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Monthly Archives: February 2011

There are grown men in our society who are nothing short of creepy. It’s these educators who regularly get behind closed doors, tell a cute teenage girl to expose her backside to him in a vulnerable way, and he spanks her with a paddle We should do a public opinion poll and see what America as a whole thinks of these creepy men. Then, again educators who paddle kids have no pride. They don’t care what people think of them. These men bring girl’s to tears, and they rejoice, proud of their accomplishments. If a girl complains about the pain these creeps are causing, these men show their true colors. They threaten to beat her more with the paddle. In states where school corporal punishment is still legal. There are no laws to protect girls from these monsters. The laws protect the potential perverts.
In my opinion, any man who would stoop to such a level is not much of man. He’s a coward. I’ll tell to his face if he will stick his cowardly face in front of mine. If you are a victim to one of these creeps, give us your story if you can bear it. And also give us the name of the coward who did this to you. We want to post their name on our web-log and other places on the internet. School boards who support this kind of abuse are just as big of cowards. I will tell it to their face, too.
If you disagree with me and my colleagues, we challenge you to a debate. We have the means to video tape the debate and post it on you-tube. All educators who paddle and their supporters will not debate us. They are pure cowards. They know the arguments they use to keep this barbaric, primitive means of discipline alive are intellectually bankrupt. Here’s a story revealing a creepy man who delights in spanking teenage girls. Ann Work already alludes to the creepiness of a male administrator paddling two females.

Moms angry over swats
2 students at City View get spanked
• By Ann Work

• A male administrator at City View Junior/Senior High School spanked two 17-year-old female students with a paddle Thursday for going to the bathroom after lunch — an “infraction” that both of the girls’ mothers considered so minor that they’ve decided to speak out.
Despite a no-bathroom-break-directly-after-lunch policy, both girls went anyway, and then were called, one after the other, to City View Assistant Principal Darrell Frazier’s office and punished with one “lick” apiece, according to mothers Charlotte Beaver and Barbi Parker.
City View Principal Raymond Weathersbee said Friday that the girls were punished for disobeying the directive of a teacher, not for simply going to the bathroom.
City View schools have practiced a pro-spanking policy for years.
According to page 40 of the City View “Student Code of Conduct,” corporal punishment is permitted “as a corrective action to certain rules infractions in order to preserve an effective and orderly educational environment. Factors of student size and age, and the physical and mental and emotional conditions of the student shall be considered before the administration of any corporal punishment.”
According to the policy manual, students must be informed of the reason, and a swat may be administered by the teacher, school principal or assistant principal.
The instrument used must be approved by the principal, and a record of swats must be maintained.
The specific directive that the girls disobeyed Thursday, according to Weathersbee, was a rule he instituted three weeks ago that forbade any student from using the bathroom directly after their 30-minute lunch period ends.
The school had been having an inordinately large number of tardies to classrooms after lunch, prompting Weathersbee to make the new rule, he said.
“Any kid that needs to go to the restroom needs to go during their lunch period,” Weathersbee said. “They’ve got 30 minutes.”

My name is Amanda as well. I am known on the internet as Vet-wife.
I am an advocate for veterans but I am also an advocate for social justice and the disabled and disadvantaged.
This type of tyranny must stop. Use my name …I don’t care. I will speak up and speak out against this practice. I too have a 5 year old and have raised 5 children. People do not understand that this is not illegal in over 20 states.
We have to put the word out and get some legislators behind the bill to end the practice of some people who have anger issues and are taking this out on the most vulnerable. I assure you, there are good teachers but if they cannot handle a classroom without physical punishment, I suggest they find a new line of work and good luck on that but you do not have the right to hit our children.

HELP ME FIND MR. SMITH. (My email to the comment section of the Atlanta Constitution and USA Today.)

Who is Mr. Smith? It’s not his real name. It’s a fake name given to him by internet conspirators. For the last several months a colleague in California and I have operated a weblog entitled Teachers Who Paddle Exposed. The sole purpose of our weblog is to provide an alternative point of view to the scary weblog Teachers Who Paddle. This scary weblog is run by four women who regularly paddle kids. What’s scary–is their demeanor. They take great delight in paddling children. On the internet, they brag about swatting children with a paddle. They take pride in their accomplishments. The women who operate this web-log go by alias names.
On this creepy web page, Mr. Smith caught my attention. A woman who goes by assumed name Michelle bragged about beating a handicapped boy with a paddle. Her principal watched, alias Mr. Smith. He threatened the boy….”if you don’t behave, your butt is mine.” This is a ten year old child–what kind of man says such curd words to a young child? -This is the mentality of a school paddler. Mr. Smith is an educator. He is supposed to set an example. He is using tactics of a bully. Do you want an educator using these kinds of remarks with your ten year old?
He lives in the state of Georgia. One of my California friends traced the teachers who paddle web-log to the Peach State. I want to meet them face to face and debate them over this controversial subject of school corporal punishment and post the debate on you-tube. I want Mr. Smith’s comments to be part of the debate
In my internet conversations with these four women who run this pro corporal punishment, one of the first things I learned about them was their absolute hatred toward people who disagree with their philosophy. These are educators. Educators are supposed to be open minded and progressive minded. These teachers are neither. They are teaching children to hate people with whom they have a disagreement. In their school district they have a policy of opting out. In other words, you can sign a form forbidding these educators from paddling your child. People who choose this route for their children are scorned by these educators. They despise these people with a passion.
Somebody out there knows who these women are. One says she is five feet one inches tall, slim and red headed. She is an assailant principal at a middle school with approximately eight hundred students. The other who gives details about herself, vainly says she is a Jessica Simpson look alike– ought not to be too hard to spot. She is a fourth grade teacher, formerly, a cheerleader at the University of Alabama. Her daddy is a millionaire, and her husband is a doctor.
These women tell with great enthusiasm true life stories, bragging about beating a child with a paddle. What if it was your child? If you support school corporal punishment, do you think a teacher should be excited about paddling a kid? Just read their spanking stories. They tell it with great joy. With these educators, I’m convinced there are parents out there who feel as these women unfairly spanked their child. If you are one of them, please let us know who these women are. I do not want to do any harm to them. I want to have a face to face debate with them over the use of corporal punishment in schools. If you disagree with me, it’s okay. You should want the debate to happen. All our policies and laws were formed after much discussion and debate.