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  1. Questions Questions
    September 29 2010, 10:48 PM

    Hi Rev ,

    I’ll leave the Doctor to answer you directly of course, but its no use asking me anything ………I’ve asked you loads of questions about the detail of how you guys intend to run the schools after you abolish paddling, and got nothing, nil, zilch, zero in substantive reply.

    As I’ve said its perfectly possible to run good schools without corporal punishment, just as its possible to run good schools without suspension, detention or any particular given sanction.

    However as you guys won’t tell us what sanctions you DO support, you clearly imply that NO other sanction is abusive or has the potential for psychological or physical harm . That seems to me to abrogate your contribution to the educational debate. As I’ve pointed out before your friend Irwin Hyman has done a good job in identifying that many other sanctions have abusive potential as well as corporal punishment. But I guess you’re just not bothered about those. I certainly thought that Jestin with his interest in disability rights would have been.

    Detentions juvenile courts, boot camps, , ISS , OSS, , expulsion , janitorial duties, humiliation, forced PE, lines,restorative justice, time out, alternative schools, the police ….you are silent on all of these . All you do tell us is that you are in favor of positive discipline.

    So am I . I actually sponsor and help monitor a pilot scheme over here. But I’m afraid it only works for certain offenses and sub groups of students. No panacea. No magic bullet.

    You continue to quote the Nashia case, but you haven’t told us what you would have done. According to the public matrix used in your old High School Nashia would have got a very lengthy and damaging OSS PLUS being arrested and processed by youth justice, court appearance , and gained a criminal record.

    Now I know you think five swats were brutal , but is that punishment any less so? Think of the inevitable long term damage….no scholarship, probably no college place, certainly worse exam results ( think of all the missing test scores over her several weeks OSS). Criminalization,the longer term difficulty in getting a job….social isolation , and marginalization from mainstream kids and society.

    Read a bit of criminology, its just a classic syndrome.

    Compassionate? Merciful? I think not .

    Oh and as for the other girl , guess you agree with the view that it takes two to tango , so she’d be in for a shorter OSS ( no previous offenses) plus police attention.

    Strange how some self proclaimed liberals are often far from compassionate, and lack the quality of forgiveness and mercy. Abolition of the paddle may be a fine and noble cause in your view : but it won’t eliminate abuse alone, nor does tunnel vision and humanitarian passion grant you automatic absolution. It certainly doesn’t obviate your responsibility to students and educators to advocate thought out alternative , humane, disciplinary policies.

    Prove me wrong and give me some answers not invective and and jokes…that is if you want to be more than a sideshow

    So here is a nice little song for you from Mary Gauthier , all the way from Louisiana , to help you think on that.

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