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Monthly Archives: July 2011

We have invited Alex Jones of KLBJ RADIO and KRS one, both leaders from Austin, TX, to participate in our events.
Please help us contact them.
to find out how at:
The Hitting Stops Here!
The 3-Iʼs Summer Campaign 2011:
Interrupting the Ill-informed With Information
Tues, July 19
Conference-call for having safe American schools:
More information:
8:30pm, EDT
Thurs, July 21
Report on Mississippi School Beatings
Recorded at Olelo TV Studios, Hawaii Andon America Speaks Blog Talk Radio.
6pm-8pm HT
Fri, July 22 Waikiki awareness evening
(details posted soon)
Sun, July 24
Waimanalo Beach Clean-up Community Day
(details posted soon)
Mon, July 25-Tues, July 26
Hawaii State Capitol Bldg. Corporal Punishment Awareness Rally
Beretania St. side of Capitol,
Sign-holding; paddle wielding
Thurs, Fri, Sat, July 28-30
Wash DC Campaign-Rally and March:
Concerned citizens–Join Us!
Participants, please display red, white and blue and carry signs in favor of enabling American school-age children to exercise their protective and due process rights, as granted to ALL US natural-born citizens by the US Constitution, 14th amendment.
(suggestions for signs & other details posted soon)
Fri, July 29 (evening)
University of Maryland Concert (no charge)
College Park, MD 20742 (301.405.2317)
The Hitting Stops Here! Meet-up!
More information
8pm-11pm (details posted soon)
Sat, July 30Daytime:
NYRA Event
(see: )
Rally for Ending US School Corporal Punishment In front of White House. (
NYRA Annual Report, Awards & Board Election Voting
NYRA Bowling Party
The Hitting Stops Here! ¡°Meet up!¡±
A Message To American Students, K-12 Marc Ecko Props!
The Paddle Dance performed by Paula Flowe and Nia Robertson
(details posted soon)
Tues, Aug 2-Wed, Aug 3
A look at the statistics–whoʼs really getting it?
US school corporal punishment Maps and Graphs Awareness Presentation:
Anguilla neighborhood canvassing.
(details posted soon)
Thurs, Aug 4
Anguilla Town Hall Meeting
Assembly of students and concerned community members regarding frequent and unaccounted for abuse occurring in South Delta School District.
Fri, Aug 5
MS State Capitol Campaign-Rally:
A Message to Gov. Haley Barbour and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant from the NLGA
Dinner and Back-To-School Party with The Hitting Stops Here! and other
childrenʼs rights advocates8pm-midnight (location TBA)
Sat, Aug 6
Anguilla Student Rights event:
Know Your Rights. Know What’s Going On.
Boys and Young Men Night out, led by Fredrick J. Robinson Sr.
Girls and Young Ladies Night out, led by Paula Flowe
Closing– led by Robinson Growing Stars and The Hitting Stops Here!
5pm-8pm (details posted soon)
Sun, Aug 7
Anguilla Community Event
The Bible Tells Me So
(details posted soon)
Mon, Aug 8
Anguilla Town Hall Meeting5pm-7pm
Tues, Aug 9-till success
(First day of school for South Delta School District)
South Delta School District Boycott begins,
entitled, When The Paddles EXIT, the Students Will ENTER (details
posted soon)
Fri, Aug 12
Madison Central HS Rally, Madison Cty, MS
Mississippi State Capitol Bldg. Rally
For Mississippi Students and Concerned Citizens
Evening out with Madison Central HS students and concerned citizens
8pm (details posted soon)
*Check our website Message Board for CALENDAR updates:
**Please post the Press Release below throughout your website communities
and in local and national newspapers, through August 12, 2011:
PRESS RELEASE: Jul 28-Aug 12, 2011
The Hitting Stops Here! will be leading marching campaigns in Washington
DC and Mississippi for ending US school corporal punishment, Thurs., July
28-Fri., August 12.
Citizens everywhere, in support of having a ban placed on US school
corporal punishment, are urged to participate by attending the Wash DC and MS rallies or by leading neighborhood community rallies, forwarding photos and video footage to
Paula Flowe, Exec. Director of THSH!, will deliver a speech throughout the summer campaign entitled, Sanctioned US School Abuse: The Time To Ban Is NOW!
Updates to be placed on our website MESSAGE BOARD at:

A Comment by a victim:
I also went to Catholic school in the 70s when priests and brothers beat
the hell out of kids on the slightest provocation. I despise them to this
day and wouldn’t urinate on them if they were on fire. Hitting kids is
spineless and sick and creates more problems than it helps.

The Teachers Who Paddle blog reads like a thinly disguised fetish site. A number of things tripped off my crap detector, e.g., the overly detailed descriptions of paddlings and implements, the idea that the
teachers were these young women who’d been cheerleaders and sorority members. And come on, Renee the TWP Editor was posting on the Network54 SF&R forum. Oh yeah, the paddles that they were discussing were apparently sold on a (now defunct) adult fetish site. Not sure how
much more obvious those people could get. If their blog was dedicated to
teachers whacking consenting adults across the rear, I doubt many people would care. But the repeated references to children sound kind of pedo-ish.

Well, just as I told you last year, one evening I took my long paddle
(16¡å x 3 1/2¡å x 1/4¡å) home with me. It is exactly like the one we made
for Michelle and looks a lot scarier than it actually is. Fact is, it is so light that if we used it like the paddlings some describe on other web sites, it would probably BREAK!
And the reason I took it home? To find out for myself what that paddle actually does physically. And guess who was to be the recipient of an experimental paddling? YOURS TRULY! My husband John was a harder sell but I managed to cajole him into the experiment in my own special way’ And
don’t ask because I’m not telling!
Anyway, after tucking in Tyler, my 3 year old, we started our experiment:
Three swats just like the way we do at the school. While I coached John as to technique there was one MAJOR difference: No blue jeans or cotton underwear. The only thing between the pale skin of my bottom and that paddle was my rather thin silk pajamas!
Bending over the bed, I did have a butterflies in the stomach queasy
feeling and could see, in the mirrors reflection, the paddle held at an
angle just as I do when using it at the school. But I was determined to
find the answer to my concerns and nodded for John to start. Three loud,
stinging pops rang out. It did sting but at that moment I suddenly worried that our Tyler would start calling out for one of us! To my relief, he never did! So after reassuring John that I was o.k., I then checked my rear end in the bathroom. It was pink-red and stung a little but I would
have gladly taken this over momma’s strap! My reaction was this is
it?¡­No bruising?¡­No marks?¡­And barely red with only silk pajamas for protection¡ Also, the next morning I could barely see ANY evidence that there ever was an experiment!

Fake Rene regularly writes on this Network54 site entitled School Corporal punishment. It’s nothing but a bunch of perverts exchanging ideas on spanking children. They take great delight in writing about children being smacked. I contacted a guy (Assumed internet name Garsgin) who left his email address, and challenged him to debate us, and we would post it on the most popular spot on the internet YouTube. He declined to debate us. In my exchanges with him, my eyebrows rose a speck when I read these words he wrote to me, “we got CP at school (we’re that old!) and we involve CP for role-play in our sex-lives.” I emailed him back, and asked nicely to tell me how that works out role-playing CP in their sex-lives. He never returned my email. Are these the words of a pervert? It comes from a contributor to the creepy Network54 site School Corporal Punishment. They call each other esteemed colleagues. They are esteemed perverts.

Rene, I am very curious why you would choose the former option of opting out then the ladder of opting in? It seems counter intuitive to me because in the former, students can fall victim of a beating, although the parent objects to the paddling, as I have seen in some cases whereas the latter would afford you greater protection. I thought you would feel that the latter of opting in protects everyone.
Moving on to another point, since you said that politicians are not qualified to make educational policy decisions, it provokes a natural question, what makes you qualified to administer corporal punishment as well? After all, you have failed to answer my questions where did you learn your buttocks striking techniques and if the College of Education at the University of Georgia ever discussed corporal punishment in theory or practice. This in itself is an interesting revelation if the practice is not discussed for the fact that Georgia sanctions corporal punishment.
You also failed to answer the question if the College of Education at the University of Georgia is able to certify that you are capable of administering corporal punishment properly without the physical injuries documented by concerned families to me or the mental side effects, as documented by psychologists and developmental scientist?
As for Chadie, they came to us for advocacy, not legal advice.
Unfortunately, you don’t know the games the school district is playing
to avoid taking responsibility for what they did. On the note of legal
advice, a lawyer who we spoke to is willing to take on paddling cases
and is ready to challenge paddling on the grounds of Title IX or to
challenge the Ingram decision itself. All I can tell you is the life of a paddle in American school is fading away.

Prof. N, I would like proof who Positive Discipline is most effective
towards and who is not. Please provide a clear basis for your response. As
for Nashia’S paddling incident and what should have been done rather than beating her senseless, as the story states, I have actually taken the liberty of sending that story to four particular experts on the issue of children, and I will post them up as they respond. They are getting the
full story as it comes from the TWP Website, no omissions.
As for the will of the community, argument, you’re back in the same
position as you were before. If everyone thought slavery was right and
it was the will of the community to have and own slaves, does that make
slavery right? You may be thinking that this is a false analogy, but this shows that hindsight truly is 20-20. People in the early and mid 1800s thought slavery was right and justified by the will of the community, religious teachings, etc. If you were a plantation owner at the time, you would feel that the the Federal government telling you not to own slaves, although the Bill of Rights or any part of the Constitution (Pre-Civil War) makes no mention of slavery, you would feel outrage. After all, if everyone thought slavery is right, it must be right. What could be so wrong? To be fair, let’s take a more modern issue where we can have somewhat more of a connection, the drinking age. Let’s say there was a certain community that felt that it was okay to sell beer to 15 year olds. When you question the leaders of the community about selling beer to teenagers, you learn that the town is primarily made up of Central Europeans and in their homeland, drinking at a young age is acceptable. If it was the will of the community to sell beer to teenagers, what gives the Federal government to impose its will on the town of Central Europeans with its 21 year old drinking age?  Once you understand this, you will understand why the will of the community argument doesn’t fly.
I am going to make a bold statement towards you Rene and other supporters of corporal punishment, but I assure my claim is supported by evidence. Look at it this way, we’re on the internet, so we can share ideas. I believe that one cannot truly defend corporal punishment honestly. Because, to do so, one must blatantly lie, make false statements,
bastardize hundreds of studies demonstrating its harmfulness by experts
who have studied this particular discipline for years, and other acts of
intellectual dishonesty. When corporal punishment supporters are
questioned or asked to prove their point for corporal punishment, they are unable to do so, but they feel the need to continue this practice.


Dear Dr. James E. McLean
I’m a retired pastor in the Presbyterian Church (USA), living in the cold weather state of Iowa. I am originally from the state of Alabama where I graduated from high school and college. One of the causes I have taken up in my years of ministry and in my retirement is to help bring an end to corporal punishment in our schools. So far thirty one states have outlawed corporal punishment in schools—New Mexico being the most recent.
I am writing to you today to share news about a blog on the internet
called Teachers Who Paddle. Four women operate this blog. They use alias names never revealing who they are or where they teach. One of the women who uses the name Michelle as her pseudonym. She claims she is a graduate of the College of Education at the University Of Alabama, a former college cheerleader, married to a doctor, and vainly a Jessica Simpson look alike. I think she teaches in the state
of Georgia. More than once Alias Michelle writes in vivid detail about the
children she has paddled. All four women who participate in the blog
Teachers Who Paddle brag and tell with great pride stories of how they
beat a child with a paddle. To me, corporal punishment is repulsive. It’s
scary to read spanking stories told with such enthusiasm.
One of fake Michelle’s paddling stories ends with these comments. (Those classroom management classes I took at Alabama did NOT include instructions on how to manage Miguel.) Miguel is an assumed name of a ten year old child she beat with a paddle. The crime, having a schoolboy crush on the teacher.

Below is the story written word by word by alias Michelle. Would you please read the story if you can bear to. I would like to know some facts about the college you administer. First of all, I would like to know if
the story below accurately demonstrates the mission and objectives of The College of Education and even that of the University? Having grown up in Alabama I know that corporal punishment is still sanctioned by state law. I am a victim of it. I want to know if the subject of corporal punishment is ever discussed in behavioral management courses, whether in theory or practice? If this is the case, are future educators certified by The College and/or The University that they are able to administer corporal punishment in such a manner, where there are no long lasting side effects, as cited by many developmental
scientist? Finally, as an expert on Education and children, I would like
to know what would be a better way to discipline this student? Could you
also please ask your colleagues for their opinions? I would like to post
your response on websites emphasizing positive discipline, and pro
corporal punishment websites.
Thank You,
Wade Ditty, Co-Founder of Teachers Who Paddle-Exposed

Here’s the story as written by the the women with the alias name Michell.

This is TWP’s first segment on the teacher perspective we promised earlier this summer to retain in TEACHERSWHOPADDLE. This episode centers around sweet Michelle, our youngest teacher and the third paddling she ever gave. This new episode should be a heart-warming and touching saga that DOES reflect who we all really are as teachers: kind and sensitive but still firm when a situation requires the use of c.p. as a last resort.
Hi everyone! This is Michelle, the ex- Alabama Crimson Tide cheerleader turned 4th grade school teacher. I know what readers think when they hear about me from the Fan Mail I get weekly! Folks seem to think: Blond bomb-shell as teacher must be heaven on earth for those lucky kids! Well, the blond part aside, I am a teacher first and foremost. The kids in my class seem to grasp that fairly quickly. After a week or so
with homework assignments like as in any other class. Please understand, while I must be the adult in charge of my students. I also bring a cheerful and sunny disposition to my classroom. Only twice before had pused a paddle, once when a boy pushed a girl off a swing and the other for a sucker-punching playground bully.
But the third time was different¡­and was NO charm.
What was it for?
Flirting.WITH ME!
Please, dear readers, understand that this was not just winking or grinning at the °new teacher at the start of the year which I expect to go through every year for however long. No, this was very overt hugging by an infatuated 10 year old boy I will name Miguel. This flirting consisted of random hugs initiated by Miguel throughout the day and I tried unsuccessfully to stop this by conferences with his parents and Mr. Smith, our principal. After those meetings, the unwanted contact would stop and later resume as nothing had ever been said.
Since I was the only teacher in our school who could speak a little Spanish; moving Miguel to Jenny’s class was not a good option. (I work with a resource English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher who works with a dozen other kids in our school 1 hour a day.)
Everyone told me that Miguel must be held to the same standard of behavior as all the other students. That meant Miguel had to be penalized for his inappropriate touching of a school staff person. And as his teacher, I had to warn him of the consequences of his actions -Including c.p. I certainly hoped it would never come to that but did, in front of the resource teacher and Mr.Smith, reiterate the school policy to Miguel and all the possible sanctions. His resource teacher did translate some for me since I just know enough Spanish to get by Miguel’s parents also were made aware and understood completely.
Right away, Miguel had his computer time suspended the next time he attempted a hug. At first, that seemed to work but the NEXT day I would have to repeat the sanction. Then, Miguel started repeating the attempts to hug later in the day. So, my next step was the recess sit-in. That meant Jenny or I had to take turns staying in to watch him. This got to be a drag when Miguel was sitting in during EVERY recess! As Jenny jokingly remarked one day, I think your pint-sized boyfriend wanna be actually enjoys sitting in with you. And not me! Jenny said that only in jest but she had a point -Recess sit-ins for more than a week were not working.
The next day, at the start of class, I told Miguel, I’m not keeping you in recess anymore because it is NOT working. Rather, the next option is this. I then pulled out the paddle.Miguel, I don’t know what else to do. And Mr. Smith WILL send you to the alternative school if he hears about ANY more trouble¡­Understand? I implored. Miguel nodded and seemed to understand.
I had actually hoped the threat of removal from my class would cause a change in Miguel¡’s behavior before the paddle would be a factor. But I was mistaken.Later that morning, Miguel got up from his desk as if to ask me something. He had done likewise on previous days and would walk up behind my large desk in the front and place his arms around my shoulders while starting to ask a question. Every prior time Miguel did that, I penalized him with a recess sit-in. But this time had to be different because I had already warned him.
As he approached my desk, all I could think was Dear Lord, please cause Miguel to remember what I told him earlier! My prayer was NOT answered as Miguel placed his right arm around my
shoulder and leaned into me and started to speak. But I had warned Miguel about what would happen the next time he touched me inappropriately and immediately shushed him while reaching for the one teacher tool I hoped would be unnecessary: My 16¡å x 3 1/2 x 1/4 paddle.
I took Miguel to the conference room after getting Wendy as a witness.
As Wendy put aside the papers she was grading, I explained the whats and whys and she understood. She asked if I wanted her to do the paddling but I felt that if one of my kids was to be paddled -I would be the one to do it. Miguel was already starting to cry and pleaded. “Please don’t paddle me, I’m sorry.”
I replied, “Miguel, I hate doing this but you give me no other option than to send you to the office and if Mr. Smith hears about any more inappropriate touching,you will be removed from my class AND THIS SCHOOL, Understand?
A tearful Miguel pleaded, “I really like you, Miss J. Please don’t.” Speaking in a soft tone I implored. ‘Everyone KNOWS you like me but you must also respect me as you teacher and the first step in that is when your teacher tells you NOT to do something -Do not do it!”
Continuing, I told Miguel,I am going to give you 2 swats, o.k.? And I hope we never have to come back here again.
Miguel nodded as I had him turn to the wall and bend over with his hands pressed against the wall. Seeing that nothing was in the back pockets of his blue jeans, I lined up the top edge of my paddle with the top edge of Miguel. I then placed my left hand over Miguel’s back belt loop as my right hand held the paddle at a 90 degree angle.
I swung the paddle briskly.
SMACK! Miguel let out a owww.
I swung the paddle again just wishing to be done with it.
SMACK! Miguel flinched with another owww.
He cried.
After a few minutes, Wendy took him back to class.
Those classroom management classes I took at Alabama did NOT include
instructions on how to manage Miguels.