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Monthly Archives: March 2011


If you are interested in bringing sanctioned school beatings to an end,
please visit:
and learn more. He has also developed an IPhone App and system on his
website to contact your lawmakers to call this practice to an end once and
for all.
Also please view the following video. Mark really puts paddling in
prospective in this one.


When I came home after Finals last semester, I saw this video played on
ESPN. I have to say that this is one of the most horrific events I have
witnessed as a spectator or athlete of high school athletics.
The video can be found here:
Oddly enough, I did some research and low and behold, I soon found out
that DeSoto County Schools in Florida sanctions paddling. Now, I’m not say
if this young man was paddled, but if he was, so much for it setting him
on the straight and narrow. If anything and if he knew of anyone being
beaten, I’m not surprised that he used violence to achieve his goals,
after all, it’s what the adults around him are doing. 




The most dangerous people on the internet are people who go by alias
names, refusing to identify who they really are. These people have done
great harm to innocent people. The same can be said about the four women
who run the scary web-log, Teachers who paddle.  They go by alias names,
and sling violent hatred at people who disagree with their primitive

They represent all educators who paddle kids.  Just go into one of the
twenty states in America, where school corporal punishment is still legal,
and you’ll find scores of teachers who paddle, full of hatred toward those
who disagree with their primitive, barbaric  ways of disciplining

Not to say that all of America’s educators are like this, we can go down
the list of the most amazing educators we know, but unfortunately, the
good educators are swept under, in the middle of the battle between paddle
wheedling terrorists and even the activists and educators trying to end
this primitive way of handling children.

On the creepy web-log Teachers who paddle, the four women, who operate
this blog, try to make themselves look nice, but underneath it all, they
are full hatred. A kind hearted women who operates a human rights web-log
was sorely attacked by these hate filled women… Never once has this
woman sent a message to the hatemongers or even read their blog, but they
made it a point to sling hate at her. This kind woman’s name is in full
view for all to see. She didn’t want her named mentioned here. The haters
on the Teachers who paddle web-log hide behind the computer throwing out
their words of hate, never telling the world who they are.

One of the teachers on their blog had a student whose mother is a member
of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, an organization
calling for an end to corporal punishment in schools. Talk about disdain
for someone. This fourth grade educator detested this poor woman with an
absolute pure hatred. To make matters worse, she hated the child with the
same passion.

Another teacher on this blog paddled a boy whose mother objected. The
concerned mom complained to the principal. The principal defended the
teacher, and the dismayed mom went home. She should have gone to the
press. This teacher created a riff between herself and someone else who
lives in the community–all because she has no respect for parents of her
students.  It’s easy to pick up in reading this story on the internet, the
enthusiasm the teacher has. She is over joyed to have brought the boy to tears. She brags about it. She hates the woman who complained and her son. The mistake this woman made was she should have signed a form, prohibiting school officials from paddling her child. Most, but not all, school districts who still use corporal punishment allow parents to opt out of having a paddle swung at their child. The four women, who boast about paddling children on the internet, hate with a raging hate parents who chose not to let their children be spanked by a teacher.

Also, those so called, “Opt Out Forms,” that Teachers Who Paddle talk so
fondly about are just a blanket way of saying, “You’re butt is mine,
unless your folks are smart enough to figure that out.” Even if those
parents are smart enough, it’s not like their wishes are respected anyway.
I’ve provided enough evidence to demonstrate that Opt Out forms do not
work, if not, they are utterly useless. Unfortunately, when a mistake is
made and an Opt Out child is beaten, the only one protected is the teacher
with her Shield Law. In other words, teachers have free reign to smack
buttocks and nobody can do anything about it.

I disagree with their philosophy. They’ve done nothing but throw angry,
hate filled words at me over the internet. They are leaders of children.
The bottom line they are teaching children to hate people with whom they
disagree. Some of the words they’ve thrown at me sound almost like a death
threat. Scary, these women are teaching our children.

By Jordan Riak
Our wholehearted admiration and support goes to teachers who strive to
serve children’s best interests. They are the true professionals of the
field. Our concern here, however, is with others who fall far short of
that standard – specifically the ones who, under the banner of discipline,
batter students on their pelvic area. Such teachers are found in 20
states, mainly in the South. (Not coincidentally, a map of the top ten
pupil-beating states is almost identical to a map of the top ten lynching
states. Seven states show up on both maps.) In those places, corporal
punishment or “paddling,” as it is known, is part of established
educational policy, and paddlers have full protection of the law. It
should be noted that where paddling occurs, other abusive practices are
inevitably swept along with it.

When educators hit students, they set the worst possible example for the
general population. The United States stands alone among first world
nations in authorizing this kind of child abuse.

We believe it’s time for educational policy makers to establish a higher
standard for teacher conduct, and to draw a clear line between what’s okay
and what’s not. Assaulting a human being with a board is clearly not okay!
The only lesson it teaches is that violence works for the person who is
bigger and stronger. That’s not the lesson we should be teaching our

Children should not come to school feeling frightened by teachers. School
should be a place that makes them feel welcome and safe, not one that
provokes resentment and a desire to escape. Teachers should model the kind
of behavior they expect. They should earn respect by showing respect.
Given better examples, children will perform better and behave better. The
old adage “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” was never more true than in the
classroom, and nobody should be surprised that the most punitive schools
tend to be hotbeds of bullying and have high dropout rates.

One aspect of the corporal punishment debate is typically excluded from
the discussion: the sexual side.

Medical science has long recognized and documented in great detail how
being struck on the buttocks can stimulate sexual feelings. Children are
especially susceptible.

The tragic consequence for many children who have been punished by
paddling or spanking is that they form a connection between pain,
humiliation and sexual arousal that endures for the rest of their lives.

In Slaughter of the Innocents (1971), Canadian scientist David Bakan
writes, “…The buttocks are the locus for the induction of pain in a
child. We are familiar with the argument that it is a safe ‘locus’ for
spanking. However, the anal region is also the major erotic region at
precisely the time the child is likely to be beaten there. Thus it is
aptly chosen to achieve the result of deranged sexuality in adulthood…”
Would any professional teacher, or any responsible adult knowingly do this
to a child?

Apparently some people experience a profound need to dominate a
defenseless victim, including the need to inflict humiliation, fear and
pain by beating. This compulsion surely has its origin in their own
experience of cruel treatment at some critical stage of their early
development. Such people are known to seek employment in paddling schools
because those places give them free rein to indulge this perverse

In an apparent attempt to guard against the appearance of impropriety,
many paddling schools require paddling to be done in the presence of a
witness. But no one has ever explained what the witness is supposed to be
watching out for, and there is nothing to prevent the paddler and the
witness from being accomplices in an act of sexual battery. Team paddling
only protects the adult perpetrators and their employer, not the child.
For the child, who is a nonconsenting, unequal party in the act,
stimulation of the buttocks, painful or otherwise, is also sexual. It’s a
felony when done to an unwilling adult.

In light of these dangers, why is child beating legal? Why is it even
applauded and encouraged in some circles?

The answer isn’t complicated. People who hit children find affirmation in
the fact that many others also do it. “After all,” they reason, “if
everyone, including teachers, is doing it, what can be so wrong?” This
mutual reinforcement among child abusers calms doubts and soothes troubled

It’s time the teaching profession became part of the first line of defense
in protecting children from such mistreatment. All teachers should protest
in a single voice against this outrageous custom, and lawmakers should be
lining up to co-sponsor legislation to block the legal loophole that
allows assault and battery of the young.


INDEPENDENCE, Miss. – A 14-year old Mississippi high school student was
rushed to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital for surgery Friday after he
blacked out following a school paddling Thursday.
In Brief:
-Student’s mother gave permission for school to administer corporal
-A few minutes after the paddling, the student passed out face first
-Student suffered broken jaw, shattered teeth; had surgery at LeBonheur
Children’s Hospital
-Social Services notified of incident
Independence High School student Trey Clayton underwent surgery Friday
morning at LeBonheur. Now, he will spend the next two weeks eating through
a straw.
What Led to the Punishment
Pictures of 14 year old Trey Clayton minutes after he came out of surgery
Friday afternoon at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital show his stitched-up
face after having his jaws wired shut.
According to his mother Dana Hamilton, the teen had “ten stitches, five
teeth that are messed up, two had to be pulled, the rest are shattered and
two broken jaws.”
Hamilton said she got a call Thursday morning about her son being
disruptive in class at Independence High School. She said she gave Coach
Jerome Martin, who’s also the Assistant Principal, permission to spank the
“Ten minutes later, Coach Martin calls me back and tells me I need to come
to the school because my son blacked out and hit the floor face first,”
Hamilton said. “My biggest concern is that they didn’t call 911.”
Martin told FOX13 by phone, “He was administered corporal punishment, was assisted back to class and three to five minutes after that, he fell into
the hallway.”
Responsible Parties?
When asked who was to blame for Clayton’s injuries, Martin replied, “I’m
not speaking on who’s responsible for that right now.”
Mississippi is one of 20 states that allow corporal punishment. This
mother who once supported it, now says she’s had a change of heart.
“My sympathy goes out to the young man and his family because this is not
something that normally occurs and if there’s anything I can do to help
them, I will,” Martin said.
Blackout Cause Unknown
Hamilton said her son has some bruising to his bottom, his mouth has been
wired shut and he’ll have to sip through a straw for the next two weeks.
Doctors have not said what caused him to black out after the paddling, but
Hamilton said Trey has never blacked out before.
Doctors did contact Social Services about the incident. The parents have
also hired an attorney. Right now, they don’t know if he’ll return to
school after spring break.

Editor’s Note:
I used the term, “Weapon Wheedling,” because once again, this was shown
when Paula Flowe, Mark Ecko, and others tried to enter the Texas State
Capitol with paddles to show at the hearing to ban sanctioned school
beatings. Before they could enter, they were told that they cannot bring
their paddles into the building and referred to them as, “Weapons,” So, it
makes me wonder why weapons exists in our schools? I thought
Zero-Tolerance was the standard of weapons on campus and violence.
Secondly, it looks like this may become the poster child for why corporal
punishment should be done away with, whether you like it or not.
Question: Does this story fall into the umbrella of Teacher Shield laws
that Teachers Who Paddle talk so highly about?