed in homes. It is only allowed on school grounds and educators are the only ones sanctioned to abuse and batter our children
without any recourse for the child or parent to seek justice. For more information, please view the following links:

For everyone’s information, on the first link, that school had the opportunity to defend their actions on national television on the Dr. Phil show. Just like Teachers Who Paddle, they refused to go public. If paddling was such a great tool that schools should have, they would be more than happy to go on national television and let the whole world know, “This is why we beat children. To make them do better.” That’s a big telling if you are not able to go public and profess your knowledge of child training to everyone who wants to know.

The teachers who paddle weblog teach hatred. They hate with an absolute
passion anybody who disagrees with their primitive and narrow ideas. The
word, “Antis” is a word they commonly throw around on their internet
posts. They are hostile toward people they call, “Antis.” I believe they
would do physical harm to the, “Antis” if they could get away with it.
Just like how they can abuse, bully, and terrorize children and get away
with it by the help of the law. It doesn’t bother them one bit to do
physical harm to a child. It follows logically–they would hurt anybody
who they don’t like if they could figure out how to do it without getting
into trouble. Teachers who paddle have a propensity toward violence.

Teachers who paddle–it’s there way or no way. No discussion about anything else. They call people all kinds of names who disagree with them. They sling violent words at people they disapprove of. They are teaching our children to do the same thing–to hate. Educators should be progressive and open minded. Teachers who paddle are neither. They are teaching our children to close up, not to engage in discussion over controversial issues. Be hostile toward people you have a disagreement with.  Teachers who paddle are hostile in everyway toward those they call the, “Antis,” which is most of America and a good part of southern America. A poll conducted by ABC news in 2005, shows 70% of the American population is opposed to School Corporal Punishment, and 60% of southerners. Southerners need to organize themselves better to oppose this brutal practice.

The teachers who operate this scary weblog are cowards. They call people
all kinds of names, hiding behind the computer. They won’t come out from
behind the computer and defend their cause. They are cowards. We’ve tried
to engage them in a face to face debate, but the cowards will not come

The word coward comes from an old French word—which literally meant “turns tails.” That’s why we have often said a coward is someone with their tail between their legs or someone who turns and runs like a rabbit. That’s
exactly what teachers who paddle does. Their legs are between their legs,
they turn and run like a rabbit using the computer as their shield.

What if the Apostles of the New Testament had been like this, afraid to
face people?  What if our forefathers were afraid to face people with a
difference of opinion? Teachers who paddle are teaching our children to
be cowards, to not really stand up for what you believe.

The network 54 School Corporal Punishment website is full of cowards. They
all use alias names–Prof Nev, Bob T, the American Way (more like the
dictators way), and a few other weird names. I noticed on their main web-log
they added another coward to their list—Willie C. Wille C. supports the
beating of children in schools, too.

Well, like they called PTAVE as part of the bully problem, we would like
to know how you are solving the bully epidemic? I know, by bullying and
terrorizing students into behaving as well as setting the example that
violence is the best conflict resolution tactic. That’s really going to
help. As far as we’re concerned, you’re more of the problem than PTAVE
would ever posed. It just so happens that they stand opposed to your
primitive ideas of beating children.

If anybody reading this knows how we can force the teachers who paddle
cowards out in the open so we can debate them openly, let us know. One of
the staff members at the Hitting Stops Here traced them to the state of
Georgia, claiming he needed more resources to find out what town they
lived in. He believes most journalist have the sources to find out exactly
where they work.

Let’s have a debate via skip, tell us the time and place and I will
purchase a webcam. Let’s also post it on you-tube. Let’s have the whole
world judge who’s right.


Let me be the first to apologize for your school experience. Although your
ideas on school corporal punishment are based off your experience, it is
not the best way to go. Violence breathes more violence and probably the
person who bullied you learned this lesson at home or even from school
teachers who taught this person that, “Might Makes Right,” or by friends
who were bullies themselves. I would like to point Teachers Who Paddle and
others who think like them to look at some other tactics where hitting
children is out.
Like most programs it does have it’s strengths and weaknesses, but is more
effective than beating children, according to modern day psychology and
developmental science. In fact, we have asked Teachers Who Paddle to
present a peer reviewed study to support their ideas concerning paddling.
As of today, they haven’t taken up this challenge, but it still stands.


Two weeks ago, they challenged people to find a study to link high school
graduation rates with corporal punishment. Here is your answer.
Note: I will present 3 studies. One comes from 2001 and the other comes
from 2003. Next time I post, I will present something from 2009. The first
two studies come from the Manhatton Institute.
*: indicates paddling state
*+: indicates state that has banned corporal punishment, but as of the
date of the study still had corporal punishment on the books.
Table 2: Ranking of Graduation Rates by State
State    Ranking    Graduation Rate
*Georgia    51    54%
Nevada    50    58
*Florida    49    59
District of Columbia    48    59
*Arizona    47    59
*Tennessee    46    60
*South Carolina    45    62
*Mississippi    44    62
*Alabama    43    62
*North Carolina    42    63

*New Mexico    41    65
*Texas    40    67
Oregon    39    67
Alaska    38    67
California    37    68
*Colorado    36    68
*Louisiana    35    69
Hawaii    34    69
Washington    33    70
New York    32    70

*+New Hampshire    31    71
*Kentucky    30    71
*Arkansas    29    72
*+Rhode Island    28    72
Delaware    27    73
*Indiana    26    74
*Oklahoma    25    74
Virginia    24    74
*Missouri    23    75
Connecticut    22    75

Michigan    21    75
Massachusetts    20    75
Maryland    19    75
New Jersey    18    75
*Kansas    17    76
*+Ohio    16    77
Illinois    15    78
*Idaho    14    78
Maine    13    78
South Dakota    12    80

*Wyoming    11    81
Utah    10    81
*+Pennsylvania    9    82
West Virginia    8    82
Minnesota    7    82
Montana    6    83
Vermont    5    84
Nebraska    4    85
Wisconsin    3    85
North Dakota    2    88
Iowa    1    93

STATE    Total    Asian    Hispanic    African-American    White    Asian Male    Asian
Female    Hispanic Male    Hispanic Female    African-American
Male    African-American Female    White Male    White Female    Male    Female
*Alabama    60%    I    I    52%    65%    I    I    I    I    47%    58%    62%    69%    56%    64%
Alaska    60%    I    I    56%    65%    I    I    I    I    50%    I    64%    66%    61%    65%
*Arizona    71%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
*Arkansas    74%    I    I    69%    77%    I    I    I    I    61%    76%    74%    80%    70%    78%
California    65%    81%    56%    56%    73%    79%    83%    51%    61%    50%    62%    71%    76%    62%    70%
*Colorado    72%    I    51%    59%    80%    I    I    46%    57%    52%    66%    77%    83%    68%    77%
Connecticut    82%    89%    53%    67%    91%    81%    98%    48%    60%    60%    74%    89%    93%    78%    87%
Delaware    65%    I    I    57%    69%    I    I    I    I    50%    65%    66%    73%    59%    71%
District Of Columbia    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I
*Florida    61%    I    53%    50%    69%    I    I    49%    58%    46%    54%    66%    73%    58%    65%
*Georgia    56%    I    I    48%    64%    I    I    I    I    41%    54%    60%    67%    51%    61%
Hawaii    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I
*Idaho    74%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
Illinois    73%    85%    54%    49%    85%    85%    85%    49%    60%    42%    55%    83%    86%    70%    76%
*Indiana    74%    I    56%    55%    78%    I    I    I    63%    47%    63%    75%    80%    71%    77%
Iowa    85%    I    I    I    88%    I    I    I    64%    I    I    87%    90%    84%    87%
*Kansas    76%    I    51%    54%    83%    I    I    50%    I    50%    59%    81%    84%    75%    79%
*Kentucky    69%    I    I    55%    72%    I    I    I    I    53%    58%    71%    74%    69%    72%
*Louisiana    63%    I    80%    55%    70%    I    I    74%    85%    48%    62%    67%    74%    58%    69%
Maine    74%    I    I    I    75%    I    I    I    I    I    I    71%    75%    70%    74%
Maryland    75%    92%    71%    65%    81%    94%    90%    I    78%    59%    71%    78%    85%    71%    80%
Massachusetts    72%    69%    I    52%    80%    I    I    38%    I    46%    58%    76%    85%    69%    76%
Michigan    77%    I    48%    57%    80%    I    I    I    53%    50%    65%    77%    84%    71%    80%
Minnesota    84%    72%    I    I    90%    I    78%    I    I    I    I    87%    93%    82%    87%
*Mississippi    59%    I    I    60%    66%    I    I    I    I    50%    70%    61%    72%    55%    63%
*Missouri    76%    I    I    63%    80%    I    I    I    I    55%    71%    78%    82%    74%    80%
Montana    76%    I    I    I    80%    I    I    I    I    I    I    79%    81%    78%    80%
Nebraska    84%    I    56%    52%    89%    I    I    I    61%    48%    57%    87%    91%    82%    87%
Nevada    67%    I    47%    73%    75%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    67%
*+New Hampshire    79%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
New Jersey    88%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
*New Mexico    59%    I    52%    47%    71%    I    I    48%    56%    I    53%    68%    76%    56%    64%
New York    58%    62%    33%    38%    74%    58%    66%    29%    37%    33%    43%    71%    77%    54%    61%
*North Carolina    69%    I    I    62%    76%    I    I    I    I    54%    70%    75%    77%    66%    73%
North Dakota    85%    I    I    I    87%    I    I    I    I    I    I    86%    86%    86%    86%
*+Ohio    79%    I    59%    57%    84%    I    I    I    I    52%    62%    82%    86%    77%    81%
*Oklahoma    72%    I    I    64%    79%    I    I    I    I    61%    68%    77%    80%    73%    76%
Oregon    70%    I    55%    I    74%    I    I    I    I    I    I    71%    77%    68%    74%
*+Pennsylvania    81%    79%    50%    61%    87%    I    I    45%    56%    54%    68%    85%    88%    79%    84%
Rhode Island    75%    I    I    I    74%    68%    I    I    I    I    I    68%    76%    65%    71%
*South Carolina    54%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
South Dakota    79%    I    I    I    83%    I    I    I    I    I    I    81%    83%    80%    81%
*Tennessee    60%    I    I    49%    59%    I    I    I    I    41%    59%    56%    63%    52%    61%
*Texas    69%    81%    59%    67%    78%    78%    84%    55%    63%    61%    72%    77%    80%    66%    72%
Utah    77%    I    I    I    82%    I    I    I    52%    I    I    80%    84%    75%    80%
Vermont    78%    I    I    I    80%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
Virginia    75%    80%    I    67%    78%    I    I    I    I    61%    74%    76%    81%    71%    78%
Washington    69%    69%    54%    48%    74%    67%    72%    50%    60%    I    I    70%    78%    67%    74%
West Virginia    76%    I    I    64%    77%    I    I    I    I    58%    70%    75%    79%    74%    79%
Wisconsin    85%    I    54%    46%    92%    I    I    I    I    40%    53%    91%    94%    83%    88%
*Wyoming    70%    I    54%    I    72%    I    I    I    59%    I    I    69%    76%    67%    75%

The numbers don’t lie!
Notice in table 1,  The state with the best graduation rate among all
current paddling states is #11 Wyoming.
There is no state that uses paddling more than 1,000 times in the top 20.
The highest is #23 Missouri. Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Idaho, and Kansas’
corporal punishment rates are virtually nonexistent, hence, they banned
corporal punishment in states like Road Island, New Hampshire, and
Ohio’s corporal punishment rates have been falling since the early 1990s,
since a loose corporal punishment ban was passed in 1994.
Also, notice that the bottom 10 states, excluding Washington DC, 9 out of
10 are paddling states. Even when you include Washington DC, it’s still 8
out of 10.
Notice that in the  10 best states, 9 out of 10 are non-paddling states.
The only one in the top 10, #9 Pennsylvania, subsequently banned corporal
punishment in 2005 and their graduation rates have remained constant. So
much for the myth that schools will get worse when the paddle is taken
As for Table 2, the same story is still being told..


Where did you ever learn proper spanking techniques. Did any of your
professors teach you proper paddling methodology? Also, present to the world a study that demonstrates paddling benefits. By shifting the burden of proof to us, you have shown you have no leg to stand on concerning your argument. Since I’ve called your bluff, it’s your turn to answer the call.


How to help bring down “sanctioned” and “lawless” child-abuse in US schools:

1. The signatures of EIGHT more Education Committee members are needed for the bill, HR 5628, to reach the House floor. Additionally, one Republican US Representative MUST become a signatory for the bill to reach the House floor. Once these two requirements have been met, the bill can move to the Senate, then to the president’s desk for signing into law. The first “miracle” of having it reach the House floor will cause the other two stages to occur more rapidly.


a) call several or all Congressional leaders empowered to become
signatories of this bill EVERY DAY at least once until success (10 names
listed below)

b) ask as many of your associates to do the same; you may “post” this request


“As a concerned citizen for the safety needs of American school children,
I request that you sign HR 5628. Thank you.

Chairman George Miller: (202) 225-2095, Cathy McMorris Rodgers: (202)
225-2006, Dina Titus: (202) 225-3252, Judy Chu: (202) 225-5464, Judy
Biggert: (202) 225-3515, Glenn “GT” Thompson: (202) 225-5121, 
Pierluisi, Puerto Rico, Leader of US Territory: (202) 225-2615, Republican
Education Committee Member John Kline: (202) 225-2271, Republican Rep.
Charles Djou: (202) 225-2726, Jesse Jackson Jr.
(202) 225-0773

2. Contact local and national media.

a)    ask that they interview The Hitting Stops Here! regarding the “HR 5628
NutCracker Campaign-Rally 2010”


Michael Baisden (Talk Show host; brought appropriate media attention to
the Jena 6 incident in 2007): 

KVUE Austin ABC News Station:
Martin Bartlett Political Reporter and Erin

University of Texas Newspaper
: 512-232-2206

Austin American-Statesman — Headquarters: (512) 445-3500

Austin Business Journal — Headquarters: (512) 494-2500

Austin Chronicle — Headquarters: (512) 545-5766

New York Times:
New York Post: 212-930-8000
Washington Post: 703-469-2500
LA Times: 213-237-5000
Associated Press: 212-621-1500, AP national news desk:
USA Today: 888-872-0001
News Desk: 212-975-3247–Lines open at 10-11:30 EST and 2-3:30


Dr. Phil

3. Donations are needed for:

a) flyers, posters and leaflets for circulating throughout Austin, TX

b) my occasional need to sleep in a hotel bed, as this 53 year old body
needs a real night’s sleep to help preserve my strength and health for
this work

Tax-deductible donations in the form of a check or MO can be mailed to:

Paula Flowe
P. O. Box 4159
Austin, TX, 78765

4) Help with making other very important phone calls is GREATLY needed at
this time and appreciated.

Upon request, we will list on our website and in our upcoming book (to be
published in 2011) the names of individuals, groups and organizations who
have made donations of time and funding for the success of “HR 5628
NutCracker Campaign 2010.” Please mention your approval in an email to

On behalf of American school children still waiting for judicial relief,
thank you.

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere



Coach allegedly whipped basketball players.

Marquita Brown • • October 29, 2010

Jackson Public Schools officials are investigating allegations Murrah High
boys basketball coach Marlon Dorsey whipped players with a weightlifting
belt. Some parents said they learned of the situation through letters sent home Wednesday, and that their sons had not talked about the incidents,
possibly out of fear of being kicked off the team.

JPS officials would not comment except to say the situation is under
investigation. Corporal punishment has been banned in JPS since 1991, according to a school board policy on the district’s website.
“This is a personnel matter,” Greta Terry, assistant superintendent of
high schools for JPS, said after she and Murrah Principal Freddrick Murray
met with about 30 parents Thursday night. “We’re very limited in what we
can say because we have to protect the rights of those involved.”
The meeting, which was closed to reporters, was held in the school
library, and the door was locked.

Terry and Murray did not confirm or deny the allegations nor give the
status of Dorsey’s employment. Parents said Terry told them during the
meeting that Dorsey is on leave with pay. Dorsey did not attend the meeting and did not return phone calls for comment. This is Dorsey’s first year as head coach at Murrah; he was an assistant coach last year.

Jason Hubbard Sr., whose son is on the basketball team and who heads the
booster club, said Dorsey had an open door policy for practices and encouraged parents to visit, “which I thought was really good.” But in three or four practices, Hubbard said, he saw Dorsey whip players about three times with a weightlifting belt for incorrectly running plays.Hubbard said he witnessed his son getting whipped twice and reported the incident Monday to Murray.

He said he understands the whippings began during the summer practices.
“I just said, ‘enough was enough,’ ” Hubbard said. The boys shouldn’t be punished in that way, Hubbard said. “Kids shouldn’t live under that fear,” Hubbard said. “This is not the NBA or college. You’re dealing with teenagers.”
Some of the boys are just now starting to talk about what happened, he said.

“A lot of the parents didn’t even know,” Hubbard said. “The boys were
living under that kind of fear.”

Most parents would not comment as they left the meeting. One said she
believed it was inappropriate to speak now. Another said she was disappointed about what happened, and that the punishment could harm the
boys psychologically.

Occasionally, the voices in the library were loud enough to be heard in
the hallway. One woman asked why the police had not been called in. A man
asked if Dorsey would be fired. Terry responded that she couldn’t discuss
personnel issues.

Some parents expressed anger at the district’s response. After the meeting, Gary Love Sr. said he planned to talk to his son about what happened. Love said he hopes the district responds quickly to the allegations.

“We have concerns,” Love said. “We definitely want some answers.”
Love said he believes Dorsey exercised poor judgment. “We think he was
being over zealous in his efforts to help the kids.”

Background to the story:
Mississippi has one of the nation’s highest rates of corporal punishment.

During the 2008-09 school year, there were 57,953 cases of corporal
punishment in 110 of the state’s 152 school districts, according to the
state Department of Education. The number of incidents is a slight drop
from 58,343 cases reported a year earlier but higher than the 47,727 cases
reported in 2006-07.

Districts with corporal punishment usually restrict the number of times a
child can be hit and the size of the paddle used. Many district policies
require an adult to witness the punishment. Many districts also allow
parents to allow or not allow their child to be spanked.

Corporal punishment has been banned in Jackson Public Schools since 1991.

JPS policy defines corporal punishment as “punishment by striking,
touching or hitting any portion of a student’s body with a paddle, ruler,
hand, or other instrument or as the infliction of, or causing the
infliction of, physical pain on a student.”

“The use of corporal punishment shall be grounds for discipline up to and
including suspension without pay and termination,” according to the

Unfortunately, Mississippi’s Teacher Immunity law makes it very difficult
for parents and students to bring this coach and everyone involved to
justice. This teacher may just get away with a warning, lose a few bucks,
or at worse, search for another job. This is no match to this psychological damage inflicted on this group of young men. This is the problem of immunity laws, as I have repeated over and over again. It only serves to benefit educators in indulging in hidden sexual and sadistic fetishes and it allows unstable and bigoted educators to employ power trips and terrorism sessions. This week, Fake Renee probably made the most ignorant and repugnant statement I’ve ever read concerning parents and students who would like to seek justice for the injuries they have received from this form of, “Loving Discipline.”

“Make it a Federal felony to knowingly file false charges against any
educator for the purpose of legal intimidation or financial gain. There
are those “monster” parents who would abuse their own kids for an anti
c.p. cause or $$$. A law like this would make them think twice because all
an accused educator would need to do is call a 800 number hot-line if they
suspected a bogus “charge”. Remember: the Feds have a very good batting
average when doing their own investigations.”

She makes this claim without even knowing if parents intentionally make
money off a educator in a paddling school. If there is such a case, we
would like to see it. Second, how about a hot-line for parents to report
injuries that their child obtains in a paddling incident? It sounds like
you are looking after your own best interests. In return, you completely
disregard the harm that you inflict when you swing away. Would Jessica
Serafin be considered a felon, in your eyes, if she decided to report the
gang rape style beating she received from her principal? What about the
students in the first two links at the top of this post, would the parents
in these two cases be considered felons too? Finally, what about the
people in the story above that you see, would they be felons if they want
justice for their children?



Our children deserve better. Consider the weblog entitled Teachers Who Paddle. Our children deserve better than what these teachers are offering.

This weblog is a support group for educators who will not give up the primitive means of discipline, paddling naughty children. The weblog encourages educators to paddle children, giving them a rationale. One of their arguments is, we don’t really hurt children. They do. They cause children to cry. Our children deserve better.

Four women who go by aliases operate this weblog. I’m convinced they live in the state of Georgia.  They tell scary stories, going into intimate details how they paddle naughty children. Our children deserve better.

On their most recent blog alias Michell who claims to be a fourth grade teacher paddled a boy for being a bully. He was picking on a new girl in school, and the teacher  didn’t like it. I have to admit the boy’s behavior was not good. He needed to be disciplined by the school. There are many positive ways they could have dealt with this problem. Our children deserve better.

The way she handled it complicated the problem and gave the boy a life lesson. It’s okay to strike someone when they are wrong. She brags about whacking the boy five times. With great enthusiasm, she writes how she brought this boy to tears. “I really wanted to dish it out.  And no half-hearted swats either. Those five swats were full strength and meant to sting with intensity.” I don’t think the Average American wants to read about her activity. It’s upsetting and down right scary. Our children deserve better.

Alias Michelle was angry when she administered corporal punishment to this ten year old. Boiling with anger, after she finished swinging her paddle, she said. “If you ever harass Meg again..or anyone else for that mater…I’ll double dose what I just gave you.” She wasn’t happy with five hits. She wanted to up it to ten. Again, she is teaching this boy violence is the way to solve our problems. If first you don’t succeed, just increase the violence. Our children deserve better.

These ruthless bloggers gave a title to this story—MICHELL GIVES A “GOOD” ONE.  They are proud. They are rejoicing. They are elated. Michell beat a naughty boy until he cried. Our children deserve better.

Alias Renee is the ring leader of this coldblooded bunch. She also gave the same lesson to a boy she deemed as a bully, teaching him violence is the way to solve our problems. She had a coach hit the boy on his backside five times with a blunt instrument. She’s proudly witnesses the event and writes. ”He got five swats of the paddle….Derrick grimaced while holding his composure.” She wrote about Derrick’s pain with joy. Watching the boy hold his backside was a pretty sight to alias Renee. What are we to think of people like her? Are we proud of her? Neither Michell nor Renee showed any kind of concern for the welfare of theses paddled boys. Our children deserve better.

Educators who still rely on this primitive means of discipline often talk about controls.  I believe there is no such thing as controls when it comes to corporal punishment. The bottom line is. You are hitting a child on the backside. An angry teacher will lose control just like Alias Michell did. Our children deserve better.

I could point out several stories on the Teachers Paddle Weblog which are disturbing. Are they abusive? Ask them? They say—“no we are not.”  I’ll let you decide are these women abusive? I don’t recommend anybody to read their weblog, too many troubling stories, but if you do, don’t be fooled by the demeanor. They try to project themselves as loving, caring and kind. Renee boasts about Michell visiting one of her sick students in the hospital. This doesn’t make up for the fact–Michell beats school children and is proud of her accomplishments. Al Capone set up soup kitchens for the hungry. Are we to overlook his criminal activity?  Our children deserve better.

Alias Renee argues vehemently corporal punishment is a decision of the local people. I disagree with her whole heartedly. People need to wake up and see the light. Too often people see spanking as the only form of discipline even for older children. I’ve heard that said from pulpits in the South. This can lead to abuse of a child. I’m out to save children from abuse, and the place to start is to end the abuse in schools.  School teachers beat children. They do not spank children like their parents do. Look at the instruments they use. It’s scary, the women of the Teachers Who Paddle weblog brag about the size of their paddles.  Educators need to educate people on different ways to discipline children, but the backwards women on this weblog are not progressive minded or open minded enough to do anything different.  Our children deserve better.



(I’ve longed believed victims of school corporal punishment have negative images of teachers who paddled them. This story told by Erin proves my point. Also in his gift of writing, he describes in detail the abusive pain he experienced when paddled. Parents don’t do this to their children, only teachers. And teachers who paddle say they are not abusive. WHAT A LIE!)

My name is Eli and I have talked a little with a mutual friend, Matt, regarding school paddling. Both of us live in North Carolina, but we are a couple hours apart. 

We started talking about cars, and somehow the conversation kept drifting from the topic. We got on the subject of school, and he kept hinting how much he hated parts of it. To make a long story short, we eventually arrived at the subject of abuse in schools, i.e. paddling.

He showed me your website, and I must say I am absolutely in shock at some of the atrocities that I read. I can’t believe school paddling, especially in the forms you mention, still goes on in some schools. I also can’t believe that someone as young as Matt had to experience it!

I got a pretty bad paddling in 1989 when I was in seventh grade. It was during the second week of school, and was for the most mundane of reasons. I was surprised by the announcement that I was to be paddled, and it seemed very unjust on many levels. I think my reaction to my teacher made the punishment a little worse for me. As my luck would have it, I found out that paddling in that county was outlawed sometime the next year.

The paddling itself was very painful. Each swat produced a whole range of sensations that were just about all you could take. For a split second it was as though all your other senses momentarily stopped — sight, hearing, taste, etc, and all you felt was the paddle. It felt like the skin on my ass was literally being pinched or bitten in multiple places at once. Now mix in the embarrassment and the raging anger…

I internalized this for a long time. I recently told my girlfriend about it, and she started crying! I was a little shocked that it was THAT emotional of a story for her. I was just mad about the whole thing, but she got rather upset hearing it.

About two years ago I ran into my seventh grade social studies teacher at a car service center, of all places. I wanted to act like I didn’t know her, but it occurred to me that I was a grown man with years of pent-up aggression, so I wanted to say something too.

I approached her and said her name and sarcastically asked, “you remember me?” She did not, of course, so I refreshed her memory by citing the events on the second week of school that year. I asked her if it made her feel good to bully 12-year-old kids around and asked how that was working out for her. I actually lit into her for a moment, with profanity and all. She was stuttering, completely shocked, and she actually started to cry.

I felt bad at this point because I hate to see people cry. I didn’t want her to cry. I wanted her to get mad and mouthy at me. I ended the conversation, saying some things I probably shouldn’t have… but oh well, I suppose it is her fault in the end for setting such a bad example to me years ago.

So needless to say, I support the efforts to end this practice for all school systems. I am quite surprised it is even allowed anymore. I’m also surprised there aren’t more court cases.


I’ve never met a group of educated persons who were so dishonest in my
life. Actually, you 4 are so dishonest, it makes Rod Blagojevich look like
an angel. I also find it quite hypocritical that you cry foul when
personal attacks are used against you, but you feel the need to use them
yourselves because you have no argument to present. Such as below:

“So much for the anti’s mythology of “abusive paddlers” and
“damaged-for-life victims”. But then again, IMHO, the antis live in an
alternate universe where down is up, up is down, black is white and white
is black.” (Words of Alias Renee on Teachers who paddle weblog)

For everyone’s information, a student, who Fake Renee paddled, decided to
help her out when she was having car trouble. WOW!

This proves absolutely nothing. Suppose that I said that my friend’s
neighbor’s daughter decided to help him out when he was having car
problems. Also, let’s say she was molested by him when she was 8 years old
and it only happened one time. Would we say, “So much for the anti’s mythology of “child molesters” and “damaged-for-life victims”.  Renee wrote. “But then again, IMHO, the antis live in an alternate universe where down is up, up is down, black is white and white is black.”

Absolutely not–In fact, if anyone would say this, we would have asked,
“So, did you take your medicine for today?” No one in their right mind
would say such a thing. Actually, it seems as if the pro cp radical zealots
live in the world that they claim antis live in. When they are presented
evidence, they have two choices, call shenanigans on the evidence or close
their eyes and ears and pretend it doesn’t exist. Let me tell you
something, it does exist and the work of these scientists has been around
with us for decades–Longer than you have ever been on this Earth–It’s
also not shenanigans either. Most of these people dedicate their lives to
study this one single discipline. I find it funny though that when you are
asked to present evidence of your own, you are not able to present a
single piece of evidence. It’s not surprising though because you can’t
even answer a simple question–where did you learn child-spanking
techniques? I’m surprised people take you 4 seriously. Anthony Adams, a
friend of mine and founder of Detention Slip Media, says, “You really
can’t debate with a pro-spanker. You have scientific evidence supporting
one side and antidotal claims and lies supporting the other. In other
words, there is no debate.” I couldn’t agree with him any more.
Teachers Who Paddle, I’m going to give you another chance. Present
evidence to support your claim that paddling is beneficial. No, antidotal
claims do not count.

More dishonesty from Teachers Who Paddle weblog:
Here is a little passage written by them last week. I just felt I had to
say something. Note: In the name of  intellectual integrity the passage is here in it’s entirely.

Sometimes, a general phrase or tag gets extrapolated into something far
removed from reality. One of the tricks of the anti c.p. zealots is to
take what might have occurred decades ago and then superimpose that onto
ALL contemporary situations. In a thread on another forum, it has been
postulated that, in order to get to use the paddle when all else fails,
“paddle happy” educators have the “fail-proof” offense of “disruptive
behavior” to fall back on.)

What garbage logic!
(First of all, that isn’t garbage at all. Educators who enjoy and find
delight in slapping buttocks will do anything to get their hands on it.
Such was a case Paula Flowe told me about concerning a girl in
Mississippi. The teacher overheard two other teachers boast about spanking
a teenage black girl. “I spanked that a**,” was what this  teacher
overheard them saying. To make a long story short teachers and other
educators are human beings, like everyone else, thus, they may find it
sexually gratifying to smack that.)

“First, today’s schools make use of defined disciplinary policies
(matrixes} instead of general “catch-all” terms when a student is referred
to the office. None of us at TWP can fathom just sending a student to the
office with only “disruptive behavior” written down as the reason. Any
real life principal is going to want SPECIFICS in any referral he/she
receives. And a teacher who cannot give a specific reason will have their
teaching competency questioned.”  (Again words of Alias Renee on Teachers who paddle weblog)

(So? You might not do it, how about the teacher who spanked a student
twice in one day for barking like a dog in the cafeteria or other offenses
that are mentioned below.)

Second, in the REAL world of REAL schools, students are sent to office for
extreme behavior, not trivial offenses.  One story that came to our
attention was of an autistic teen who assaulted his teacher and even had
to be subdued w/tasers by police! That is a very extreme case of
“disruptive behavior” but is certainly closer to the misconduct of office
referrals over the minor violations imagined by the antis. Those anti c.p.
zealots would have everyone believe that minor infractions such as talking
out/out of turn, chewing gum, getting up to sharpen pencil w/o permission
are all “disruptive behaviors” punishable by office referrals for paddle
(Are you telling the truth?
“Today 20 US states permit corporal punishment to be used in schools.
Corporal punishment usually takes the form of paddling (also called
“swats,” “pops,” or “licks”). A teacher or administrator swings a hard
wooden paddle that is typically a foot-and-a-half long against the child’s
buttocks, anywhere between three and 10 times. Paddling can happen in the
office or elsewhere, as noted by one Mississippi teacher: “The principal
would do it in the hallway, in the classroom, in the band room. He would
patrol the hallways with a paddle.” [4] Students can be physically
punished for a wide range of misbehavior, including minor infractions such
as chewing gum, being late, sleeping in class, talking back to a teacher,
violating the dress code, or going to the bathroom without permission,” (A
Violent Education)
Talking out of turn:
Look above for your answer.
Pencil problems:
Listen to student interview for your answer
One more thing, you might not do it, how do you know your other pro cp
radical zealots don’t love spanking that buttocks, possibly fulfilling a
hidden sexual fetish.)

Third, as for myself , I take a very dim view of frivolous  referrals. My
policy as an assistant principal is that all referrals must list SPECIFIC
behavior infractions. I insist on knowing who, what, when and where. It
has been my experience that when a student is sent to my office -It is
pretty serious. And I DO listen to the students side. However, a referral
is not trivial and the bottom line is the question I always ask: “Did you
(the student) do (or say) what is on this referral (push/shove/profanity/throw object/hit)?” 99% of the time, the student will admit to the “charge” because my well-known policy is “Honesty means a lighter penalty”. Lying ALWAYS means more trouble. And NO student of mine that has told me the truth has ever been paddled.
What you listed aren’t the only reasons why students are paddled. You
forgot to mention
Picking your nose:
Not turning in homework
Being at the wrong place at the wrong time:
For preschoolers, knocking items off the principal’s desk:
Note: an interview was held with the young lady’s experience with, “Mr.
Principal” which is attached.
Missing free-throws
By The ways, who is going to paddle Coach A for profanity? Are you going
to do it Fake Wendy? You can also add display of public affection. I don’t
have a link, but I am currently speaking to a young lady in a paddling
waste who fell victim to it. The sad part is that she actually did
nothing wrong and second of all, the assistant principal refused to hear
her side. One more reason why this has to stop.



I’ve hear your words. You, like Teachers Who Paddle can’t come up with a
shred of evidence. The closest you come is antidotal evidence which proves
nothing. Before getting back on your horse and responding to this blog,
bring along with you a peer reviewed journal article next time.



Please join us in our Nutcracker Campaign: Holiday Season, 2010

October 1, 2010

Everyday in America more than 2000 American school children are abused by their American school teachers in “unheard of” ways.
Why “unheard of?”

These children are primarily America’s poor, disadvantaged, minorities and
children having special needs.  Major network news media, such as CNN,
fail to deliver any meaningful reporting on this American social-ill.

The educators mistreating American school children within the walls of
these schools are incompetent, unstable, and dangerous.  Our children face
them daily.

American school children are subjected to every conceivable form of harm
targeted at them by their educators once their classroom doors are shut.

What is heard in the news regarding American school “shoot-em ups” are
frequently the “results” of actions taken by American school children who
have become fed up with “sanctioned” school beatings and other forms of
“lawless” abuse targeted at them.

Pennsylvania banned “sanctioned” school beatings in 2006.  This ban took
place after two American school children came to school and shot their
teachers to death for “paddling” them in two separate incidents in 2004.

Columbine High School is in Colorado.  A US “paddling” state (see:

Please go to and research the number of US school shooting incidents related to “paddlings” in American schools.

It is important to note that US school beatings are still “sanctioned” in
private and charter schools in all but a few US states such as New Jersey
and Iowa.  States that have continued the practice in their private and
charter schools include this short list: CA, WA, NY, MT and CT.

In which schools is “Schoolyard bullying” occurring most?  Could it be in
schools where teachers are using 21st century scientifically proven safe
nurturing models of discipline?  Oh, no! “Those” children are on their way
to “flying planes” while their peers in “paddling” schools are on their
way to, hopefully, qualifying for loading them.

The Hitting Stops Here! will be interviewing a 7-year-old boy on Olelo TV,
Chan. 52  ( this month regarding his first day of
first-grade in Arkansas,  a US “paddling” state.  This little boy was told
the following by his first grade classmate on that day: “You better be
really good with her.  Last year I got beat 40times.”  First-grade
American student, August 2010.

The teacher of these little boys leaves the “paddle” on her desk all day
except for one special time.  When she carries it to the back of the room
for the “reading circle.”

If you are reading this letter during the hours of a typical school day in
America, including our US territories (an hour ahead of ET), please take a
look at a clock and note the time.

Four minutes from now at least one American school child will be abused by
his or her school teacher to the point of needing immediate medical
attention and/or lifelong mental health services.  He or she will be set
on a path to having dysfunctional relationships, a string of low-paying
jobs, and will likely “enter” some form of “imprisonment.”  Every 20
seconds the abuse that occurs in American schools is a bit less severe
than that.

By the end of each school day in America more than 2000 cases of abuse are
reported—reporting is not mandatory.

Teacher “immunity laws” protect American school teachers from prosecution
when they harm American school children–even to the point of
death–throughout the US and its territories under the “no intention to
cause harm” gambit (see:  GAO report, May 2009 pp 15-17:

These American students become community members who have been rendered incapable of “internalizing moral values” or empathy for others with whom they share their environment.  They become “the ones” for whom we carry mace in hopes of warding off an “unfortunate end.

These people are those who are left behind in American schools and society
falling short of “qualifying” for basic needs such as practical healthcare

The primary author of the current “healthcare bill,” Dept. of Education
and Labor Chairman George Miller, has remained UNSUPPORTIVE of NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 since it was introduced June 29, 2010–95 days ago to date.

How is it that the author of an elaborate “healthcare bill” charged also
with the responsibility of US Education “decision-making” would leave
American school children in a position where they will need lifelong
medical and mental “healthcare services” for which they will never

Such “protective laws” finally became available to “lynch mob victims” and
“battered wives” in early 20th century America.

Some boarding schools in Mississippi such as Chamberlain-Hunt, a
Presbyterian Military School for boys and young men, located in Port
Gibson, subject students to beatings as they are roused from bed, go
through their school day and into the middle of the night as they sleep.
Another such school of this kind is Hephzibah Home, a school for girls and
young ladies.

If you are interested in learning more and want to help end American
“school corporal punishment,” please join our “HR 5628 NutCracker
Campaign, Holiday Season 2010” for having NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill
made into a law.  You can learn more by going to our website Message Board

Also, please go to the new website-page created by one of our new
volunteers where you will find an informative “must read” document having
more than 50 pages of uncommonly known information on the subject of
American “school corporal punishment,” entitled:

Evidence of The United States’ Hypocrisy
Regarding US School Beatings, “Schoolyard Bullying” and
International Concern
for Children and the World at Large

at: and

Only two minutes left now before the next American school child “medical

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.


Information pertaining to
“HR 5628 NutCracker Campaign, Holiday Season 2010”

NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools
Act,” HR 5628, introduced June 29, 2010, is in danger of “dying” by the
start of 2011.

By September 11, 2010, 75 days had passed since the bill to end “hitting,”
and other forms of American “school corporal punishment” was introduced to
the more than 400 US House of Representatives qualified to support it.  At
that point, the bill had too little support to advance to the House floor,
the Senate, and into Pres. Obama’s hands for signature and to date remains
in this condition.

This bill remains UNSUPPORTED by United States Dept. of Education and
Labor Chairman George Miller.  32 other Education Committee members out of 47, including ranking leader, John Kline (R), have also declined from
signing this bill under Chairman George Miller’s leadership.

To date, McCarthy’s bill is in need of eight more Education Committee
Member Signatories and a single Republican Signatory in order to advance
to the House floor (see “Harm desired for American children by
Republicans…” news reports/NAACP Response” at:

A Rev. Michael Farris has led a sizeable number of Republicans to signing
a petition for supporting a potentially new amendment to the US
Constitution entitled, the “Parental Rights” amendment.*

At the same time, Rev. Farris is campaigning against the “Convention On
the Rights of Children,”** an international bill for protecting children
from “sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse everywhere on the face of the earth.

An interruption of the numerous and widespread daily occurrences of
“sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse internationally, by law, will produce a
safer world for generations to come.

This interruption will empower anyone, anywhere to protect children from

The “threat” of imminent harm produces the same reaction in children as
the actually harm itself, according to conclusive scientific evidence.

Thus, harming children creates future threats to society and the world at
large (see p. 15 listing of famous dictators abused in childhood; the list
includes Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein:

By the “Convention on the Rights of a Child”** becoming a law, children
will become protected from “sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse




•    If the bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 fails
to become a law, American school children attending  schools using
corporal punishment as a form of behavior-management will remain without
“protective laws,” leaving these school children under the same hazardous
conditions as were American “lynch-mob victims.”

•    Since Pres. Obama has taken office and openly told the Black American
community to “…whup their kids and their neighbors’ kids in order to help
build strong communities…” (for which he received a standing ovation from
the NAACP), violence targeted at Black American school children remains an
increasingly grave issue.  Please view the ending of, “1-in-3 Black boys
Pipelined to US Prison System” at:

Please also view “Obama’s response” at:

•    A large number of developing underground “privatized” and US government
prison systems have become acres of “sunless” slave plantations for
minority and disadvantaged American school children being maneuvered onto this “pipeline.”

•    Congress is in session at this time and will be until October 8, 2010.
They will return to meet for brief periods again after the November
elections.  In the remaining times that they will meet during holiday
season 2010, they are empowered to:

a)    have the “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 become a law.
b)    have the “Convention For the Rights of a Child” become an international
c)    accurately warn US citizens about the contents of the “Parental Rights”

The title, itself, is deceptive.

The monitoring of incidents of corporal punishment administered in homes
effectively will be just as impossible to manage as it is in American

The amendment will protect parents from prosecution when they harm their
child–state, local and federal–in the same way that teacher “immunity
laws”  protect teachers from such prosecution when they harm school
children, even to the point of death (recall the “no intention to cause
harm” gambit).

Children who would be most effected by the “Parental Rights” amendment
would be those attending “paddling” schools while growing up where
“beatings” are the “norm” at home and in their communities.  These
children will have no safe place to turn.

Just as teachers can be designated to beat a school child of another
teacher or to relieve a principal of the “duty,” parents likewise will be
considered innocent when they are “the ones to designate” the duty of
“disciplining” their child to another.

In this day and age, when parents divorce, 50 percent of child-custody is
granted to both parents as long as both are considered stable and
responsible.  The “Parental Rights” amendment would allow parents having
less than 50 percent custody of their child to use “corporal punishment”
on them with laws protecting these parents but not the child.

Consider the grave possibilities of a parent who is unqualified for having
50% child-custody, for reasons unknown, being “sanctioned” to discipline
their child using “pain-based behavior management” or corporal punishment.
Conclusive scientific evidence says it is harmful to target any form of
corporal punishment, even “the threat of” at a developing human being in
every way.

More alarming yet, the parent having more than 50 percent custody would
become disempowered to have police authorities protect the child from
their former spouse’s decision to use unmonitored “pain-based behavior
management” on the child.

With the “Parental Rights” amendment enforced, police would be able TO DO
NOTHING to protect the child from harm, as it is the “Parents Right!” to
use corporal punishment on their child as they see fit—the whole point of
this potentially new US Constitutional amendment.

Would any responsible “decision-maker” support an “Elderly Care-giver
Rights” amendment?  An amendment that would protect elderly-caregivers
from prosecution if they corporally punish this defenseless population
too?  Elderly people can have behaviors that cause violent reactions
too–incontinence for example.

Why would our US Government leave children in this predicament knowing the astronomical number of occurrences of abuse targeted at children by
parents and guardians daily in the US alone (see:

Would they support a “Husband Rights” amendment too?  After all,when
husbands could smack their wives around the rate of divorce was much lower
than it is today.

HI Rep. Charles Djou is a signatory of the “Parental Rights” amendment
petition along with 137 other Republicans and 2 Democrats (see “Lists”
found in the table of contents of  “Evidence of  United States Hypocrisy…”

The Hitting Stops Here! urges responsible caring adults and students
everywhere to call the 24-hour accessible office phone numbers of the
following US Government Education Committee Members and other government officials at least once a day in support of the “Ending Corporal
Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 bill.  Please ask your internet
communities of friends and associates to do the same.


Sample Message:

“Chairman of Education George Miller, please sign NY Rep. Carolyn
McCarthy’s bill, HR 5628 today.  Thank you.”

President Barack Obama, please exercise your power as Chief Executive
Enforcer of Law and extend American school children their 14th amendment
“protective rights” in American schools throughout the US and its

Rep. Djou, please represent the Aloha State, as did Rep. Mazie Hirono,  by
adding your name to the list of Signatories of the “Ending Corporal
Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628.  Please remove your name from the
“Parental Rights” amendment petition.

US Dept. of Education and Labor Chairman George Miller

2205 Rayburn House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515
Phone:  (202) 225-2095
Fax:  (202) 225-5609

John Kline (R) Education and Labor high ranking Committee member

1210 Longworth House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-2302
Phone: (202) 225-2271
Fax: (202) 225-2595

Charles Djou, Asian (R) US Representative, “Aloha State”

1502 Longworth House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-1101
Phone: (202) 225-2726
Fax: (202) 225-4580

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Dept. of Education Committee Member

1323 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-4705
Phone: (202) 225-2006
Fax: (202) 225-3392

Dina Titus, Dept. of Education Committee Member

319 Cannon House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-2803
Phone: (202) 225-3252
Fax: (202) 225-2185

Judy Chu, Dept. of Education Committee Member

2421 Rayburn House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-0532
Phone: (202) 225-5464
Fax: (202) 225-5467

Judy Biggert, Dept. of Education Committee Member

1034 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-1313
Phone: (202) 225-3515
Fax: (202) 225-9420

Glenn “GT” Thompson, Dept. of Education Committee Member

124 Cannon House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-3805
Phone: (202) 225-5121
Fax: (202) 225-5796

Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico, US Territory Dept. of Education Committee

1218 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-5401
Phone: (202) 225-2615
Fax: (202) 225-2154

Tropical Medicine Bldg., 2nd Fl.
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Phone: (787) 723-6333
Fax: (787) 729-7738

Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Northern Mariana Islands, US Territory
Dept. of Education Committee Member
(Please check back for contact information.)


President Barack Hussein Obama and
First Lady Michelle Obama

The White House,
District of Columbia 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax: (202) 456-2461,

US State Secretary of Education Mr. Arne Duncan

400 Maryland Av SW
Washington DC, 20002
Phone:  (202) 401.2981
Fax:  (202) 260.7867

Tony Miller, Deputy of Dept. of Education


Fran Walter, Head of Safe Schools Office



Information and “help-needed” will be posted on our website Message Board
regularly at:

Please also visit the website of one of our new volunteers for regular
updates through YouTube videos and messages at: and

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*Parental Rights amendment and
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** Convention on the Rights of the Child (In its entirety at:

Article 37
States Parties shall ensure that:
(a) No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or
degrading treatment or punishment. Neither capital punishment nor life
imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences
committed by persons below eighteen years of age;
(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or
arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in
conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort
and for the shortest appropriate period of time;
(c) Every child deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and
respect for the inherent dignity of the human person, and in a manner
which takes into account the needs of persons of his or her age. In
particular, every child deprived of liberty shall be separated from adults
unless it is considered in the child’s best interest not to do so and
shall have the right to maintain contact with his or her family through
correspondence and visits, save in exceptional circumstances;
(d) Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to
prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the
right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty
before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority,
and to a prompt decision on any such action.

A Special Message From Paula Flowe To Teachers Who Paddle:
Please listen to the following Radio shows for your message.
Follow up show to Nashia’s paddling, find out if Paula is playing the,
“Race card”
Miguel and the School Paid Terrorist:

Why Paddling Must Stop! A Change Up!
Instead of giving another story from the bag of stories of pro cp radical
zelots, I will give my fellow students advice on how to protect themselves
from legalized assault and battery as well as sanctioned sexual abuse

Advice to a student who asks: “How can we protect ourselves from corporal
punishment at school?”
September 2007

Your website is a useful tool for parents, teachers, healthcare
professionals, and others who need information regarding school corporal
punishment. However, there does not seem to be much information for
students. I would personally like to see some information on the site
about how students can avoid being physically battered at school. Do you
have any suggestions how I, as a high school student, can protect myself
and classmates from physical assault? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Advice 1. Jordan Riak:
Thank you for writing. I will try to give you some advice about how
students can protect themselves from being battered. I have been involved
with this issue for a long time, so I have a few ideas that might be

What to do when a paddling is imminent–When a student is informed that he or she is going to be paddled, and there’s no opportunity for argument or appeal, that student should calmly announce:


A plan for reforming the system
Try to recruit a few allies — a few classmates, a sympathetic teacher or
two, the school counselor, the school nurse, some parents. If nobody is
willing to cooperate, and you have to go it alone, it will be much harder.
But it’s not impossible. Ultimately, you will win this struggle. Keep in
mind, every important social reform began in the imagination of one
determined individual. No exceptions. Society stopped burning witches, not
because everybody awoke one morning believing it’s wrong, but because
somebody like you had the right idea, stuck to it, and found ways to make
others listen. Same for ending slavery, outlawing lynching, giving women
the vote, desegregating the schools, etc. Remember Rosa Parks?
Build a team of reasonable people who are capable of fairly evaluating the
evidence against corporal punishment. Our free, easy-to-read booklet,
“Plain Talk About Spanking,” will give them the essential tools to debate
the issue. Order a few copies to start, and let us know as you need more.
Everyone can also read Plain Talk online at
Don’t waste your time and energy arguing with people who believe hitting
students is a good thing. They only listen to each other’s nonsense. That
nonsense is often just a disguise for other motives, such as a craving for
power that can most easily be gratified by dominating and terrorizing
children or the fear that their lack of teaching skills will become
apparent the minute their weapons are taken away.
I began working on this issue many years ago when I had children enrolled
in schools that punished students by hitting them with a stick. I produced
a little leaflet that had some of the same ideas that are in Plain Talk,
and handed out copies at school board meetings and parent association
meetings. I gave copies to students as they boarded the school bus headed
home, telling them to read it and give it to their parents. The message
must have had an effect because that school stopped hitting kids. You can
do the same at your school. Imagine the effect it would have if every
parent of every student received a copy of “Plain Talk About Spanking”!
Feel free to use anything else you find useful on our Web site. Encourage
others to visit, read and learn. Let us know how it goes. And if you
develop new strategies that work, let us know about them so we can share
that information with others.
Jordan Riak, Exec. Dir., PTAVE

Advice 2. Jeff Charles:
Do Not Bend Over
Advice to a student who asks: “How can we protect ourselves from corporal
punishment at school?”
By Jeff Charles, September 14, 2007
Hi Sarah,
If there is any way possible, get out of the paddling school altogether!
Maybe your parents can move to a non-paddling district. Or if you are
extremely self-motivated and can find someone to work with you, home
schooling might be an option. You will have to follow a regular, approved
If you must stay in that school and work within the system, the simplest
message is: “DO NOT BEND OVER.” This is much easier if you have your
parents’ support, but even if you do not, you should refuse to cooperate
with assault and battery and sexual abuse. They will have to physically
manhandle you and pull you across the desk or chair if they wish to paddle
If students like you are silent, many adults who mean well will think
everything is OK. Or even if they recognize that paddling is not
completely OK, may still believe it is nothing too serious. However, I can
tell you from experience that if an adult hears a teen girl telling him or
her that she feels spanking and paddling are sexually perverted and a
sexual violation, you will change some minds and gain supporters. They may
have felt the same thing deep down, but thought it was only them and did
not know you felt it too.
You should speak to board members, students, and staff whenever you get
the chance, over and over, and never let up. You need to be far more
educated on the topic than they are, so you can lay to rest all the false
teachings used to support paddling. Write or obtain no-paddling pamphlets
and hand them out to friends and students (this may violate some schools’
rules). You may be able to form a teen club to develop nonviolent school
management techniques, such as an agreement to use only minor penalties
for minor violations (dress code, tardy, etc.) If your school has any
other clubs, Federal law may prevent the school from banning your club.
Try to generate some news stories to help get your message out.
Know that you are making a principled stand, and the benefit to you
individually may not outweigh the cost of trying to change a corrupt
system. You may be railroaded into artificially high and burdensome
In-School Suspensions (ISSs), where you may have to sit in a stuffy
basement, miss schoolwork (even to the point of failing a course for
someone on the edge), or have restricted restroom access, etc. This is
abusive and you are within your rights to protest. You could point out
that most schools in the US do not use paddling or ISS. ISS was originally
designed to be an alternative to out-of-school suspension for severe
violations, but in paddling schools it has come to be used for trivial
Consider not getting involved in any extra curricular activities (except a
club to end paddling!) — not cheer-leading, not sports, not the chess
club. The reasons are many, but chiefly these activities will be used to
coerce you to bend over. You will be forced to miss sports if you choose
alternative punishments, but not if you choose paddling. If you get
involved with activities and the other kids want you to participate, or
they tease you for being a “sissy” and not taking your paddling, the
pressure will work against your resolve. Often coaches themselves are
abusive paddlers and you may get extra swats for any offense.
If you get any press, save the clippings so when you apply to college, if
your GPA has been harmed by fighting paddling, you’ll have the clippings
to explain it. You may have to study harder on your own, maybe with tutors
or by attending junior college classes in summer, so that your ACT or SAT
scores will be far higher than what your GPA might suggest. It will be
further proof that your GPA was artificially harmed by your principled
stand against school paddling. If you do have to attend a “lesser” college
than you might have otherwise, I think you will be better off in the long
run. Many educated and outwardly successful people spend a lifetime
battling hidden demons resulting from paddling and abuse in schools.
The sad fact is most paddlers enjoy paddling, pretty much 100% in my view,
and they will blackball you and start nit-picking and writing you up for
things they never would have otherwise. They will make you the example to
deter other students from getting similar ideas. Realize that if they
didn’t enjoy paddling, as they claim, they could stack the deck against it
and schedule lesser detentions that did not remove students from classes
and sports or lower their GPA. Instead, they strongly coerce students to
bend over.
About one in 25 people* in the US, and I suspect about one in ten among
paddlers, is a sociopath with no conscience at all. They enjoy paddling
more if they know it causes lifetime harm. They seek out jobs where they
can employ sadism and power trips — and there is no better job on earth
than that of “school paddler”. They will act holy and innocent, while
secretly making your life hell. Still, there are some paddlers who need to
feel it is trivial and harmless. If they are doing no harm, so what if
they enjoy it? So when you make it not trivial and not harmless and not
funny, it directly challenges a necessary pillar of their justification.
In spite of the difficulties and negative consequences you will surely
encounter, I think in years to come you will be able to hold your head
higher than if you just bent over and took it. By attending a paddling
school you are already set up to have lifetime negative consequences, so
that is a given. Your only choice is which ones you want to buy into —
temporary restrictions and lower GPA or lifetime regret and hidden sex and
sadism fetishes? Even students who are not paddled are harmed by being in
an abusive environment, and many with lifetime spanking fetishes were
merely around paddling, not victims of it. Standing up to a corrupt system
shows your true strength!
Remember, too, the question isn’t whether you ever do something wrong, but
whether you should be forced to submit to quackery and physical and sexual
abuse when you do. There are certainly nonviolent and non-invasive ways to
discipline students that do not harm them, their grades, or the school’s
test scores. Discipline is teaching, not punishing. We don’t have to
reinvent the wheel, as even the highest paddling states have at least some
non-paddling school districts. Twenty-nine states and 109 countries have
already abolished school corporal punishment, and those schools do as well
or better educationally than those who still use it. This proves it is
never necessary.
I like a comment I heard some years ago, I think attributed to actor Kirk
Douglass to his sons: “Bend over backwards, but never bend over.” That is
a good attitude for high school and for life.

*Dr. Martha Stout, practicing psychologist and clinical instructor in the
department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, in her 2005 book, The
Sociopath Next Door.