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Monthly Archives: September 2013


There are grown men in our society who are nothing short of creepy. It’s these educators who regularly get behind closed doors, tell a cute teenage girl to expose her backside to him in a vulnerable way, and he spanks her with a paddle. We should do a public opinion poll and see what America as a whole thinks of these creepy men. Then, again educators who paddle kids have no pride. They don’t care what people think of them. These men bring girl’s to tears, and they rejoice, proud of their accomplishments. If a girl complains about the pain these creeps are causing, these men show their true colors. They threaten to beat her more with the paddle. In states where school corporal punishment is still legal. There are no laws to protect girls from these monsters. The laws protect the potential perverts.
In my opinion, any man who would stoop to such a level is not much of man. He’s a coward. I’ll tell to his face if he will stick his cowardly face in front of mine. If you are a victim to one of these creeps, give us your story if you can bear it. And also give us the name of the coward who did this to you. We want to post their name on our web-log and other places on the internet. School boards who support this kind of abuse are just as big of cowards. I will tell it to their face, too.
If you disagree with me and my colleagues, we challenge you to a debate. We have the means to video tape the debate and post it on you-tube. All educators who paddle and their supporters will not debate us. They are pure cowards. They know the arguments they use to keep this barbaric, primitive means of discipline alive are intellectually bankrupt.


TEACHERS WHO PADDLE is a creepy website. Four women operate this site. These women are evil. They use fake names on the internet. I want to know their real names, and expose them to the media. They’ve given some description of themselves online. One is a short woman with Auburn hair. She claims to be an assistant principal in a middle school. The other is an attractive woman. She teachers either the 4th  or 5th grade. I think she is a blond. She claims to be a former cheerleader at the University of Alabama. Her Daddy is wealthy, and she is married to a doctor. Both, are employed in a school district in Georgia. Please, let me know if you know who these evil woman are.