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below throughout your internet communities.

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The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.


The Hitting Stops Here! Is in contact with the Chancey Family and they are
in receipt of the various comments that have been posted on the Network 54
Forum, including Fake Renee’s accusation of the parents of intentional
child abuse. Chadie has also been aware and we asked her  some questions
about how she feels about people like you on a radio show. This show can
be found here:

Marc Ecko

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to this historic moment. On
Wednesday, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez signed HB 172, a bill which will eliminate corporal punishment in public schools across the state.

With her signature, Governor Susana Martinez made New Mexico the 31st
state to ban this unjust act and demonstrated her commitment to protect
New Mexico’s 330,000 schoolchildren. I agree with the Governor when she
stated that “The decision on whether or not to use corporal punishment on
a child is one that is best left to a parent,” as it surely doesn’t belong
in the hands of a school administrator.

Starting July 1, students will go to school in an environment that is free
from fear of the paddle.

The tide is changing. The worm is turning. The time has come to abolish
corporal punishment throughout this great nation of ours, ending the
threat of children being hit by adults and freeing children from the
hostile environment this threat creates.

I believe that children must be free to learn in safe and nurturing
environments free from fear. They must trust that we are providing schools
that are safe for them to be inquisitive and explore as they learn and
grow. And it’s not just me saying that, but more than 50 national
organizations agree, having called for the ban on corporal punishment —
time and again.

It is great to know that U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan agrees.
Last month at the White House, Sec. Duncan said: “My wife and I have two
young children. We want them to learn every day in school, but to do that,
they must feel safe first. You cannot do your best or concentrate
academically if you are scared.”

It is for these reasons that I launched the Unlimited Justice* campaign.
My instinct was that people across the country want to engage their
elected officials directly about education reform issues. When the
Unlimited Justice iPhone app hit the #1 spot for free education downloads
during our launch week at SXSW, we never dreamed how fast we could
activate the public to get their voices heard by those in power. A
blizzard of calls, faxes and emails, along with Facebook messages and
tweets, took their toll on the New Mexico Senate and the Governor’s office
that their constituents wanted the law changed.

This new day for New Mexico’s schoolchildren could not have been achieved
without the tireless efforts of folks like Representative Rick Miera and
Senator Cynthia Nava, whose leadership pushed the bill through a
legislature divided on this issue. Additionally, parents and activists
made their voices heard and led their elected officials to be responsive
to their desires. To all, your collective dedication to the protection of
children is inspiring.

My hope is New Mexico will serve as a positive example to the parents,
educators and especially the elected officials in the remaining 19 states
that still allow this form of taxpayer-funded child abuse. Join me and the
thousands of others in the Unlimited Justice* campaign to end corporal
punishment in America’s schools.
Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming: YOU’RE NEXT!
#FightThePaddle @UnltdJustice
(Marc Ecko is an education reform advocate and co-founder of Ecko Unlimited)
Follow Marc Ecko on Twitter:

MIKE FROM MARC ECKO’S CAMP: Before the signing of the bill:
thanks Wade And Jestin

Thank you so much for your kind words of support of our efforts. Marc Eckô
and the whole team at is proud of the work you
are doing to get the word out about corporal punishment–a practice that
has no place in the public school system.

Tomorrow we’re helping to stage a rally in New Mexico, as we’re now only
one signature away from ending the paddling in the public school system in
that state. Please join us, in person or in spirit, as we call upon NM
Gov. Susana Martinez to sign the bill banning CP. More info avail at: and @UntldJustice and the rally page:

Mike, (Our Response)

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on our web-log Teachers who paddle
EXPOSED. We are honored. We are happy to see your efforts in New Mexico
pay off. Only nineteen states to go, and we’ll have this curse of School
Corporal Punishment eliminated from our great nation. I sent several
emails to the governor encouraging her to sign the bill into law.

We created this web-log for one reason to give an alternative opinion to
the creepy web-log Teachers who paddle (TWP). The teacher’s blog is a
catalyst to keeping corporal punishment alive. It’s an encourager to other
educators who beat kids with a paddle. They’ve had numerous hits on the
blog, but they have a glaring weakness. They go by alias names, never
revealing who they are. They’ll never bring their perverted ideas to the
TV cameras or be in the newspaper–which is good. The real problem with
the TWP blog is every school day in American some child, somewhere is
getting beat by a paddle. All caused by the encouraging words they read on
the TWP blog. If you have any ideas how we can discredit this blog, let us
know. Better yet, if we could find out who these women are, we can put a
stop to it. They’ve given enough information about themselves—the person
with the right resources could find out what their real names are. Keep up
the good work!
Thanks for everything,
Wade Ditty and Jestin Samson, founders of Teachers Who Paddle Exposed.


To answer fake Renee’s question shown on her perverted web-log where she
and her perverted friends hate, it’s very easy to do. It doesn’t take much
effort. There’s a word they use over and over again on their blog, antis.
It refers to people who disagree with their narrow philosophy. Their heart
is raging with hate every time they write the word. They hate people with
an absolute pure hatred who don’t see things the way they do. Fake Renee
says we are Mom’s we don’t hate. My conclusion is the same. Fake Renee and
her fake friends are teaching their children to hate people to whom they
have a disagreement with, and the children they teach.


If you are interested in bringing sanctioned school beatings to an end,
please visit:
and learn more. He has also developed an IPhone App and system on his
website to contact your lawmakers to call this practice to an end once and
for all.
Also please view the following video. Mark really puts paddling in
prospective in this one.


When I came home after Finals last semester, I saw this video played on
ESPN. I have to say that this is one of the most horrific events I have
witnessed as a spectator or athlete of high school athletics.
The video can be found here:
Oddly enough, I did some research and low and behold, I soon found out
that DeSoto County Schools in Florida sanctions paddling. Now, I’m not say
if this young man was paddled, but if he was, so much for it setting him
on the straight and narrow. If anything and if he knew of anyone being
beaten, I’m not surprised that he used violence to achieve his goals,
after all, it’s what the adults around him are doing. 




The most dangerous people on the internet are people who go by alias
names, refusing to identify who they really are. These people have done
great harm to innocent people. The same can be said about the four women
who run the scary web-log, Teachers who paddle.  They go by alias names,
and sling violent hatred at people who disagree with their primitive

They represent all educators who paddle kids.  Just go into one of the
twenty states in America, where school corporal punishment is still legal,
and you’ll find scores of teachers who paddle, full of hatred toward those
who disagree with their primitive, barbaric  ways of disciplining

Not to say that all of America’s educators are like this, we can go down
the list of the most amazing educators we know, but unfortunately, the
good educators are swept under, in the middle of the battle between paddle
wheedling terrorists and even the activists and educators trying to end
this primitive way of handling children.

On the creepy web-log Teachers who paddle, the four women, who operate
this blog, try to make themselves look nice, but underneath it all, they
are full hatred. A kind hearted women who operates a human rights web-log
was sorely attacked by these hate filled women… Never once has this
woman sent a message to the hatemongers or even read their blog, but they
made it a point to sling hate at her. This kind woman’s name is in full
view for all to see. She didn’t want her named mentioned here. The haters
on the Teachers who paddle web-log hide behind the computer throwing out
their words of hate, never telling the world who they are.

One of the teachers on their blog had a student whose mother is a member
of Parents and Teachers Against Violence in Education, an organization
calling for an end to corporal punishment in schools. Talk about disdain
for someone. This fourth grade educator detested this poor woman with an
absolute pure hatred. To make matters worse, she hated the child with the
same passion.

Another teacher on this blog paddled a boy whose mother objected. The
concerned mom complained to the principal. The principal defended the
teacher, and the dismayed mom went home. She should have gone to the
press. This teacher created a riff between herself and someone else who
lives in the community–all because she has no respect for parents of her
students.  It’s easy to pick up in reading this story on the internet, the
enthusiasm the teacher has. She is over joyed to have brought the boy to tears. She brags about it. She hates the woman who complained and her son. The mistake this woman made was she should have signed a form, prohibiting school officials from paddling her child. Most, but not all, school districts who still use corporal punishment allow parents to opt out of having a paddle swung at their child. The four women, who boast about paddling children on the internet, hate with a raging hate parents who chose not to let their children be spanked by a teacher.

Also, those so called, “Opt Out Forms,” that Teachers Who Paddle talk so
fondly about are just a blanket way of saying, “You’re butt is mine,
unless your folks are smart enough to figure that out.” Even if those
parents are smart enough, it’s not like their wishes are respected anyway.
I’ve provided enough evidence to demonstrate that Opt Out forms do not
work, if not, they are utterly useless. Unfortunately, when a mistake is
made and an Opt Out child is beaten, the only one protected is the teacher
with her Shield Law. In other words, teachers have free reign to smack
buttocks and nobody can do anything about it.

I disagree with their philosophy. They’ve done nothing but throw angry,
hate filled words at me over the internet. They are leaders of children.
The bottom line they are teaching children to hate people with whom they
disagree. Some of the words they’ve thrown at me sound almost like a death
threat. Scary, these women are teaching our children.

By Jordan Riak
Our wholehearted admiration and support goes to teachers who strive to
serve children’s best interests. They are the true professionals of the
field. Our concern here, however, is with others who fall far short of
that standard – specifically the ones who, under the banner of discipline,
batter students on their pelvic area. Such teachers are found in 20
states, mainly in the South. (Not coincidentally, a map of the top ten
pupil-beating states is almost identical to a map of the top ten lynching
states. Seven states show up on both maps.) In those places, corporal
punishment or “paddling,” as it is known, is part of established
educational policy, and paddlers have full protection of the law. It
should be noted that where paddling occurs, other abusive practices are
inevitably swept along with it.

When educators hit students, they set the worst possible example for the
general population. The United States stands alone among first world
nations in authorizing this kind of child abuse.

We believe it’s time for educational policy makers to establish a higher
standard for teacher conduct, and to draw a clear line between what’s okay
and what’s not. Assaulting a human being with a board is clearly not okay!
The only lesson it teaches is that violence works for the person who is
bigger and stronger. That’s not the lesson we should be teaching our

Children should not come to school feeling frightened by teachers. School
should be a place that makes them feel welcome and safe, not one that
provokes resentment and a desire to escape. Teachers should model the kind
of behavior they expect. They should earn respect by showing respect.
Given better examples, children will perform better and behave better. The
old adage “As ye sow, so shall ye reap” was never more true than in the
classroom, and nobody should be surprised that the most punitive schools
tend to be hotbeds of bullying and have high dropout rates.

One aspect of the corporal punishment debate is typically excluded from
the discussion: the sexual side.

Medical science has long recognized and documented in great detail how
being struck on the buttocks can stimulate sexual feelings. Children are
especially susceptible.

The tragic consequence for many children who have been punished by
paddling or spanking is that they form a connection between pain,
humiliation and sexual arousal that endures for the rest of their lives.

In Slaughter of the Innocents (1971), Canadian scientist David Bakan
writes, “…The buttocks are the locus for the induction of pain in a
child. We are familiar with the argument that it is a safe ‘locus’ for
spanking. However, the anal region is also the major erotic region at
precisely the time the child is likely to be beaten there. Thus it is
aptly chosen to achieve the result of deranged sexuality in adulthood…”
Would any professional teacher, or any responsible adult knowingly do this
to a child?

Apparently some people experience a profound need to dominate a
defenseless victim, including the need to inflict humiliation, fear and
pain by beating. This compulsion surely has its origin in their own
experience of cruel treatment at some critical stage of their early
development. Such people are known to seek employment in paddling schools
because those places give them free rein to indulge this perverse

In an apparent attempt to guard against the appearance of impropriety,
many paddling schools require paddling to be done in the presence of a
witness. But no one has ever explained what the witness is supposed to be
watching out for, and there is nothing to prevent the paddler and the
witness from being accomplices in an act of sexual battery. Team paddling
only protects the adult perpetrators and their employer, not the child.
For the child, who is a nonconsenting, unequal party in the act,
stimulation of the buttocks, painful or otherwise, is also sexual. It’s a
felony when done to an unwilling adult.

In light of these dangers, why is child beating legal? Why is it even
applauded and encouraged in some circles?

The answer isn’t complicated. People who hit children find affirmation in
the fact that many others also do it. “After all,” they reason, “if
everyone, including teachers, is doing it, what can be so wrong?” This
mutual reinforcement among child abusers calms doubts and soothes troubled

It’s time the teaching profession became part of the first line of defense
in protecting children from such mistreatment. All teachers should protest
in a single voice against this outrageous custom, and lawmakers should be
lining up to co-sponsor legislation to block the legal loophole that
allows assault and battery of the young.


INDEPENDENCE, Miss. – A 14-year old Mississippi high school student was
rushed to LeBonheur Children’s Hospital for surgery Friday after he
blacked out following a school paddling Thursday.
In Brief:
-Student’s mother gave permission for school to administer corporal
-A few minutes after the paddling, the student passed out face first
-Student suffered broken jaw, shattered teeth; had surgery at LeBonheur
Children’s Hospital
-Social Services notified of incident
Independence High School student Trey Clayton underwent surgery Friday
morning at LeBonheur. Now, he will spend the next two weeks eating through
a straw.
What Led to the Punishment
Pictures of 14 year old Trey Clayton minutes after he came out of surgery
Friday afternoon at LeBonheur Children’s Hospital show his stitched-up
face after having his jaws wired shut.
According to his mother Dana Hamilton, the teen had “ten stitches, five
teeth that are messed up, two had to be pulled, the rest are shattered and
two broken jaws.”
Hamilton said she got a call Thursday morning about her son being
disruptive in class at Independence High School. She said she gave Coach
Jerome Martin, who’s also the Assistant Principal, permission to spank the
“Ten minutes later, Coach Martin calls me back and tells me I need to come
to the school because my son blacked out and hit the floor face first,”
Hamilton said. “My biggest concern is that they didn’t call 911.”
Martin told FOX13 by phone, “He was administered corporal punishment, was assisted back to class and three to five minutes after that, he fell into
the hallway.”
Responsible Parties?
When asked who was to blame for Clayton’s injuries, Martin replied, “I’m
not speaking on who’s responsible for that right now.”
Mississippi is one of 20 states that allow corporal punishment. This
mother who once supported it, now says she’s had a change of heart.
“My sympathy goes out to the young man and his family because this is not
something that normally occurs and if there’s anything I can do to help
them, I will,” Martin said.
Blackout Cause Unknown
Hamilton said her son has some bruising to his bottom, his mouth has been
wired shut and he’ll have to sip through a straw for the next two weeks.
Doctors have not said what caused him to black out after the paddling, but
Hamilton said Trey has never blacked out before.
Doctors did contact Social Services about the incident. The parents have
also hired an attorney. Right now, they don’t know if he’ll return to
school after spring break.

Editor’s Note:
I used the term, “Weapon Wheedling,” because once again, this was shown
when Paula Flowe, Mark Ecko, and others tried to enter the Texas State
Capitol with paddles to show at the hearing to ban sanctioned school
beatings. Before they could enter, they were told that they cannot bring
their paddles into the building and referred to them as, “Weapons,” So, it
makes me wonder why weapons exists in our schools? I thought
Zero-Tolerance was the standard of weapons on campus and violence.
Secondly, it looks like this may become the poster child for why corporal
punishment should be done away with, whether you like it or not.
Question: Does this story fall into the umbrella of Teacher Shield laws
that Teachers Who Paddle talk so highly about?

There are grown men in our society who are nothing short of creepy. It’s these educators who regularly get behind closed doors, tell a cute teenage girl to expose her backside to him in a vulnerable way, and he spanks her with a paddle We should do a public opinion poll and see what America as a whole thinks of these creepy men. Then, again educators who paddle kids have no pride. They don’t care what people think of them. These men bring girl’s to tears, and they rejoice, proud of their accomplishments. If a girl complains about the pain these creeps are causing, these men show their true colors. They threaten to beat her more with the paddle. In states where school corporal punishment is still legal. There are no laws to protect girls from these monsters. The laws protect the potential perverts.
In my opinion, any man who would stoop to such a level is not much of man. He’s a coward. I’ll tell to his face if he will stick his cowardly face in front of mine. If you are a victim to one of these creeps, give us your story if you can bear it. And also give us the name of the coward who did this to you. We want to post their name on our web-log and other places on the internet. School boards who support this kind of abuse are just as big of cowards. I will tell it to their face, too.
If you disagree with me and my colleagues, we challenge you to a debate. We have the means to video tape the debate and post it on you-tube. All educators who paddle and their supporters will not debate us. They are pure cowards. They know the arguments they use to keep this barbaric, primitive means of discipline alive are intellectually bankrupt. Here’s a story revealing a creepy man who delights in spanking teenage girls. Ann Work already alludes to the creepiness of a male administrator paddling two females.

Moms angry over swats
2 students at City View get spanked
• By Ann Work

• A male administrator at City View Junior/Senior High School spanked two 17-year-old female students with a paddle Thursday for going to the bathroom after lunch — an “infraction” that both of the girls’ mothers considered so minor that they’ve decided to speak out.
Despite a no-bathroom-break-directly-after-lunch policy, both girls went anyway, and then were called, one after the other, to City View Assistant Principal Darrell Frazier’s office and punished with one “lick” apiece, according to mothers Charlotte Beaver and Barbi Parker.
City View Principal Raymond Weathersbee said Friday that the girls were punished for disobeying the directive of a teacher, not for simply going to the bathroom.
City View schools have practiced a pro-spanking policy for years.
According to page 40 of the City View “Student Code of Conduct,” corporal punishment is permitted “as a corrective action to certain rules infractions in order to preserve an effective and orderly educational environment. Factors of student size and age, and the physical and mental and emotional conditions of the student shall be considered before the administration of any corporal punishment.”
According to the policy manual, students must be informed of the reason, and a swat may be administered by the teacher, school principal or assistant principal.
The instrument used must be approved by the principal, and a record of swats must be maintained.
The specific directive that the girls disobeyed Thursday, according to Weathersbee, was a rule he instituted three weeks ago that forbade any student from using the bathroom directly after their 30-minute lunch period ends.
The school had been having an inordinately large number of tardies to classrooms after lunch, prompting Weathersbee to make the new rule, he said.
“Any kid that needs to go to the restroom needs to go during their lunch period,” Weathersbee said. “They’ve got 30 minutes.”

My name is Amanda as well. I am known on the internet as Vet-wife.
I am an advocate for veterans but I am also an advocate for social justice and the disabled and disadvantaged.
This type of tyranny must stop. Use my name …I don’t care. I will speak up and speak out against this practice. I too have a 5 year old and have raised 5 children. People do not understand that this is not illegal in over 20 states.
We have to put the word out and get some legislators behind the bill to end the practice of some people who have anger issues and are taking this out on the most vulnerable. I assure you, there are good teachers but if they cannot handle a classroom without physical punishment, I suggest they find a new line of work and good luck on that but you do not have the right to hit our children.

HELP ME FIND MR. SMITH. (My email to the comment section of the Atlanta Constitution and USA Today.)

Who is Mr. Smith? It’s not his real name. It’s a fake name given to him by internet conspirators. For the last several months a colleague in California and I have operated a weblog entitled Teachers Who Paddle Exposed. The sole purpose of our weblog is to provide an alternative point of view to the scary weblog Teachers Who Paddle. This scary weblog is run by four women who regularly paddle kids. What’s scary–is their demeanor. They take great delight in paddling children. On the internet, they brag about swatting children with a paddle. They take pride in their accomplishments. The women who operate this web-log go by alias names.
On this creepy web page, Mr. Smith caught my attention. A woman who goes by assumed name Michelle bragged about beating a handicapped boy with a paddle. Her principal watched, alias Mr. Smith. He threatened the boy….”if you don’t behave, your butt is mine.” This is a ten year old child–what kind of man says such curd words to a young child? -This is the mentality of a school paddler. Mr. Smith is an educator. He is supposed to set an example. He is using tactics of a bully. Do you want an educator using these kinds of remarks with your ten year old?
He lives in the state of Georgia. One of my California friends traced the teachers who paddle web-log to the Peach State. I want to meet them face to face and debate them over this controversial subject of school corporal punishment and post the debate on you-tube. I want Mr. Smith’s comments to be part of the debate
In my internet conversations with these four women who run this pro corporal punishment, one of the first things I learned about them was their absolute hatred toward people who disagree with their philosophy. These are educators. Educators are supposed to be open minded and progressive minded. These teachers are neither. They are teaching children to hate people with whom they have a disagreement. In their school district they have a policy of opting out. In other words, you can sign a form forbidding these educators from paddling your child. People who choose this route for their children are scorned by these educators. They despise these people with a passion.
Somebody out there knows who these women are. One says she is five feet one inches tall, slim and red headed. She is an assailant principal at a middle school with approximately eight hundred students. The other who gives details about herself, vainly says she is a Jessica Simpson look alike– ought not to be too hard to spot. She is a fourth grade teacher, formerly, a cheerleader at the University of Alabama. Her daddy is a millionaire, and her husband is a doctor.
These women tell with great enthusiasm true life stories, bragging about beating a child with a paddle. What if it was your child? If you support school corporal punishment, do you think a teacher should be excited about paddling a kid? Just read their spanking stories. They tell it with great joy. With these educators, I’m convinced there are parents out there who feel as these women unfairly spanked their child. If you are one of them, please let us know who these women are. I do not want to do any harm to them. I want to have a face to face debate with them over the use of corporal punishment in schools. If you disagree with me, it’s okay. You should want the debate to happen. All our policies and laws were formed after much discussion and debate.

LINCOLN CONSOILDATED SCHOOLS (ARKANSAS) Are middle principal Michele Price and dean of students Charles Morton monsters? Chadie Chancy was paddled by a grown man, Charles Morton.  My mama told me not to hit girls. A grown man paddling a young girl sounds perverted, put you hands on the desk, bend your knees, so I can get a good look at your butt.  He hit her so hard he left massive bruising on her butt. Morton showed no remorse. The school board made up of a bunch of cowards was indifferent to Caddie’s injuries. Worst of all, the school board and the middle school staff have no concern for the welfare of Chadie.

Read this story as reported by Nina Criscuolo.

Being the new kid in school can come with challenges. Less than two weeks
into her sixth grade year 12-year-old Chadie Chancy got into a fight.
Rather than three days suspension – she chose three swats.

According to the police report, Chadie was taken into an office with
principal Michele Price and dean of students Charles Morton. Morton told
her to put her hands on the desk and bend her knees. Chadie says after the
first swat she regretted choosing the punishment saying to Morton, “Please
stop, I would rather go to the box, I wanted to go back to I.S.S. and then
they said you have two more, lets get them done.”

The box, or I.S.S., is in school suspension – but because that was no
longer an option Chadie says she turned around and put her hands back on
the desk.

The swats happened here at Lincoln Middle School and while the
superintendent, principal, and Mr. Morton declined to talk about the
incident on camera their statements in this police report give a unique
perspective on what happened that day.

Principal Michele Price says Chadie did ask to stop because of the pain
and was crying. While Morton believe he gave the swats fairly “without any anger or aggression”. But according to the police report Chadie left school bruised and bleeding.

Chadie’s parents Cindi and Chris were shocked when they saw the marks left
on Chadie’s body. Cindi says, “I did authorize three swats but I did not
authorize a beating.”

According to the Department of Human Services, physical discipline should
not cause injury more serious than minor temporary marks. Chadie’s parents
say photos taken five days after the punishment still show bruising from
the swats.

The Lincoln P. D. incident report lists Charles Morton as a suspect for
third degree battery. But prosecutors decided not to move forward with the
charges, a move that does not shock Stephanie Smith with the Social
Services Division at Northwest Arkansas Community College.

Smith does not agree with Chadie’s punishment and believes corporal
punishment can be harmful, humiliating, and even confusing for children.

“If an adult hits an adult we charge it as a crime, if a kid hits a kid we
punish the child somehow regardless of how that is, so why is it ok for an
adult to hit a kid, it’s doesn’t make sense,” says Smith.

And it doesn’t make sense to the Chancy’s, who are continuing to search
for answers. Last Monday, the Chancy’s stood before the school board only to be turned

Chris says, “I feel like the system quit somewhere along the way and you
know there’s still loop holes.”

Lincoln school officials say they are looking into the matter… And while
they do Charles Morton will continue to act as dean of students.
But after more than two months of waiting for the process to produce
results, the Chancy’s say their 12-year-old is still trying to overcome
emotional wounds.


It seems as though Teachers who paddle feel like they’ve won. Let me let
you four and everyone know that this battle is not over. Since so called,
intelligent adults will not address the safety needs of school children,
we will take our message to students and empower them that they have the
right to say, “No!” to sanction assault and battery and sexual abuse.

A New Direction:

With Teachers who paddle dropping out of the fight, we’re going to still
be here with or without them. With that, we are going to turn our
attention to actual teachers who do paddle even more and expose them for
the bullies they are. Don’t get me wrong, the blog Teachers who paddle, will still be reference heavily on this blog.

Coward Power!

It seems as though Teachers who paddle can not come up with the answers to
the questions I asked last time we posted and didn’t even address my proposal for a formal debate to be posted on YouTube. Since Teachers who
paddle has decided to drop out, these questions are still open for anyone
to answer. Maybe you want to give it a shot, Prof. N?

Challenge To American Way:

Mr. American way, we want to debate you on blog radio or in front of TV
cameras and put it on YouTube. Paula Flowed now has access to TV cameras.
You are acting like a coward. If you got an argument, why can’t you
verbally debate with us? When a debate takes place, the debaters are
supposed to meet face to face, like Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas
did.  I don’t think you can handle people who disagree with you on this


I went to two schools in Alabama—Mobile County public schools, which is
the biggest school district in the state, and Dothan City public schools.
The two districts had different ways of handling smoking violations in the 70’s.

In Dothan, it was an automatic three day suspension. In Mobile, it was three
swats on the butt with a paddle.  A friend of mine in Dothan got caught
smoking in the boy’s room.  He was suspended for three days and fell into
the angry hands of his parents. They didn’t know he was sneaking around
smoking.  He was severely disciplined. They didn’t spank him. He was too
old to spank.  Dothan, Alabama schools had very little problem with kids
lighting up cigarettes.

In Mobile schools it was the opposite. The school was overloaded with kids smoking on campus. Things have changed in Mobile since my years of going to W.P. Davidson. About ten years ago, the school district banned corporal punishment, after debating over it for twenty years.

When I was a student there, kids were lighting up everywhere you turned. In between classes, many kids would gather in the restrooms and outside to light up. Kids were constantly being caught.  I knew scores of kids who were caught smoking. Most of them would laugh about it and would say something like this. “The principal got his jollies off. He told me to put my hands on my knee so he could get a good look at my butt, and he spanked me with a paddle three times.”

Girls were part of this naughtiness too. Walk out one of the east doors between classes back then, and you could find as many girls lighting up  as you would guys. When girls got caught, I can still hear the words of my old
cronies. “The principal really got his jollies off—he got to spank a
girl.” Half the girls were all giggly about. Some it affected them
emotionally. But here’s the bottom line. Boy or girl– it didn’t matter,
even girls who got emotional about being swatted, the next day they were
lighting up again on campus. Paddling kids for smoking didn’t deter any of
us teen smokers. Not once did I ever hear of one of those three goof-ball
principals we had in our high school, calling and telling a parent. If a
teenager is caught smoking on campus, the first course of action should be
to notify the parents.

I was part of the gang back then. I was a bad boy in high school. I lit up
as much as the next guy did on school campus. I did get caught one time,
but I lucked out and didn’t get beaten. I was in the boy’s room puffing
away–when a teacher walked in wearing goofy-looking wire rim glasses.  He
escorted me to the principal’s office. We walked inside the front part of
the office, the receptionist area. He wrote me up. Two secretaries were
behind the front counter. Both had their backs turned, talking on the
phone. Wire-rims handed me the slip of paper he had written on and said.
“Hand this to one of the secretaries, and she’ll give it to the
principals.” He turned around and left the office. When he was out of
sight, I left the office. I had about a hundred feet to go. I shifted from
first to fifth gear and ran as hard as I could. As soon as I had both of
my feet planted inside the classroom, the tardy bell rang.

The high school I went to had over 1800 students. I never saw wire-rims
again. You folks who are regular visitors to this strange Network
54—School Corporal Punishment, tell me who was right back in 1970’s?
Which school district handled smoking violations properly—-Dothan City
Schools or Mobile County Schools? You people on this Network 54 think you
have all the answers to school discipline problems, even without citing
evidence to support your claim and the evidence you cite, if any, holds n0
merit whatsoever. Here’s another one for you. How is it in the best
schools in America don’t use corporal punishment and the worst do? You do
not need corporal punishment to have a good school.

PARODY OF A LETTER TO THE US CONGRESS: What else Teachers who paddle may support?

Since they wrote a letter to the US congress, I thought of examining it to
expose their flawed reason for keeping sanctioned sexual abuse on the
books. This parity will hope to answer Prof. N’s excuse that it’s what the
community wants.

Note: Wade and I do not support the contents in this letter. This letter
seeks to show the silly reasons for keeping buttocks battering on the
books can also be used to support this. Also, since Teachers who paddle
believe in this philosophy, it makes me scratch my head in wonder if they
support this activity as well.

Changes will be in parentheses

Dear: (Your Representative/Senator’s name)
As a registered voter and civic-minded citizen, I am troubled by the
Federal insertion into the governance of (private citizen’s homes.)
Reasonable people can debate the proper roles of Federal, State and Local
governments but U.S. History is clear on one thing:  (Slavery issues) is
governed from the bottom up and not top down. Our founding forefathers
(never spoke about slavery and the most blatant thing is that the United
State’s Constitution and Bill of Rights never talks about slavery
(pre-civil war era). This was due to the fact that they felt that bringing
up slavery would tear the young nation apart because their was question
who had more power, the states or the union.) Despite some Federal
involvement in (slavery) (Not all bad (to keep fairness between slave and
free states. This is just to give what those darn anti-slavery zealots
what they want)), the U.S. (slavery institution) has been a
“decentralized” one (and will of the community).
But recently, a (Senator John B Henderson) of (Missouri) has proposed an
abolition of all (slavery.) The first question I ask is “What business
does the Federal government have deciding the (way private homes and
private plantations are runned) who, for the most part, (aid our nation
make trade materials for cheap?” Slavery aids our economy and is a
practice embraced by the community.) Second question is “What do U.S.
Senators and Representatives know about running plantations?” Third
question is “With all the problems facing our nation currently and the
general public’s discontent, why would the U.S. Congress ever waste time
on an issue for which it has NO competency to address?”
I understand that this is a very difficult issue for some but Washington,
D.C. is not the proper place to resolve this. With unemployment at record
highs, banking scandals, immigration reform etc., Capital Hill has all it
can handle! The American people send YOU to our nation’s capital to do the
nation’s business. But our (private homes and private plantations) are NOT
and NEVER will be run out of Washington -Bet on it!
As to the issue of (slavery,) in no way does this letter condone or
sanction the abuse of (slaves.) But, with (proper slave conditions), the
concept of (slavery) has guided our (private homes and private
plantations) for over 230 years (and slavery has lasted even longer.
Slavery has lasted since mankind has ever been on this Earth.) Different
states and locals have various (attitudes on slavery) but none have ever
been banned by Federal law (till the anti-slavery zealots had there way.)
Why should we centralize (the way our private homes and private
plantations) to Washington? Because a few hard-line zealots demand it?
Where abuse occurs, it should be dealt with in the (private setting
between slave and master) but a few swats, (given to a slave on the
plantation to pick more cotton or to punish  a slave for willful
disobedience, with a wooden board) is NOT abuse (The same wooden board to beat our American school children and even adult students.) And as to
(slave owners,) (there are abusive and non-abusive slave masters who treat
their slaves like their workers and with respect.)
With all of the problems facing our nation at this time, this is one issue
you need to “take a pass on”. Just remember: I do vote and will “remember
in November” when election time comes.
Your name
Your address
Your city/state/zip
Your email address


School children’s “spanking” related injuries (WARNING – These images may
be deeply  disturbing to some viewers. Do not open this page if children
are present).

(WARNING – This sound recording may be deeply disturbing to some listeners. Do not open this file if children are within listening range).

People used to think it was necessary to “spank” adult members of  the
community, college students, military trainees, and prisoners. In some
countries they still do. In our country, it is considered sexual battery
if a  person over the age of 18 is “spanked”, but only if over the age of
(Editor’s Note: Mino we are thankful for your input but this is not always the case.  Please Google Jessica Serafin to learn more what happen to this “18 year old.” For a little background, Jessica left campus to get food, when she got back, she was notified that she was going to be beaten, but she refused the beating. Since the principal wanted some buttocks to spank (probably wanting to add to his porn collection and probably sell it to spanking fetish websites. Reason why? Principals are legally able to video tape paddlings without anyone’s knowledge) he summoned two adults to hold her down while the principal figuratively, sexually assaulted her. Teachers who paddle has not address this case or any of the cases I gave them that threaten the use of their favorite slave tool, the paddle.)

For one thing, because the buttocks are so close to the sex organs, anal
region, and so multiply linked to sexual nerve centers, striking them can
trigger powerful and involuntary sexual stimulus in some people. There are
numerous physiological ways in which it can be intentionally or
unintentionally sexually abusive, but I won’t list them all here. One can
read the testimony, documentation, and educational resources available
from  the website of Parents and Teachers Against Violence In Education

Child bottom-battering vs. DISCIPLINE:

Child bottom-battering (euphemistically labeled
“spanking”,”swatting”,”switching”,”smacking”,  “paddling”,or other
cute-sounding names) for the purpose of gaining  compliance is nothing
more than an inherited bad habit.

It’s a good idea for people to take a look at what they are doing, and
learn how to DISCIPLINE instead of hit.

There are several reasons why child bottom-battering isn’t a good idea.
Here are some good, quick reads recommended by professionals:

Plain Talk About Spanking
by Jordan Riak
The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children
by Tom Johnson
by Lesli Taylor MD and Adah Maurer PhD

Just a handful of those helping to raise awareness of why child
bottom-slapping/battering isn’t a good idea:

American Academy of Pediatrics,
American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
American Psychological Association,
Center For Effective Discipline,
Churches’ Network For Non-Violence,
Nobel Peace Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
Parenting In Jesus’ Footsteps,
Global Initiative To End All Corporal Punishment of Children,
United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child.

In 26 countries, child corporal punishment is prohibited by law (with more
in process). In fact, the US was the only UN member that did not ratify
the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The US states with the highest crime rates and the poorest academic
performance are also the ones with the highest rates of child corporal

There is simply no evidence to suggest that child bottom-battering
instills virtue.

Why Paddling Must Stop: Red Black and Blue Make Up the Colors of an
American school child’s buttocks


Someone asked me if there was any possible way for me to switch my view
concerning corporal punishment. I answered with a, “sure,” but it would
take so much to do so. The answer is a very compelling argument from the
pro beating’s side. Unfortunately, when I talk to proponents of corporal
punishment, I typically get the response, “God mandates it,” or “I got it
when I was young and I turn out okay.” I hope everyone sees the intellectual bankruptcy of such responses. However, when I talk to opponents of corporal punishment, they are quick to point out developmental studies that point to its harmfulness. Once science starts holding corporal punishment in high regard, I may consider it, but I’m fine where I am for now.


Back in the 18th and 19th century, William Wilberforce, was the driving
force to end slavery in England. He fought long, and he fought hard to end
the slave trade. Guided by God’s grace, he eventually succeeded, but he
experienced times of great discouragement. The McCarthy bill seems to have
sagged in the legislative process. Hang in there. Don’t give up.

Wilberforce was so despondent over the lack of concern for outlawing
slavery. He got deeply depressed. He was sitting on the edge of his bed
one night, and he picked up his Bible, looking for a few comforting words.

A note fell out of his Bible. It was from his friend John Wesley who had
died a few years earlier. The words of Wesley were great words of

“Unless the divine power has raised you up… I see not how you can go
through your glorious enterprise in opposing that (abominable practice of
slavery), which is the scandal of religion, of England, and of human
nature. Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn
out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be
against you? Are all of them together stronger than God? Oh, be not weary
of well-doing. Go on in the name of God, and in the power of His might.”

Take Wesley’s words at heart. Change the words “abominable practice of
slavery” and fill in the blank—“abominable practice of school corporal

In our battles to ban this barbaric and, at times, (sick attitude) don’t
worry if you run across people who in the name of God want to keep
school corporal punishment legal. There were people who in the name of God wanted to keep slavery legal, and there were Christian groups who claimed to
believe every part of the Bible who vigorously opposed giving equal rights
to African American people and other people of color.

I didn’t think a bill outlawing corporal punishment in schools nationwide would pass at this time in our nation’s history, but I think eventually one will. So, don’t back down a minute. Keep exposing teachers who paddle. We have many things going our way–seventy per cent of the American population opposes corporal punishment in schools, celebrities like Oprah and Dr. Phil want to see corporal punishment in schools end, and the mainstream press by in large is on our side. We have to work harder to get them involved more.

For the most part the entertainment industry will side with us. Again, we
have to work harder to get well known people to speak out against this
issue. The American Bar Association, the American Medical Association, and
the American Psychological Association, just to name a few, have all
called for an end to school corporal punishment.


Renee, I felt like I had to respond to something you said last week
because you brought up a good point. Just for the record, here’s what you
MEMO TO JESTIN: Don’t like my idea to make it a Federal Felony to
KNOWINGLY  filing false charges against educators for the purpose of an
anti c.p. crusade or $$$ gain? Jestin: Please hear me (Renee) out on this
-For the sake of your own future career in the legal profession.
Attorneys, by law AND professional ethics, cannot KNOWINGLY take part in
the filing of false charges or suborning perjury ANYWHERE in the U.S.! So,
rethink your position on this issue. And as for ALL legitimate complaints
and/or charges: In no way does my “idea” criminalize that although I DO
support “teacher shield laws”. It just isn’t right that a teacher, who
follows all policies as to school c.p., should fear imprisonment or losing
their home because of a few moderate paddle swats given by them to a

Also, we saw your rankings as to graduation rates and “paddling” states.
We weren’t surprised at all. But you have two problems:
1) The rankings do NOT show any correlation or cause/effect between the
use of school c.p. and graduation rates. My Research Methodology graduate
class would have given me a D-  if I had used circumstantial evidence like
you proposed. Show us CAUSE AND EFFECT.
2) Your ranking data presents the anti- c.p. movement with a problem:
EIGHT of the bottom 20 states in graduation rates are NON-PADDLING states!
Suggestion: Find another “angle” to use in arguing against school c.p.
-The graduation rate “angle” has serious flaws.
BTW, a newspaper article this past week said that the 2009-2010 Georgia
high school graduation rate was 80.8 %. So tell us how California did.
Inquiring minds want to know!

I will respond to the top part of your comment first because I feel like
that needs a longer response. Currently, we have laws to take care of such
cases you are referring to. Look up the terms, “Abuse of Process” and
“Malicious Prosecution.” As far as I’m concern, there is no need for such
law and if their were a need, why only put educators in this special
category? Why make a special law just for them? If this idea will work,
why not allow this law to apply to everybody? For example, how about if an
educator repeatedly reports to child protective services that a certain
child is being abused at home? I don’t know about you, but where I’m from,
people who report are immune from any legal liability because such reports
are taken in good faith. How about if the motive of such an educator is to
get back at the parent for not paying a bet or not doing a favor for this
educator. would this law apply? As for following district guidelines, this
is such a vague statement. For example following school policy can equal
Once again, why not allow this immunity law to apply to everyone. For
example, if a lawyer wanted to spank her non-adult employee
As you stated, adults and children are not equal, thus do not deserve the
full protection of the United States Constitution.

Here’s a good experiment to demonstrate the fact we’ve been saying
concerning school corporal punishment as a free pass to child abuse. Show
the picture in the above link and say the following:
“In 20 states, educators are allowed to beat children with wooden boards,
more times than not, producing injuries like this. With a, “Yes,” or “No,”
response, if I left the same injuries you see in this picture on my own
child, what do you think would happen to me?”
Why should educators be given special treatment than home abusers. Jeff
Charles makes a good point when he said, “It is said the “communities
support paddling,” yet clearly the lawmakers in these regions know a jury
of the parent’s local peers would indeed find fault in many paddling cases
— if they were allowed to hear them — so they felt compelled to pass
laws that indemnify child abuse whenever it occurs in schools. If we are
going that route, why not legalize child abuse for parents too? Why not
eliminate all DSS and child protection laws in all venues, not just
schools? Even if you think hired staff hitting the buttocks of other
people’s kids and even young adults with a wood board is a great thing,
“if done non abusively,” why should school child abusers have special
privileges that similar home child abusers would be prosecuted for?”
The release of the case in Jackson, Ms. and a case in Alabama should
stir up the debate of corporal punishment in schools. Unfortunately, in
both cases, teacher immunity laws will protect both child abusers from
being prosecuted. Both can just get off scot free, get a warning, docked
pay, or at worse, look for another job. The Alabama case can be viewed
This is the clear cut danger of immunity laws. The parent is left with no
recourse and teachers and administrators who want to employ power trips or
indulge their perverted desires of hidden spanking and sadistic fetishes
have free reign to do so. You haven’t addressed such educators or allowed
concerned parents to voice their concern. As to your claim concerning
graduation rates, you brought up a good point. You’re right, there is no
direct correlation between the two, but there is an indirect correlation.
If school corporal punishment is so good for children, schools which use
this form of, loving discipline” often would be clustered towards to top.
Unfortunately, the highest state that uses corporal punishment more than
1,000 times is Missouri. Schools towards the top either have banned
corporal punishment all together or have numbers that demonstrate little
to no corporal punishment activity. On the contrary, when this form of
punishment is administrated and administrated often, such states are
clumped towards to bottom. That’s a huge telling when a form of punishment
is suppose to set children on the, “straight and narrow,” but, in reality,
it causes children to be put behind. As for your claim concerning
Georgia’s graduation rate, I would advise reading this article that calls
out Georgia’s dishonest formula in reporting graduation rates.
My suggestion, before stating stats, look up whether such facts are honest
or not. For argument sake, let’s throw out the graduation rate angle into the wash as being inconclusive, you still are in a deep hole because you have to
still answer the question: What about the studies that all point to such harmful side effects of corporal punishment. This includes increase aggressive behavior, perpetuating the cycle of abuse down the line with future lovers or family members, or even risky sex and spanking fetishes. Not only this, but you can not even answer why not only a handful, but  an overwhelming majority of the developmental science community disagree with your views. You have also failed to answer the question where do most teachers who paddle learn spanking techniques and how is anyone assessed or certified if the educator in question is physically, mentally, and/or emotionally able to execute such punishment without leaving long lasting harmful side effects on the student? This is a small list, but it is no where near to completion.


You four bring up 3 very good points for the, “Antis,” that I feel need a
response. Just for the record, what you said is below:
Parental Opt-Outs: We at TWP realize that if parents can just “opt” their
kids out of school c.p., then the anti- c.p. movement may as well put up a
“GOING OUT OF BUSINESS” banner because anti- c.p. parents won’t need
P.T.A.V.E., THEHITTINGSTOPSHERE, etc. Face facts: There is not going to be
a national c.p. ban and the 20 legal school c.p. states are very unlikely
to pass state c.p. bans. (With most of these 20 states, it is more likely
San Francisco Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will succeed U.S. President
Barack Obama as the next president first. In fact, it would not surprise
TWP if in the next 10 to 20 years, some heartland states such as Montana,
North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska replace their state bans with laws
allowing locally elected school boards to implement school c.p. policies.
Just remember: The tides of change do NOT always go in one direction.
If only this where true, for your information, look at the story that just
came out of Alabama and you will find no such opt out form exists. Even if
this were true, it is still not a good idea. Reason why?  It is not like
the wishes of parents are honored anyway when parents say, “No,” to
paddling. For proof, please view:
This perfectly ties into the immunity issue I was talking about.
Finally, this excerpt comes from a report, “A Violent Education,” by Human
Rights Watch. It states:
In many school districts, parents are given ways to opt out of the use of
corporal punishment on their children,[401] but those mechanisms are hard
to access and difficult to enforce. In some cases, parents’ preferences
are ignored and the student is beaten anyway; the parents may then be
without redress. Even if the child is not beaten, he or she is still aware
of the violence meted out against his or her peers.
Parents say they choose to opt out for fear that corporal punishment will
injure their children or because they do not “think anybody should be
hitting anybody else’s children. There are too many variables. You don’t
know their intent, their temperament.”[402] Parents mistrusted the ability
of teachers and administrators to regulate their decisions to resort to
corporal punishment or to moderate the levels of violence used. One former
Mississippi teacher explained, “There were a couple of parents that didn’t
want their kids to get corporal punishment; it wasn’t that they were
against corporal punishment but that they were distrustful of how the
school was using it.”[403]
Methods of Opting Out of Corporal Punishment
If a school district has a policy for opting out-and not all school
districts do-the policy usually falls into one of three categories. First,
in some districts, all parents must sign a “yes or no” form, specifying
whether or not their child can receive corporal punishment. If the form is
not returned, corporal punishment is typically not administered. One
superintendent in a small Mississippi district noted that in this
situation, the principals usually would speak with the parent before
administering corporal punishment.[404]
The second way of expressing preference starts from an assumption that all
students will receive corporal punishment. Those who do not want their
child to be punished “opt out” by submitting a form to the school or by
writing a letter. In the Midland Independent School District in west Texas,
for instance, the policy specifies that “corporal punishment shall not
be used in instances where the student’s parent or guardian has filed a
written statement with the school principal indicating that the parent
does not approve of corporal punishment. These written statements should
be in the form of a letter, mailed or delivered to the school principal,
and submitted annually.”[405] In very limited cases, parents may express
their preferences orally. A former Mississippi elementary school teacher
explained that on the first day of school, the parents could tell the
teacher if they did not want their children to be hit: “Not a lot [of
parents] would come and articulate that, but some.”[406]
Third, in Texas in particular, some districts have policies under which
parents are called after the infraction but before corporal punishment is
administered. In the Tyler Independent School District in Texas, for
instance, “a parent or legal guardian of the student must be contacted and
approve of the use of corporal punishment prior to each
administration.”[407] One recent graduate noted that at her high school,
“parents could choose-they’d have the principal call your house and decide
on swats.”[408] We spoke with only one interviewee in Mississippi who
reported a scheme in which parents could elect to be called before
punishment was administered.[409]
Some school districts do not provide any mention of opt-out methods or
parental notification in their official policies or student handbooks. For
example, among districts we investigated, Texas school districts
Rosebud-Lott, Quinlan, Marshall, and Paris contain no description of
opt-out policies.[410] Likewise, the policies of Pearl Public School
District in Mississippi do not give information on opting out.[411]
Parental Struggles to Opt Out
Some parents feel the opt-out methods are underpublicized and difficult to
comply with. One Texas mother told us that she “turned [an opt-out form]
in this year, but not last year because I wasn’t aware of it and it’s kind
of hidden.”[412] A former teacher in rural Mississippi was not surprised
that parents lacked information on how to opt out: “Parents had a page the
student would take home. If the student didn’t bring it back, then they
didn’t opt out. I don’t know if the students ever showed their parents or
not.”[413] A Texas parent whose middle school son had been beaten felt the
burden on parents was unnecessarily high: “Only if you read the handbook
do you find out that the school administers corporal punishment, and then
you have to re-write a letter each year and say that you are opposed to
it.”[414] A former administrator in Meridian, Mississippi, reported to
Human Rights Watch that parents felt coerced into signing forms
authorizing paddling because, if they did not, their children were more
likely to be threatened with expulsion should disciplinary problems
In addition, parents of special education students have had to fight
repeatedly to opt out of corporal punishment for their children. Each
special education student has a yearly Individualized Education Plan (IEP)
that is devised by the parents, teachers, and administrators; this IEP
includes a discipline plan. Parents in Mississippi described problems
having corporal punishment expressly prohibited in the IEP. Beverly
Shields, a northeast Mississippi mother of an autistic boy who is now 16,
stated that she had to “forcibly have this [a ban on corporal punishment]
put in his IEP, because corporal punishment to an autistic person is just
not acceptable in any fashion. He wouldn’t know why they were doing
it.”[416] Her older boys had been paddled in a different Mississippi
school district in violation of her opt-out forms:
I knew from my experiences that the teachers weren’t going to look at the
card [indicating opt-out]. The principal was saying we won’t spank him [my
autistic son]. But I needed something in a permanent fashion, that no
corporal punishment will be administered and that you will use positive
reinforcement. The school tries to make you give up.[417]
She noted that another advantage of fighting to get a ban on corporal
punishment placed in the IEP is that, unlike with the opt-out forms in her
district, the ban does not have to be renewed every year.[418]
Johnny McPhail, the father of the autistic girl in north Mississippi, also
had difficulties securing appropriate discipline for his daughter. At an
IEP meeting during his daughter’s second-grade year, the school sought
permission to paddle her. “They wanted to paddle her because she was
having tantrums in class. They were from the ‘old school,’ [meaning] ‘if
you cry, they’ll whip your butt.'”[419] McPhail felt strongly that the
school board, the officials in charge of writing the school discipline
policy in his district, knew nothing about behavioral issues for students
with disabilities.[420]
Parental Preferences against Corporal Punishment Ignored
Several parents reported to Human Rights Watch that their expressed
preferences were ignored, and that their children were paddled in
violation of written or verbal opt outs. For instance, Janet Y., a mother
in rural Mississippi, filed opt-out forms every year subsequent to the
sixth grade, when her daughter was paddled and bruised. Janet renewed the
no-paddle request in twelfth grade, but her daughter was subsequently
paddled, by the same perpetrator, for “disrespect.”[421] The girl was once
again seriously bruised, and was taken to receive medical care.[422]
A seventh-grade boy in rural west Texas was paddled even though his mother
had followed school procedure by submitting a letter stating her
opposition to paddling at the beginning of the school year. She commented,
“I made it a point to do this each year, and they didn’t even check the
files. They automatically smacked him without checking the files.”[423] A
10-year-old boy with diagnosed ADHD in rural east Texas received two blows
for “horse-playing” in September 2007. His mother maintains that she had
two in-person conversations with his principal in the weeks prior to her
son’s paddling, expressing her opposition to corporal punishment.[424]
One former elementary school teacher in rural Mississippi noted that
students were discouraged from enforcing their parents’ preferences:
Even if a student is opted out, students don’t have a voice … they’re told
their job is to listen and be obedient…. Students are powerless,
One high school girl in Mississippi tried to assert her right not to be
paddled when her principal was swinging his paddle to threaten her: “I
told him that my mom opted out, and he said I was trying to be smart-ass.
He said, ‘I see you standing on your soapbox this morning, bitch.'”[426]
Even students whose parents’ no-paddle preferences were honored find
themselves in a coercive environment. A sixth-grade boy on the opt-out
list “came home crying … basically scared to death” after his principal
threatened the school with paddling during an assembly.[427] A mother of a
nine-year-old and a 12-year-old noted that “I always say ‘no’ on the forms
… but it’s always there in the school, and even in the classrooms.”[428]
It is a recognized principle of human rights that children, by reason of
their physical and mental immaturity, are exceptionally vulnerable and
therefore in need of special safeguards and legal protections.[429]
Likewise, parents have a duty to facilitate their children’s exercise of
their fundamental rights.[430] The parents discussed above were explicitly
trying to ensure their children’s rights were respected. When schools
paddle a student in violation of parental preferences, they not only
impinge on the child’s fundamental rights, they directly contradict
parents’ attempts to protect the best interest of their own children to be
free from humiliating and degrading treatment.

On the same note, why is it still not a good idea? The government, at
times, needs to intervene for the benefit of the child. Here’s something
to ponder, why is it prohibited by law that all persons who want to
purchase alcohol must be 21? This is the age set by the federal
government. Those who violate this provision lose funding for highways and
roads. Can’t the government let the parents and local elected city council
members make the decision whether to have a younger drinking age or not?
For example in the 1970s, you can buy alcohol in the state of Florida if
you were 18. Fun fact, South Dakota didn’t want to adhere to the new
federal guidelines and challenged it in court on the grounds that it was a
violation of state’s rights. The case went all the way to the United
States Supreme Court and, oddly enough, they lost. Would this be okay with
everyone? I am a mind reader and predicted what  everyone is saying, “But
we know the harm of having a younger drinking age.” That’s true, but we
also know the harm of corporal punishment on children. I find it odd
though that when something like the drinking age is being discussed, most
people are scientifically literate. “We need to keep the drinking age where
it is because it prevents traffic related deaths and scientific studies
show this.” However, when the topic switches to corporal punishment,
everyone goes deaf and blind to the evidence. This is done while
responding, “It’s mandated by God,” “If it’s good enough for grandpa, it
must be good enough for me,” or my favorite, “I was paddled in school and
I turned out okay, therefore, it must be okay.”
Finally, the bill is moving its way through the congress and going through
the motions. I’m still very optimistic that the bill will go through. When
intellectually honest and intelligent human beings view the evidence, they
will make the right decision for the benefit of the children in their
care. Finally, I don’t see other states with the desire to bring back
corporal punishment. And even if such bills are introduced, they are
deemed to fail, according to recent history.

Stop the Name Calling: You antis know what TWP is referring to. Names like
porn stars, prostitutes, child molesters or abusers, terrorists and
bullies only marginalizes YOU -Not us. And in light of those names, please
don’t whine about our tags “antis” and “zealots”. Doing so make YOU look
childish. So drop the vicious name calling and you at least will be taken
seriously -Because right now, you’re not.
You bring up a good point. We’ll drop the name calling, on the condition
you do the same. Besides, there is more in our favor anyways. We have
mountains of evidence and what do you have in your favor?

Give Specific Alternatives: Its past time to put up or shut up. We at TWP
have NEVER received any input from the antis as to what their alternative
is. We have only received psychological theories which we have know about
since college but nothing based on real life. “Talking to” is not a
consequence for bullying and out of school suspension is not a “cure all”
Gees and I wonder how beating children is based on real life? The reason
is because such behavior is unacceptable in the real world. For example,
it’s not allowed in the work place:
How about when they go to college:
Editors note: The incident took place at Cal State, Fullerton at the
Political science department. It’s probably something I’m most ashamed
Second, it seems as though Teachers who paddle is being dishonest again by
drawing up a false dilemma between, just talking to a bully and suspending
them. It’s kind of like the false dilemma most proponents of paddling draw
up between being permissive and punitive, I.E beating children suspending
them, etc. This ties in to my final point. I have presented many other
alternatives and your choice not to use them or your ignorance of them
doesn’t make them disappear.


The recent election had nothing to do with School Corporal Punishment. It
boiled down to one thing, like it always does–the economy. If the
Republicans can’t fix the economy, and it gets worse, the democrats will
be back in power.

The congress swung back to the right. Teachers who paddle were jumping up
and down with joy. They think this congress will not try to put a
nationwide ban on corporal punishment in the nation. They had better be
careful. Having lived in Iowa for the last ten years, school corporal
punishment, has been outlawed about twenty years.  Along with Minnesota
and Wisconsin, they rated as having the best schools in America. The law
banning corporal punishment was signed into law by a Republican governor.
When republicans took control of the Iowan congress a few years later, a
bill to overturn the ban was rejected.

Teachers who paddle were happy over the election. High fiving each other like a football player after he scores a touchdown. You as a parent do you “high five” your spouse after you spank your child. These women are overjoyed and excited to paddle a child. They have no concern for children they paddle. I would love to have their reaction to the election and the words they said to each other on camera to show to the world. Teachers who paddle are brutal women. They want to hurt your child.

Thank you for your words of advice and yes you nailed it on the head why I
want to go to school in the deep south. I was meaning to state this in our
last post, but I some how left it out.


Jestin will do fine at the University of Alabama Law School. The school is
in no way a catalyst for school corporal punishment. He will befriend many
Alabamians and many will befriend him.



“Ending Corporal Punishment In Schools Act,” HR 5628: The URGENCY of
passing this bill in 2010
HR 5628 is to American school children what the 13th amendment
(prohibition of slavery) was to American slaves.

The response of US governing leaders to beatings and other forms of abuse
targeted at American slaves during that era is consistent with the
response of today’s leaders regarding US school beatings and other forms
of “school corporal punishment” targeted primarily at disadvantaged and
special needs children. The PROBLEM also remains the same: failure of the
US Government to extend JUDICIAL RELIEF to victims of “sanctioned” and
“lawless” “institutionalized” assault and battery in American schools.

Other similarities:

The belief that slavery was “good” and necessary was supported during that
era by US governing officials, just as school beatings are supported by
them today. Though “thought to be good” the white “well-to-do” population
in the US was spared from the brutal treatment of slavery just as this
same US population is spared from receiving US school beatings today.

The 13th amendment became “politically” necessary to end the “peculiar
institution” of slavery, terminating the right of a “prestigious” US
citizen to beat one formerly considered chattel, just as HR 5628 will end
this hubris practice in US schools today (see “Domination lust” on our
Message Board).

Important facts:

Former New Jersey Governor Marcus L. Ward, serving 1866-1869, was the main
governing official to secure passage of the 13th amendment. Gov. Ward
ended “school corporal punishment” in New Jersey in 1867 making this state
the first to ban this practice. Why? Because he labeled the “paddle” a
“slave-tool” and did not want to be a hypocrite by leaving it in the
schools over which he governed.

States where school beatings are sanctioned, such as Georgia, Mississippi
and Texas, are among the lowest scoring states in education. States where
school beatings are prohibited such as Iowa (no. 1 in the country), North
Dakota and Nebraska are among the top ten scoring states in the country.

Bangladesh, Tunisia and Somalia banned school beatings in July 2010,
leaving the USA as the only democratic industrialized nation where school
beatings remain sanctioned.

100% of the Republican Education Committee members have failed to become
signatories of HR 5628.

Of the 195 countries that are members of the United Nations, the USA is
the only one continuing to resist ratifying a treaty intended to provide
international “protective laws” for children entitled, “The Convention For
the Rights of a Child.” According to recent reports, Republicans, the
party now “ruling” in the House of Congress, have displayed, for the most
part, strong opposition for this treaty in the same way they have resisted
supporting HR 5628.

Additionally, more than 140 Republicans and 2 Democrats support a petition
for adding a new amendment to the US Constitution, introduced by US
Intelligence Committee member Rep. Hoekstra (R) assisted by a Rev. Michael
Farris, that will decrease the rights of a child when they are “corporally
punished” at home by parents, a practice proven by volumes of conclusive
scientific-evidence to be harmful to a developing human being in every way
(see: “Parental Rights Resolution: A potential amendment intended for the
harm of American children” on our MESSAGE BOARD).

Avoidance by US governing officials of signing specific laws for
protecting US children at school and home is occurring at the very same
time that these officials claim to be “working to end the problem of
‘school-bullying’ in America.” At the “top” of US “school-bullying” are
tax-paid American educators who set the example of this ill-behavior every
20 sec. behind closed doors in US schools (see the Huffington report,
April 2010 at:

Of the 1.5M reported school beatings occurring each year in US schools
(reporting is not mandatory), more than 85% are disadvantaged children.
Nearly 20% of this staggering number are children having special needs,
particularly autism (view NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s Congressional
Hearings delivered April 15, 2010, linked to the Home page of

If HR 5628 fails to become a law by the end of 2010, schools where
“violence” and “shame” are common “tools” for “correcting” deemed
misbehaviors, US schools will likely become increasingly more dangerous
places for leaving any child behind in America.

Will you help?

Learn more and find out how to help by:

READING the following messages on our website MESSAGE BOARD entitled:

How To Support Having Bill No. HR 5628 Become A Law (to be updated by Mon
Nov 8)

Be informed! What US School Children Need Responsible Americans To Know

Who Desires Harm To American School Children?

LISTENING to our America Speaks Radio Shows at:, entitled:

“HR 5628: What Passing or Failing Will Mean To America”

VIEWING our YouTube videos at:


Last week the United States Department of Education issued a “Dear
Colleague” letter to provide guidance to elementary and secondary schools,
as well as colleges and universities, on their responses to bullying and
harassment. The guidance is a good start; however, the real challenge is
the broader educational environment we create for our children.
Thanks to a variety media rich efforts, we may be reaching a critical mass
of people discussing ways to change the public school system to better
prepare young people for life — growing up, becoming a part of society,
working in a highly competitive world, becoming a parent themselves. It
finally seems to be a “sexy conversation.” All too often, however, the
debate surrounding school improvement and education reform fails to
address the critical non-academic barriers that interfere with students’
ability to learn. We must eliminate the obstacles, such as bullying and
corporal punishment, that undermine the ability of students to achieve
their full potential.
I applaud the Department’s efforts to address educational environment
issues through the enforcement of civil rights laws. These laws are not
new, but their enforcement by the Department of Education is. This is a
good first step, but it is just that: a first step. The guidance needs to
be followed by aggressive investigation and vigorous enforcement of the
law. We need to do more than talk the talk; we have to walk the walk.
This guidance is long overdue. The recent bullying tragedies that have
received a great deal of media attention are not outliers. I can assure
you bullying and harassment are far more pervasive than most realize.
Research shows that one-third of all students ages 12 to 18 felt that they
were being bullied or harassed at school. You might think that
intimidation and harassment is just how kids play around, but these
behaviors have very real consequences. Medical and developmental studies
show that children who have been bullied and harassed suffer a slew of
mental and physical ailments: lost self-esteem and confidence, increased
anxiety, alienation from their environment, increased absenteeism, lowered
aspirations and reduced academic achievement.
Unfortunately, the problem only gets worse — students have more to fear
than abusive classmates. The hostile environments fostered in our schools
don’t always start with the kids, in fact, in 20 states in this Union it
is legal to HIT KIDS as a form of discipline. That is right. It is still
legal in America, the only industrialized nation on the planet where it is
in fact still legal. It is not legal to hit prisoners, but it is to hit
students. With a hand, a paddle or whatever. Serving “licks” or more
technically speaking; Corporal punishment, restraint, seclusion and other
forms of discipline inflicted by teachers and administrators have the same
effects that bullying and harassment by a student’s peers do. It doesn’t
matter whether it is kids or teachers doing the hitting or intimidating,
they all create an environment of fear and hostility that results in
damage to our kids and lower academic performance.
Reports conservatively say that school officials hit over 200,000 kids
each year, chalked up as justifiable punishment for “acting out.” The
truth is that these beatings are not only wrong, but they’re ineffective.
And that is “the rub”… or “the KA-POW!”, because here too, research
studies show that corporal punishment leads to higher rates of absenteeism
and lower academic achievement — talk about counter productive?!?! And,
like bullying and harassment, those who are corporally punished are
disproportionately minorities or children who have disabilities.
These problems actually feed off each other. The research shows that
corporal punishment leads to increased aggression, including bullying.
When kids start acting out and becoming more aggressive to other kids we
rightly take action — however, in far too many cases that response is to
inflict still more corporal punishment. This vicious cycle doesn’t
surprise me — and it shouldn’t surprise you either. When we hit our kids,
we teach them that violence is an acceptable tool for dealing with their
problems. We legitimize violence, and they in turn, inflict it on one
We must create school environments of respect and learning, not fear and
intimidation. Instead of getting caught up in the typical school reform
“mumbo-jumbo,” let us start with the basics. How about a NON-HOSTILE
learning environment for FOR ALL AMERICAN KIDS?
The truth is, no matter who is doing it, hitting doesn’t teach anyone.

Since next week will be your last post, let me be the first to wish the
four of you the absolute best of luck in educating our future generations.
Our goal is to offer you alternatives to this barbaric practice which rears
its ugly head when people are violent towards each other. This is due to
the point that as children, they probably learned that there is moral
justification to using violence as a means to problem solving. This can
quickly spiral out of control and include playmates to future lovers,
family members, their own children, neighbors, and society at large. Let
me leave you with a thought to think about.
“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained
through understanding,” (Ralph Waldo Emerson).
By the ways, I’m still down for an internet debate via skipe and/on
you tube. When you’re ready, you know where to find me.

The sole purpose on this web-log is to give an alternative point of view to
the scary web-log—Teachers Who Paddle. Our goal is to save children from
violent educators.


I feel like I haven’t fully introduced myself since Wade and I started
this blog. I will take the opportunity to do so here.

Name: Jestin Samson
Ocupation: student and activist
School: Cal State, Fullerton
Major: political Science and Major: Philosophy
I know, I’m double majoring
Favorite Sports teams
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers
NBA: The biggest Laker fan you’ll ever going to meet
NFL: Dallas Cowboys (NFC) New England Patriots (AFC)
I know I’m going to get beef for this. If I were to pick one of the two
teams, I would pick Dallas and I know, Dallas isn’t having a stellar
season. The patriots are doing decent though.
NCAA Football: Southern California (USC)
I know what everyone is asking, You still love them after the scandal? The
answer is a definitive yes. I’ve taken their corner then, why back out
Other NCAA football teams I like include:
UNLV Running Rebels (I Have a former high school teammate playing Left
Tackle for them.(Arkansas Razorbacks (The main reason is because my high school fight song was, “Arkansas Fight.”)
LSU Tigers
Alabama Crimson Tide (Fake Michelle, at least we can agree on 1 thing. I
admire the passion of the Alabama faithful, I can really see that they
love their football. Also, although it’s not high on my list, it’s one of
the schools I’m looking  into for attending graduate/law school.)
Favorite food: Well, I played offensive line in high school, so I’ll eat
virtually anything and it shows. If I were to pick one, I would pick
comfort/cajun food. I’m single, so if you make me some southern cooking,
I’ll marry you on the spot. Lol!


Give us feed back. The four women who run the weblog teachers who paddle
weblog say we are mean and unfair. What do you think? Have we over stepped
our bounds?

These four women beat children in school.  Are we mean and unfair? A
Southern lady, who agrees with us in principle, sent me a message on my
Face-Book account. She didn’t like some of our terminology about teen girls
and their backsides.

I told her I accepted her criticism with grace, and we would try to do
better. Maybe we should change some of our terms. If you stand with us and
you want to see corporal punishment end in all of our American schools, I
will accept your criticism with grace. Tell us if you think we need to do
things differently.

On the flip side, we will not under any circumstances accept the ideas of
people who advocate the beating of children in our schools. Such people
are either misinformed about the harmful side effects of sanctioned
violent behavior targeted at children or find delight in terrorizing and
bullying children.


I harped on this last week. Teachers who paddle demonstrate to their students, violence is the way to handle our problems. “When somebody is wrong, strike them,” is the common attitude of teachers who paddle. On one of their most recent post, a teacher describes how she tried to talk to a boy after she had a coach beat him for being a bully. I don’t believe they had any luck. I’m sure of this. The boy hates this teacher and the coach with a passion. I think the boy was about ten years old. Ten years from now, when he is twenty, he will carry bad memories of these educators. They don’t care. They have no  pride. They don’t care what people think about them.  And to top it all off, these teachers have no control over what this boy does when he’s not at school. They’ve given him a life lesson, “Hit someone when you don’t like what they do,” or, “You can misbehave, as long as teachers who Paddle isn’t around.”

If it is the ladder, what have you achieved. Fear and intimidation tactics are as old as mankind has ever been on this Earth. Progressive and healthy minded people frown when sanctioned and lawless abuse is targeted at anyone, especially defenseless children. Teachers who paddle bullied the bully. Why do I say this, Teachers Who Paddle train bullies to be bullies. These students are putting the bad lessons they have learned in conflict resolution to good use as playground bullies, later down the line, this
may lead them to put these same lessons to work when dealing with problems with their spouse or even children. Assault and battery with a wooden board is not even allowed in homes. It is only allowed on school grounds and educators are the only ones sanctioned to abuse and batter our children
without any recourse for the child or parent to seek justice. For more information, please view the following links:

For everyone’s information, on the first link, that school had the opportunity to defend their actions on national television on the Dr. Phil show. Just like Teachers Who Paddle, they refused to go public. If paddling was such a great tool that schools should have, they would be more than happy to go on national television and let the whole world know, “This is why we beat children. To make them do better.” That’s a big telling if you are not able to go public and profess your knowledge of child training to everyone who wants to know.

The teachers who paddle weblog teach hatred. They hate with an absolute
passion anybody who disagrees with their primitive and narrow ideas. The
word, “Antis” is a word they commonly throw around on their internet
posts. They are hostile toward people they call, “Antis.” I believe they
would do physical harm to the, “Antis” if they could get away with it.
Just like how they can abuse, bully, and terrorize children and get away
with it by the help of the law. It doesn’t bother them one bit to do
physical harm to a child. It follows logically–they would hurt anybody
who they don’t like if they could figure out how to do it without getting
into trouble. Teachers who paddle have a propensity toward violence.

Teachers who paddle–it’s there way or no way. No discussion about anything else. They call people all kinds of names who disagree with them. They sling violent words at people they disapprove of. They are teaching our children to do the same thing–to hate. Educators should be progressive and open minded. Teachers who paddle are neither. They are teaching our children to close up, not to engage in discussion over controversial issues. Be hostile toward people you have a disagreement with.  Teachers who paddle are hostile in everyway toward those they call the, “Antis,” which is most of America and a good part of southern America. A poll conducted by ABC news in 2005, shows 70% of the American population is opposed to School Corporal Punishment, and 60% of southerners. Southerners need to organize themselves better to oppose this brutal practice.

The teachers who operate this scary weblog are cowards. They call people
all kinds of names, hiding behind the computer. They won’t come out from
behind the computer and defend their cause. They are cowards. We’ve tried
to engage them in a face to face debate, but the cowards will not come

The word coward comes from an old French word—which literally meant “turns tails.” That’s why we have often said a coward is someone with their tail between their legs or someone who turns and runs like a rabbit. That’s
exactly what teachers who paddle does. Their legs are between their legs,
they turn and run like a rabbit using the computer as their shield.

What if the Apostles of the New Testament had been like this, afraid to
face people?  What if our forefathers were afraid to face people with a
difference of opinion? Teachers who paddle are teaching our children to
be cowards, to not really stand up for what you believe.

The network 54 School Corporal Punishment website is full of cowards. They
all use alias names–Prof Nev, Bob T, the American Way (more like the
dictators way), and a few other weird names. I noticed on their main web-log
they added another coward to their list—Willie C. Wille C. supports the
beating of children in schools, too.

Well, like they called PTAVE as part of the bully problem, we would like
to know how you are solving the bully epidemic? I know, by bullying and
terrorizing students into behaving as well as setting the example that
violence is the best conflict resolution tactic. That’s really going to
help. As far as we’re concerned, you’re more of the problem than PTAVE
would ever posed. It just so happens that they stand opposed to your
primitive ideas of beating children.

If anybody reading this knows how we can force the teachers who paddle
cowards out in the open so we can debate them openly, let us know. One of
the staff members at the Hitting Stops Here traced them to the state of
Georgia, claiming he needed more resources to find out what town they
lived in. He believes most journalist have the sources to find out exactly
where they work.

Let’s have a debate via skip, tell us the time and place and I will
purchase a webcam. Let’s also post it on you-tube. Let’s have the whole
world judge who’s right.


Let me be the first to apologize for your school experience. Although your
ideas on school corporal punishment are based off your experience, it is
not the best way to go. Violence breathes more violence and probably the
person who bullied you learned this lesson at home or even from school
teachers who taught this person that, “Might Makes Right,” or by friends
who were bullies themselves. I would like to point Teachers Who Paddle and
others who think like them to look at some other tactics where hitting
children is out.
Like most programs it does have it’s strengths and weaknesses, but is more
effective than beating children, according to modern day psychology and
developmental science. In fact, we have asked Teachers Who Paddle to
present a peer reviewed study to support their ideas concerning paddling.
As of today, they haven’t taken up this challenge, but it still stands.


Two weeks ago, they challenged people to find a study to link high school
graduation rates with corporal punishment. Here is your answer.
Note: I will present 3 studies. One comes from 2001 and the other comes
from 2003. Next time I post, I will present something from 2009. The first
two studies come from the Manhatton Institute.
*: indicates paddling state
*+: indicates state that has banned corporal punishment, but as of the
date of the study still had corporal punishment on the books.
Table 2: Ranking of Graduation Rates by State
State    Ranking    Graduation Rate
*Georgia    51    54%
Nevada    50    58
*Florida    49    59
District of Columbia    48    59
*Arizona    47    59
*Tennessee    46    60
*South Carolina    45    62
*Mississippi    44    62
*Alabama    43    62
*North Carolina    42    63

*New Mexico    41    65
*Texas    40    67
Oregon    39    67
Alaska    38    67
California    37    68
*Colorado    36    68
*Louisiana    35    69
Hawaii    34    69
Washington    33    70
New York    32    70

*+New Hampshire    31    71
*Kentucky    30    71
*Arkansas    29    72
*+Rhode Island    28    72
Delaware    27    73
*Indiana    26    74
*Oklahoma    25    74
Virginia    24    74
*Missouri    23    75
Connecticut    22    75

Michigan    21    75
Massachusetts    20    75
Maryland    19    75
New Jersey    18    75
*Kansas    17    76
*+Ohio    16    77
Illinois    15    78
*Idaho    14    78
Maine    13    78
South Dakota    12    80

*Wyoming    11    81
Utah    10    81
*+Pennsylvania    9    82
West Virginia    8    82
Minnesota    7    82
Montana    6    83
Vermont    5    84
Nebraska    4    85
Wisconsin    3    85
North Dakota    2    88
Iowa    1    93

STATE    Total    Asian    Hispanic    African-American    White    Asian Male    Asian
Female    Hispanic Male    Hispanic Female    African-American
Male    African-American Female    White Male    White Female    Male    Female
*Alabama    60%    I    I    52%    65%    I    I    I    I    47%    58%    62%    69%    56%    64%
Alaska    60%    I    I    56%    65%    I    I    I    I    50%    I    64%    66%    61%    65%
*Arizona    71%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
*Arkansas    74%    I    I    69%    77%    I    I    I    I    61%    76%    74%    80%    70%    78%
California    65%    81%    56%    56%    73%    79%    83%    51%    61%    50%    62%    71%    76%    62%    70%
*Colorado    72%    I    51%    59%    80%    I    I    46%    57%    52%    66%    77%    83%    68%    77%
Connecticut    82%    89%    53%    67%    91%    81%    98%    48%    60%    60%    74%    89%    93%    78%    87%
Delaware    65%    I    I    57%    69%    I    I    I    I    50%    65%    66%    73%    59%    71%
District Of Columbia    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I
*Florida    61%    I    53%    50%    69%    I    I    49%    58%    46%    54%    66%    73%    58%    65%
*Georgia    56%    I    I    48%    64%    I    I    I    I    41%    54%    60%    67%    51%    61%
Hawaii    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I    I
*Idaho    74%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
Illinois    73%    85%    54%    49%    85%    85%    85%    49%    60%    42%    55%    83%    86%    70%    76%
*Indiana    74%    I    56%    55%    78%    I    I    I    63%    47%    63%    75%    80%    71%    77%
Iowa    85%    I    I    I    88%    I    I    I    64%    I    I    87%    90%    84%    87%
*Kansas    76%    I    51%    54%    83%    I    I    50%    I    50%    59%    81%    84%    75%    79%
*Kentucky    69%    I    I    55%    72%    I    I    I    I    53%    58%    71%    74%    69%    72%
*Louisiana    63%    I    80%    55%    70%    I    I    74%    85%    48%    62%    67%    74%    58%    69%
Maine    74%    I    I    I    75%    I    I    I    I    I    I    71%    75%    70%    74%
Maryland    75%    92%    71%    65%    81%    94%    90%    I    78%    59%    71%    78%    85%    71%    80%
Massachusetts    72%    69%    I    52%    80%    I    I    38%    I    46%    58%    76%    85%    69%    76%
Michigan    77%    I    48%    57%    80%    I    I    I    53%    50%    65%    77%    84%    71%    80%
Minnesota    84%    72%    I    I    90%    I    78%    I    I    I    I    87%    93%    82%    87%
*Mississippi    59%    I    I    60%    66%    I    I    I    I    50%    70%    61%    72%    55%    63%
*Missouri    76%    I    I    63%    80%    I    I    I    I    55%    71%    78%    82%    74%    80%
Montana    76%    I    I    I    80%    I    I    I    I    I    I    79%    81%    78%    80%
Nebraska    84%    I    56%    52%    89%    I    I    I    61%    48%    57%    87%    91%    82%    87%
Nevada    67%    I    47%    73%    75%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    67%
*+New Hampshire    79%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
New Jersey    88%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
*New Mexico    59%    I    52%    47%    71%    I    I    48%    56%    I    53%    68%    76%    56%    64%
New York    58%    62%    33%    38%    74%    58%    66%    29%    37%    33%    43%    71%    77%    54%    61%
*North Carolina    69%    I    I    62%    76%    I    I    I    I    54%    70%    75%    77%    66%    73%
North Dakota    85%    I    I    I    87%    I    I    I    I    I    I    86%    86%    86%    86%
*+Ohio    79%    I    59%    57%    84%    I    I    I    I    52%    62%    82%    86%    77%    81%
*Oklahoma    72%    I    I    64%    79%    I    I    I    I    61%    68%    77%    80%    73%    76%
Oregon    70%    I    55%    I    74%    I    I    I    I    I    I    71%    77%    68%    74%
*+Pennsylvania    81%    79%    50%    61%    87%    I    I    45%    56%    54%    68%    85%    88%    79%    84%
Rhode Island    75%    I    I    I    74%    68%    I    I    I    I    I    68%    76%    65%    71%
*South Carolina    54%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
South Dakota    79%    I    I    I    83%    I    I    I    I    I    I    81%    83%    80%    81%
*Tennessee    60%    I    I    49%    59%    I    I    I    I    41%    59%    56%    63%    52%    61%
*Texas    69%    81%    59%    67%    78%    78%    84%    55%    63%    61%    72%    77%    80%    66%    72%
Utah    77%    I    I    I    82%    I    I    I    52%    I    I    80%    84%    75%    80%
Vermont    78%    I    I    I    80%    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M    M
Virginia    75%    80%    I    67%    78%    I    I    I    I    61%    74%    76%    81%    71%    78%
Washington    69%    69%    54%    48%    74%    67%    72%    50%    60%    I    I    70%    78%    67%    74%
West Virginia    76%    I    I    64%    77%    I    I    I    I    58%    70%    75%    79%    74%    79%
Wisconsin    85%    I    54%    46%    92%    I    I    I    I    40%    53%    91%    94%    83%    88%
*Wyoming    70%    I    54%    I    72%    I    I    I    59%    I    I    69%    76%    67%    75%

The numbers don’t lie!
Notice in table 1,  The state with the best graduation rate among all
current paddling states is #11 Wyoming.
There is no state that uses paddling more than 1,000 times in the top 20.
The highest is #23 Missouri. Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Idaho, and Kansas’
corporal punishment rates are virtually nonexistent, hence, they banned
corporal punishment in states like Road Island, New Hampshire, and
Ohio’s corporal punishment rates have been falling since the early 1990s,
since a loose corporal punishment ban was passed in 1994.
Also, notice that the bottom 10 states, excluding Washington DC, 9 out of
10 are paddling states. Even when you include Washington DC, it’s still 8
out of 10.
Notice that in the  10 best states, 9 out of 10 are non-paddling states.
The only one in the top 10, #9 Pennsylvania, subsequently banned corporal
punishment in 2005 and their graduation rates have remained constant. So
much for the myth that schools will get worse when the paddle is taken
As for Table 2, the same story is still being told..


Where did you ever learn proper spanking techniques. Did any of your
professors teach you proper paddling methodology? Also, present to the world a study that demonstrates paddling benefits. By shifting the burden of proof to us, you have shown you have no leg to stand on concerning your argument. Since I’ve called your bluff, it’s your turn to answer the call.


How to help bring down “sanctioned” and “lawless” child-abuse in US schools:

1. The signatures of EIGHT more Education Committee members are needed for the bill, HR 5628, to reach the House floor. Additionally, one Republican US Representative MUST become a signatory for the bill to reach the House floor. Once these two requirements have been met, the bill can move to the Senate, then to the president’s desk for signing into law. The first “miracle” of having it reach the House floor will cause the other two stages to occur more rapidly.


a) call several or all Congressional leaders empowered to become
signatories of this bill EVERY DAY at least once until success (10 names
listed below)

b) ask as many of your associates to do the same; you may “post” this request


“As a concerned citizen for the safety needs of American school children,
I request that you sign HR 5628. Thank you.

Chairman George Miller: (202) 225-2095, Cathy McMorris Rodgers: (202)
225-2006, Dina Titus: (202) 225-3252, Judy Chu: (202) 225-5464, Judy
Biggert: (202) 225-3515, Glenn “GT” Thompson: (202) 225-5121, 
Pierluisi, Puerto Rico, Leader of US Territory: (202) 225-2615, Republican
Education Committee Member John Kline: (202) 225-2271, Republican Rep.
Charles Djou: (202) 225-2726, Jesse Jackson Jr.
(202) 225-0773

2. Contact local and national media.

a)    ask that they interview The Hitting Stops Here! regarding the “HR 5628
NutCracker Campaign-Rally 2010”


Michael Baisden (Talk Show host; brought appropriate media attention to
the Jena 6 incident in 2007): 

KVUE Austin ABC News Station:
Martin Bartlett Political Reporter and Erin

University of Texas Newspaper
: 512-232-2206

Austin American-Statesman — Headquarters: (512) 445-3500

Austin Business Journal — Headquarters: (512) 494-2500

Austin Chronicle — Headquarters: (512) 545-5766

New York Times:
New York Post: 212-930-8000
Washington Post: 703-469-2500
LA Times: 213-237-5000
Associated Press: 212-621-1500, AP national news desk:
USA Today: 888-872-0001
News Desk: 212-975-3247–Lines open at 10-11:30 EST and 2-3:30


Dr. Phil

3. Donations are needed for:

a) flyers, posters and leaflets for circulating throughout Austin, TX

b) my occasional need to sleep in a hotel bed, as this 53 year old body
needs a real night’s sleep to help preserve my strength and health for
this work

Tax-deductible donations in the form of a check or MO can be mailed to:

Paula Flowe
P. O. Box 4159
Austin, TX, 78765

4) Help with making other very important phone calls is GREATLY needed at
this time and appreciated.

Upon request, we will list on our website and in our upcoming book (to be
published in 2011) the names of individuals, groups and organizations who
have made donations of time and funding for the success of “HR 5628
NutCracker Campaign 2010.” Please mention your approval in an email to

On behalf of American school children still waiting for judicial relief,
thank you.

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere



Coach allegedly whipped basketball players.

Marquita Brown • • October 29, 2010

Jackson Public Schools officials are investigating allegations Murrah High
boys basketball coach Marlon Dorsey whipped players with a weightlifting
belt. Some parents said they learned of the situation through letters sent home Wednesday, and that their sons had not talked about the incidents,
possibly out of fear of being kicked off the team.

JPS officials would not comment except to say the situation is under
investigation. Corporal punishment has been banned in JPS since 1991, according to a school board policy on the district’s website.
“This is a personnel matter,” Greta Terry, assistant superintendent of
high schools for JPS, said after she and Murrah Principal Freddrick Murray
met with about 30 parents Thursday night. “We’re very limited in what we
can say because we have to protect the rights of those involved.”
The meeting, which was closed to reporters, was held in the school
library, and the door was locked.

Terry and Murray did not confirm or deny the allegations nor give the
status of Dorsey’s employment. Parents said Terry told them during the
meeting that Dorsey is on leave with pay. Dorsey did not attend the meeting and did not return phone calls for comment. This is Dorsey’s first year as head coach at Murrah; he was an assistant coach last year.

Jason Hubbard Sr., whose son is on the basketball team and who heads the
booster club, said Dorsey had an open door policy for practices and encouraged parents to visit, “which I thought was really good.” But in three or four practices, Hubbard said, he saw Dorsey whip players about three times with a weightlifting belt for incorrectly running plays.Hubbard said he witnessed his son getting whipped twice and reported the incident Monday to Murray.

He said he understands the whippings began during the summer practices.
“I just said, ‘enough was enough,’ ” Hubbard said. The boys shouldn’t be punished in that way, Hubbard said. “Kids shouldn’t live under that fear,” Hubbard said. “This is not the NBA or college. You’re dealing with teenagers.”
Some of the boys are just now starting to talk about what happened, he said.

“A lot of the parents didn’t even know,” Hubbard said. “The boys were
living under that kind of fear.”

Most parents would not comment as they left the meeting. One said she
believed it was inappropriate to speak now. Another said she was disappointed about what happened, and that the punishment could harm the
boys psychologically.

Occasionally, the voices in the library were loud enough to be heard in
the hallway. One woman asked why the police had not been called in. A man
asked if Dorsey would be fired. Terry responded that she couldn’t discuss
personnel issues.

Some parents expressed anger at the district’s response. After the meeting, Gary Love Sr. said he planned to talk to his son about what happened. Love said he hopes the district responds quickly to the allegations.

“We have concerns,” Love said. “We definitely want some answers.”
Love said he believes Dorsey exercised poor judgment. “We think he was
being over zealous in his efforts to help the kids.”

Background to the story:
Mississippi has one of the nation’s highest rates of corporal punishment.

During the 2008-09 school year, there were 57,953 cases of corporal
punishment in 110 of the state’s 152 school districts, according to the
state Department of Education. The number of incidents is a slight drop
from 58,343 cases reported a year earlier but higher than the 47,727 cases
reported in 2006-07.

Districts with corporal punishment usually restrict the number of times a
child can be hit and the size of the paddle used. Many district policies
require an adult to witness the punishment. Many districts also allow
parents to allow or not allow their child to be spanked.

Corporal punishment has been banned in Jackson Public Schools since 1991.

JPS policy defines corporal punishment as “punishment by striking,
touching or hitting any portion of a student’s body with a paddle, ruler,
hand, or other instrument or as the infliction of, or causing the
infliction of, physical pain on a student.”

“The use of corporal punishment shall be grounds for discipline up to and
including suspension without pay and termination,” according to the

Unfortunately, Mississippi’s Teacher Immunity law makes it very difficult
for parents and students to bring this coach and everyone involved to
justice. This teacher may just get away with a warning, lose a few bucks,
or at worse, search for another job. This is no match to this psychological damage inflicted on this group of young men. This is the problem of immunity laws, as I have repeated over and over again. It only serves to benefit educators in indulging in hidden sexual and sadistic fetishes and it allows unstable and bigoted educators to employ power trips and terrorism sessions. This week, Fake Renee probably made the most ignorant and repugnant statement I’ve ever read concerning parents and students who would like to seek justice for the injuries they have received from this form of, “Loving Discipline.”

“Make it a Federal felony to knowingly file false charges against any
educator for the purpose of legal intimidation or financial gain. There
are those “monster” parents who would abuse their own kids for an anti
c.p. cause or $$$. A law like this would make them think twice because all
an accused educator would need to do is call a 800 number hot-line if they
suspected a bogus “charge”. Remember: the Feds have a very good batting
average when doing their own investigations.”

She makes this claim without even knowing if parents intentionally make
money off a educator in a paddling school. If there is such a case, we
would like to see it. Second, how about a hot-line for parents to report
injuries that their child obtains in a paddling incident? It sounds like
you are looking after your own best interests. In return, you completely
disregard the harm that you inflict when you swing away. Would Jessica
Serafin be considered a felon, in your eyes, if she decided to report the
gang rape style beating she received from her principal? What about the
students in the first two links at the top of this post, would the parents
in these two cases be considered felons too? Finally, what about the
people in the story above that you see, would they be felons if they want
justice for their children?



Our children deserve better. Consider the weblog entitled Teachers Who Paddle. Our children deserve better than what these teachers are offering.

This weblog is a support group for educators who will not give up the primitive means of discipline, paddling naughty children. The weblog encourages educators to paddle children, giving them a rationale. One of their arguments is, we don’t really hurt children. They do. They cause children to cry. Our children deserve better.

Four women who go by aliases operate this weblog. I’m convinced they live in the state of Georgia.  They tell scary stories, going into intimate details how they paddle naughty children. Our children deserve better.

On their most recent blog alias Michell who claims to be a fourth grade teacher paddled a boy for being a bully. He was picking on a new girl in school, and the teacher  didn’t like it. I have to admit the boy’s behavior was not good. He needed to be disciplined by the school. There are many positive ways they could have dealt with this problem. Our children deserve better.

The way she handled it complicated the problem and gave the boy a life lesson. It’s okay to strike someone when they are wrong. She brags about whacking the boy five times. With great enthusiasm, she writes how she brought this boy to tears. “I really wanted to dish it out.  And no half-hearted swats either. Those five swats were full strength and meant to sting with intensity.” I don’t think the Average American wants to read about her activity. It’s upsetting and down right scary. Our children deserve better.

Alias Michelle was angry when she administered corporal punishment to this ten year old. Boiling with anger, after she finished swinging her paddle, she said. “If you ever harass Meg again..or anyone else for that mater…I’ll double dose what I just gave you.” She wasn’t happy with five hits. She wanted to up it to ten. Again, she is teaching this boy violence is the way to solve our problems. If first you don’t succeed, just increase the violence. Our children deserve better.

These ruthless bloggers gave a title to this story—MICHELL GIVES A “GOOD” ONE.  They are proud. They are rejoicing. They are elated. Michell beat a naughty boy until he cried. Our children deserve better.

Alias Renee is the ring leader of this coldblooded bunch. She also gave the same lesson to a boy she deemed as a bully, teaching him violence is the way to solve our problems. She had a coach hit the boy on his backside five times with a blunt instrument. She’s proudly witnesses the event and writes. ”He got five swats of the paddle….Derrick grimaced while holding his composure.” She wrote about Derrick’s pain with joy. Watching the boy hold his backside was a pretty sight to alias Renee. What are we to think of people like her? Are we proud of her? Neither Michell nor Renee showed any kind of concern for the welfare of theses paddled boys. Our children deserve better.

Educators who still rely on this primitive means of discipline often talk about controls.  I believe there is no such thing as controls when it comes to corporal punishment. The bottom line is. You are hitting a child on the backside. An angry teacher will lose control just like Alias Michell did. Our children deserve better.

I could point out several stories on the Teachers Paddle Weblog which are disturbing. Are they abusive? Ask them? They say—“no we are not.”  I’ll let you decide are these women abusive? I don’t recommend anybody to read their weblog, too many troubling stories, but if you do, don’t be fooled by the demeanor. They try to project themselves as loving, caring and kind. Renee boasts about Michell visiting one of her sick students in the hospital. This doesn’t make up for the fact–Michell beats school children and is proud of her accomplishments. Al Capone set up soup kitchens for the hungry. Are we to overlook his criminal activity?  Our children deserve better.

Alias Renee argues vehemently corporal punishment is a decision of the local people. I disagree with her whole heartedly. People need to wake up and see the light. Too often people see spanking as the only form of discipline even for older children. I’ve heard that said from pulpits in the South. This can lead to abuse of a child. I’m out to save children from abuse, and the place to start is to end the abuse in schools.  School teachers beat children. They do not spank children like their parents do. Look at the instruments they use. It’s scary, the women of the Teachers Who Paddle weblog brag about the size of their paddles.  Educators need to educate people on different ways to discipline children, but the backwards women on this weblog are not progressive minded or open minded enough to do anything different.  Our children deserve better.



(I’ve longed believed victims of school corporal punishment have negative images of teachers who paddled them. This story told by Erin proves my point. Also in his gift of writing, he describes in detail the abusive pain he experienced when paddled. Parents don’t do this to their children, only teachers. And teachers who paddle say they are not abusive. WHAT A LIE!)

My name is Eli and I have talked a little with a mutual friend, Matt, regarding school paddling. Both of us live in North Carolina, but we are a couple hours apart. 

We started talking about cars, and somehow the conversation kept drifting from the topic. We got on the subject of school, and he kept hinting how much he hated parts of it. To make a long story short, we eventually arrived at the subject of abuse in schools, i.e. paddling.

He showed me your website, and I must say I am absolutely in shock at some of the atrocities that I read. I can’t believe school paddling, especially in the forms you mention, still goes on in some schools. I also can’t believe that someone as young as Matt had to experience it!

I got a pretty bad paddling in 1989 when I was in seventh grade. It was during the second week of school, and was for the most mundane of reasons. I was surprised by the announcement that I was to be paddled, and it seemed very unjust on many levels. I think my reaction to my teacher made the punishment a little worse for me. As my luck would have it, I found out that paddling in that county was outlawed sometime the next year.

The paddling itself was very painful. Each swat produced a whole range of sensations that were just about all you could take. For a split second it was as though all your other senses momentarily stopped — sight, hearing, taste, etc, and all you felt was the paddle. It felt like the skin on my ass was literally being pinched or bitten in multiple places at once. Now mix in the embarrassment and the raging anger…

I internalized this for a long time. I recently told my girlfriend about it, and she started crying! I was a little shocked that it was THAT emotional of a story for her. I was just mad about the whole thing, but she got rather upset hearing it.

About two years ago I ran into my seventh grade social studies teacher at a car service center, of all places. I wanted to act like I didn’t know her, but it occurred to me that I was a grown man with years of pent-up aggression, so I wanted to say something too.

I approached her and said her name and sarcastically asked, “you remember me?” She did not, of course, so I refreshed her memory by citing the events on the second week of school that year. I asked her if it made her feel good to bully 12-year-old kids around and asked how that was working out for her. I actually lit into her for a moment, with profanity and all. She was stuttering, completely shocked, and she actually started to cry.

I felt bad at this point because I hate to see people cry. I didn’t want her to cry. I wanted her to get mad and mouthy at me. I ended the conversation, saying some things I probably shouldn’t have… but oh well, I suppose it is her fault in the end for setting such a bad example to me years ago.

So needless to say, I support the efforts to end this practice for all school systems. I am quite surprised it is even allowed anymore. I’m also surprised there aren’t more court cases.


I’ve never met a group of educated persons who were so dishonest in my
life. Actually, you 4 are so dishonest, it makes Rod Blagojevich look like
an angel. I also find it quite hypocritical that you cry foul when
personal attacks are used against you, but you feel the need to use them
yourselves because you have no argument to present. Such as below:

“So much for the anti’s mythology of “abusive paddlers” and
“damaged-for-life victims”. But then again, IMHO, the antis live in an
alternate universe where down is up, up is down, black is white and white
is black.” (Words of Alias Renee on Teachers who paddle weblog)

For everyone’s information, a student, who Fake Renee paddled, decided to
help her out when she was having car trouble. WOW!

This proves absolutely nothing. Suppose that I said that my friend’s
neighbor’s daughter decided to help him out when he was having car
problems. Also, let’s say she was molested by him when she was 8 years old
and it only happened one time. Would we say, “So much for the anti’s mythology of “child molesters” and “damaged-for-life victims”.  Renee wrote. “But then again, IMHO, the antis live in an alternate universe where down is up, up is down, black is white and white is black.”

Absolutely not–In fact, if anyone would say this, we would have asked,
“So, did you take your medicine for today?” No one in their right mind
would say such a thing. Actually, it seems as if the pro cp radical zealots
live in the world that they claim antis live in. When they are presented
evidence, they have two choices, call shenanigans on the evidence or close
their eyes and ears and pretend it doesn’t exist. Let me tell you
something, it does exist and the work of these scientists has been around
with us for decades–Longer than you have ever been on this Earth–It’s
also not shenanigans either. Most of these people dedicate their lives to
study this one single discipline. I find it funny though that when you are
asked to present evidence of your own, you are not able to present a
single piece of evidence. It’s not surprising though because you can’t
even answer a simple question–where did you learn child-spanking
techniques? I’m surprised people take you 4 seriously. Anthony Adams, a
friend of mine and founder of Detention Slip Media, says, “You really
can’t debate with a pro-spanker. You have scientific evidence supporting
one side and antidotal claims and lies supporting the other. In other
words, there is no debate.” I couldn’t agree with him any more.
Teachers Who Paddle, I’m going to give you another chance. Present
evidence to support your claim that paddling is beneficial. No, antidotal
claims do not count.

More dishonesty from Teachers Who Paddle weblog:
Here is a little passage written by them last week. I just felt I had to
say something. Note: In the name of  intellectual integrity the passage is here in it’s entirely.

Sometimes, a general phrase or tag gets extrapolated into something far
removed from reality. One of the tricks of the anti c.p. zealots is to
take what might have occurred decades ago and then superimpose that onto
ALL contemporary situations. In a thread on another forum, it has been
postulated that, in order to get to use the paddle when all else fails,
“paddle happy” educators have the “fail-proof” offense of “disruptive
behavior” to fall back on.)

What garbage logic!
(First of all, that isn’t garbage at all. Educators who enjoy and find
delight in slapping buttocks will do anything to get their hands on it.
Such was a case Paula Flowe told me about concerning a girl in
Mississippi. The teacher overheard two other teachers boast about spanking
a teenage black girl. “I spanked that a**,” was what this  teacher
overheard them saying. To make a long story short teachers and other
educators are human beings, like everyone else, thus, they may find it
sexually gratifying to smack that.)

“First, today’s schools make use of defined disciplinary policies
(matrixes} instead of general “catch-all” terms when a student is referred
to the office. None of us at TWP can fathom just sending a student to the
office with only “disruptive behavior” written down as the reason. Any
real life principal is going to want SPECIFICS in any referral he/she
receives. And a teacher who cannot give a specific reason will have their
teaching competency questioned.”  (Again words of Alias Renee on Teachers who paddle weblog)

(So? You might not do it, how about the teacher who spanked a student
twice in one day for barking like a dog in the cafeteria or other offenses
that are mentioned below.)

Second, in the REAL world of REAL schools, students are sent to office for
extreme behavior, not trivial offenses.  One story that came to our
attention was of an autistic teen who assaulted his teacher and even had
to be subdued w/tasers by police! That is a very extreme case of
“disruptive behavior” but is certainly closer to the misconduct of office
referrals over the minor violations imagined by the antis. Those anti c.p.
zealots would have everyone believe that minor infractions such as talking
out/out of turn, chewing gum, getting up to sharpen pencil w/o permission
are all “disruptive behaviors” punishable by office referrals for paddle
(Are you telling the truth?
“Today 20 US states permit corporal punishment to be used in schools.
Corporal punishment usually takes the form of paddling (also called
“swats,” “pops,” or “licks”). A teacher or administrator swings a hard
wooden paddle that is typically a foot-and-a-half long against the child’s
buttocks, anywhere between three and 10 times. Paddling can happen in the
office or elsewhere, as noted by one Mississippi teacher: “The principal
would do it in the hallway, in the classroom, in the band room. He would
patrol the hallways with a paddle.” [4] Students can be physically
punished for a wide range of misbehavior, including minor infractions such
as chewing gum, being late, sleeping in class, talking back to a teacher,
violating the dress code, or going to the bathroom without permission,” (A
Violent Education)
Talking out of turn:
Look above for your answer.
Pencil problems:
Listen to student interview for your answer
One more thing, you might not do it, how do you know your other pro cp
radical zealots don’t love spanking that buttocks, possibly fulfilling a
hidden sexual fetish.)

Third, as for myself , I take a very dim view of frivolous  referrals. My
policy as an assistant principal is that all referrals must list SPECIFIC
behavior infractions. I insist on knowing who, what, when and where. It
has been my experience that when a student is sent to my office -It is
pretty serious. And I DO listen to the students side. However, a referral
is not trivial and the bottom line is the question I always ask: “Did you
(the student) do (or say) what is on this referral (push/shove/profanity/throw object/hit)?” 99% of the time, the student will admit to the “charge” because my well-known policy is “Honesty means a lighter penalty”. Lying ALWAYS means more trouble. And NO student of mine that has told me the truth has ever been paddled.
What you listed aren’t the only reasons why students are paddled. You
forgot to mention
Picking your nose:
Not turning in homework
Being at the wrong place at the wrong time:
For preschoolers, knocking items off the principal’s desk:
Note: an interview was held with the young lady’s experience with, “Mr.
Principal” which is attached.
Missing free-throws
By The ways, who is going to paddle Coach A for profanity? Are you going
to do it Fake Wendy? You can also add display of public affection. I don’t
have a link, but I am currently speaking to a young lady in a paddling
waste who fell victim to it. The sad part is that she actually did
nothing wrong and second of all, the assistant principal refused to hear
her side. One more reason why this has to stop.



I’ve hear your words. You, like Teachers Who Paddle can’t come up with a
shred of evidence. The closest you come is antidotal evidence which proves
nothing. Before getting back on your horse and responding to this blog,
bring along with you a peer reviewed journal article next time.



Please join us in our Nutcracker Campaign: Holiday Season, 2010

October 1, 2010

Everyday in America more than 2000 American school children are abused by their American school teachers in “unheard of” ways.
Why “unheard of?”

These children are primarily America’s poor, disadvantaged, minorities and
children having special needs.  Major network news media, such as CNN,
fail to deliver any meaningful reporting on this American social-ill.

The educators mistreating American school children within the walls of
these schools are incompetent, unstable, and dangerous.  Our children face
them daily.

American school children are subjected to every conceivable form of harm
targeted at them by their educators once their classroom doors are shut.

What is heard in the news regarding American school “shoot-em ups” are
frequently the “results” of actions taken by American school children who
have become fed up with “sanctioned” school beatings and other forms of
“lawless” abuse targeted at them.

Pennsylvania banned “sanctioned” school beatings in 2006.  This ban took
place after two American school children came to school and shot their
teachers to death for “paddling” them in two separate incidents in 2004.

Columbine High School is in Colorado.  A US “paddling” state (see:

Please go to and research the number of US school shooting incidents related to “paddlings” in American schools.

It is important to note that US school beatings are still “sanctioned” in
private and charter schools in all but a few US states such as New Jersey
and Iowa.  States that have continued the practice in their private and
charter schools include this short list: CA, WA, NY, MT and CT.

In which schools is “Schoolyard bullying” occurring most?  Could it be in
schools where teachers are using 21st century scientifically proven safe
nurturing models of discipline?  Oh, no! “Those” children are on their way
to “flying planes” while their peers in “paddling” schools are on their
way to, hopefully, qualifying for loading them.

The Hitting Stops Here! will be interviewing a 7-year-old boy on Olelo TV,
Chan. 52  ( this month regarding his first day of
first-grade in Arkansas,  a US “paddling” state.  This little boy was told
the following by his first grade classmate on that day: “You better be
really good with her.  Last year I got beat 40times.”  First-grade
American student, August 2010.

The teacher of these little boys leaves the “paddle” on her desk all day
except for one special time.  When she carries it to the back of the room
for the “reading circle.”

If you are reading this letter during the hours of a typical school day in
America, including our US territories (an hour ahead of ET), please take a
look at a clock and note the time.

Four minutes from now at least one American school child will be abused by
his or her school teacher to the point of needing immediate medical
attention and/or lifelong mental health services.  He or she will be set
on a path to having dysfunctional relationships, a string of low-paying
jobs, and will likely “enter” some form of “imprisonment.”  Every 20
seconds the abuse that occurs in American schools is a bit less severe
than that.

By the end of each school day in America more than 2000 cases of abuse are
reported—reporting is not mandatory.

Teacher “immunity laws” protect American school teachers from prosecution
when they harm American school children–even to the point of
death–throughout the US and its territories under the “no intention to
cause harm” gambit (see:  GAO report, May 2009 pp 15-17:

These American students become community members who have been rendered incapable of “internalizing moral values” or empathy for others with whom they share their environment.  They become “the ones” for whom we carry mace in hopes of warding off an “unfortunate end.

These people are those who are left behind in American schools and society
falling short of “qualifying” for basic needs such as practical healthcare

The primary author of the current “healthcare bill,” Dept. of Education
and Labor Chairman George Miller, has remained UNSUPPORTIVE of NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 since it was introduced June 29, 2010–95 days ago to date.

How is it that the author of an elaborate “healthcare bill” charged also
with the responsibility of US Education “decision-making” would leave
American school children in a position where they will need lifelong
medical and mental “healthcare services” for which they will never

Such “protective laws” finally became available to “lynch mob victims” and
“battered wives” in early 20th century America.

Some boarding schools in Mississippi such as Chamberlain-Hunt, a
Presbyterian Military School for boys and young men, located in Port
Gibson, subject students to beatings as they are roused from bed, go
through their school day and into the middle of the night as they sleep.
Another such school of this kind is Hephzibah Home, a school for girls and
young ladies.

If you are interested in learning more and want to help end American
“school corporal punishment,” please join our “HR 5628 NutCracker
Campaign, Holiday Season 2010” for having NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill
made into a law.  You can learn more by going to our website Message Board

Also, please go to the new website-page created by one of our new
volunteers where you will find an informative “must read” document having
more than 50 pages of uncommonly known information on the subject of
American “school corporal punishment,” entitled:

Evidence of The United States’ Hypocrisy
Regarding US School Beatings, “Schoolyard Bullying” and
International Concern
for Children and the World at Large

at: and

Only two minutes left now before the next American school child “medical

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.


Information pertaining to
“HR 5628 NutCracker Campaign, Holiday Season 2010”

NY Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools
Act,” HR 5628, introduced June 29, 2010, is in danger of “dying” by the
start of 2011.

By September 11, 2010, 75 days had passed since the bill to end “hitting,”
and other forms of American “school corporal punishment” was introduced to
the more than 400 US House of Representatives qualified to support it.  At
that point, the bill had too little support to advance to the House floor,
the Senate, and into Pres. Obama’s hands for signature and to date remains
in this condition.

This bill remains UNSUPPORTED by United States Dept. of Education and
Labor Chairman George Miller.  32 other Education Committee members out of 47, including ranking leader, John Kline (R), have also declined from
signing this bill under Chairman George Miller’s leadership.

To date, McCarthy’s bill is in need of eight more Education Committee
Member Signatories and a single Republican Signatory in order to advance
to the House floor (see “Harm desired for American children by
Republicans…” news reports/NAACP Response” at:

A Rev. Michael Farris has led a sizeable number of Republicans to signing
a petition for supporting a potentially new amendment to the US
Constitution entitled, the “Parental Rights” amendment.*

At the same time, Rev. Farris is campaigning against the “Convention On
the Rights of Children,”** an international bill for protecting children
from “sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse everywhere on the face of the earth.

An interruption of the numerous and widespread daily occurrences of
“sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse internationally, by law, will produce a
safer world for generations to come.

This interruption will empower anyone, anywhere to protect children from

The “threat” of imminent harm produces the same reaction in children as
the actually harm itself, according to conclusive scientific evidence.

Thus, harming children creates future threats to society and the world at
large (see p. 15 listing of famous dictators abused in childhood; the list
includes Hitler, Stalin and Saddam Hussein:

By the “Convention on the Rights of a Child”** becoming a law, children
will become protected from “sanctioned” and “lawless” abuse




•    If the bill, “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 fails
to become a law, American school children attending  schools using
corporal punishment as a form of behavior-management will remain without
“protective laws,” leaving these school children under the same hazardous
conditions as were American “lynch-mob victims.”

•    Since Pres. Obama has taken office and openly told the Black American
community to “…whup their kids and their neighbors’ kids in order to help
build strong communities…” (for which he received a standing ovation from
the NAACP), violence targeted at Black American school children remains an
increasingly grave issue.  Please view the ending of, “1-in-3 Black boys
Pipelined to US Prison System” at:

Please also view “Obama’s response” at:

•    A large number of developing underground “privatized” and US government
prison systems have become acres of “sunless” slave plantations for
minority and disadvantaged American school children being maneuvered onto this “pipeline.”

•    Congress is in session at this time and will be until October 8, 2010.
They will return to meet for brief periods again after the November
elections.  In the remaining times that they will meet during holiday
season 2010, they are empowered to:

a)    have the “Ending Corporal Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 become a law.
b)    have the “Convention For the Rights of a Child” become an international
c)    accurately warn US citizens about the contents of the “Parental Rights”

The title, itself, is deceptive.

The monitoring of incidents of corporal punishment administered in homes
effectively will be just as impossible to manage as it is in American

The amendment will protect parents from prosecution when they harm their
child–state, local and federal–in the same way that teacher “immunity
laws”  protect teachers from such prosecution when they harm school
children, even to the point of death (recall the “no intention to cause
harm” gambit).

Children who would be most effected by the “Parental Rights” amendment
would be those attending “paddling” schools while growing up where
“beatings” are the “norm” at home and in their communities.  These
children will have no safe place to turn.

Just as teachers can be designated to beat a school child of another
teacher or to relieve a principal of the “duty,” parents likewise will be
considered innocent when they are “the ones to designate” the duty of
“disciplining” their child to another.

In this day and age, when parents divorce, 50 percent of child-custody is
granted to both parents as long as both are considered stable and
responsible.  The “Parental Rights” amendment would allow parents having
less than 50 percent custody of their child to use “corporal punishment”
on them with laws protecting these parents but not the child.

Consider the grave possibilities of a parent who is unqualified for having
50% child-custody, for reasons unknown, being “sanctioned” to discipline
their child using “pain-based behavior management” or corporal punishment.
Conclusive scientific evidence says it is harmful to target any form of
corporal punishment, even “the threat of” at a developing human being in
every way.

More alarming yet, the parent having more than 50 percent custody would
become disempowered to have police authorities protect the child from
their former spouse’s decision to use unmonitored “pain-based behavior
management” on the child.

With the “Parental Rights” amendment enforced, police would be able TO DO
NOTHING to protect the child from harm, as it is the “Parents Right!” to
use corporal punishment on their child as they see fit—the whole point of
this potentially new US Constitutional amendment.

Would any responsible “decision-maker” support an “Elderly Care-giver
Rights” amendment?  An amendment that would protect elderly-caregivers
from prosecution if they corporally punish this defenseless population
too?  Elderly people can have behaviors that cause violent reactions
too–incontinence for example.

Why would our US Government leave children in this predicament knowing the astronomical number of occurrences of abuse targeted at children by
parents and guardians daily in the US alone (see:

Would they support a “Husband Rights” amendment too?  After all,when
husbands could smack their wives around the rate of divorce was much lower
than it is today.

HI Rep. Charles Djou is a signatory of the “Parental Rights” amendment
petition along with 137 other Republicans and 2 Democrats (see “Lists”
found in the table of contents of  “Evidence of  United States Hypocrisy…”

The Hitting Stops Here! urges responsible caring adults and students
everywhere to call the 24-hour accessible office phone numbers of the
following US Government Education Committee Members and other government officials at least once a day in support of the “Ending Corporal
Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628 bill.  Please ask your internet
communities of friends and associates to do the same.


Sample Message:

“Chairman of Education George Miller, please sign NY Rep. Carolyn
McCarthy’s bill, HR 5628 today.  Thank you.”

President Barack Obama, please exercise your power as Chief Executive
Enforcer of Law and extend American school children their 14th amendment
“protective rights” in American schools throughout the US and its

Rep. Djou, please represent the Aloha State, as did Rep. Mazie Hirono,  by
adding your name to the list of Signatories of the “Ending Corporal
Punishment in Schools Act,” HR 5628.  Please remove your name from the
“Parental Rights” amendment petition.

US Dept. of Education and Labor Chairman George Miller

2205 Rayburn House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515
Phone:  (202) 225-2095
Fax:  (202) 225-5609

John Kline (R) Education and Labor high ranking Committee member

1210 Longworth House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-2302
Phone: (202) 225-2271
Fax: (202) 225-2595

Charles Djou, Asian (R) US Representative, “Aloha State”

1502 Longworth House Office Building,
District of Columbia 20515-1101
Phone: (202) 225-2726
Fax: (202) 225-4580

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, Dept. of Education Committee Member

1323 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-4705
Phone: (202) 225-2006
Fax: (202) 225-3392

Dina Titus, Dept. of Education Committee Member

319 Cannon House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-2803
Phone: (202) 225-3252
Fax: (202) 225-2185

Judy Chu, Dept. of Education Committee Member

2421 Rayburn House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-0532
Phone: (202) 225-5464
Fax: (202) 225-5467

Judy Biggert, Dept. of Education Committee Member

1034 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-1313
Phone: (202) 225-3515
Fax: (202) 225-9420

Glenn “GT” Thompson, Dept. of Education Committee Member

124 Cannon House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-3805
Phone: (202) 225-5121
Fax: (202) 225-5796

Pedro Pierluisi, Puerto Rico, US Territory Dept. of Education Committee

1218 Longworth House Office Building
District of Columbia 20515-5401
Phone: (202) 225-2615
Fax: (202) 225-2154

Tropical Medicine Bldg., 2nd Fl.
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00901
Phone: (787) 723-6333
Fax: (787) 729-7738

Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan, Northern Mariana Islands, US Territory
Dept. of Education Committee Member
(Please check back for contact information.)


President Barack Hussein Obama and
First Lady Michelle Obama

The White House,
District of Columbia 20500
Phone: (202) 456-1414
Fax: (202) 456-2461,

US State Secretary of Education Mr. Arne Duncan

400 Maryland Av SW
Washington DC, 20002
Phone:  (202) 401.2981
Fax:  (202) 260.7867

Tony Miller, Deputy of Dept. of Education


Fran Walter, Head of Safe Schools Office



Information and “help-needed” will be posted on our website Message Board
regularly at:

Please also visit the website of one of our new volunteers for regular
updates through YouTube videos and messages at: and

Correspondences sent to The Hitting Stops Here! are checked, at this
present time, only at:

Thank you.

The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness and respect in schools everywhere.


*Parental Rights amendment and
Commentary written by The Hitting Stops Here!
to Rev. Michael Farris at:

** Convention on the Rights of the Child (In its entirety at:

Article 37
States Parties shall ensure that:
(a) No child shall be subjected to torture or other cruel, inhuman or
degrading treatment or punishment. Neither capital punishment nor life
imprisonment without possibility of release shall be imposed for offences
committed by persons below eighteen years of age;
(b) No child shall be deprived of his or her liberty unlawfully or
arbitrarily. The arrest, detention or imprisonment of a child shall be in
conformity with the law and shall be used only as a measure of last resort
and for the shortest appropriate period of time;
(c) Every child deprived of liberty shall be treated with humanity and
respect for the inherent dignity of the human person, and in a manner
which takes into account the needs of persons of his or her age. In
particular, every child deprived of liberty shall be separated from adults
unless it is considered in the child’s best interest not to do so and
shall have the right to maintain contact with his or her family through
correspondence and visits, save in exceptional circumstances;
(d) Every child deprived of his or her liberty shall have the right to
prompt access to legal and other appropriate assistance, as well as the
right to challenge the legality of the deprivation of his or her liberty
before a court or other competent, independent and impartial authority,
and to a prompt decision on any such action.

A Special Message From Paula Flowe To Teachers Who Paddle:
Please listen to the following Radio shows for your message.
Follow up show to Nashia’s paddling, find out if Paula is playing the,
“Race card”
Miguel and the School Paid Terrorist:

Why Paddling Must Stop! A Change Up!
Instead of giving another story from the bag of stories of pro cp radical
zelots, I will give my fellow students advice on how to protect themselves
from legalized assault and battery as well as sanctioned sexual abuse

Advice to a student who asks: “How can we protect ourselves from corporal
punishment at school?”
September 2007

Your website is a useful tool for parents, teachers, healthcare
professionals, and others who need information regarding school corporal
punishment. However, there does not seem to be much information for
students. I would personally like to see some information on the site
about how students can avoid being physically battered at school. Do you
have any suggestions how I, as a high school student, can protect myself
and classmates from physical assault? Thanks in advance for your reply!

Advice 1. Jordan Riak:
Thank you for writing. I will try to give you some advice about how
students can protect themselves from being battered. I have been involved
with this issue for a long time, so I have a few ideas that might be

What to do when a paddling is imminent–When a student is informed that he or she is going to be paddled, and there’s no opportunity for argument or appeal, that student should calmly announce:


A plan for reforming the system
Try to recruit a few allies — a few classmates, a sympathetic teacher or
two, the school counselor, the school nurse, some parents. If nobody is
willing to cooperate, and you have to go it alone, it will be much harder.
But it’s not impossible. Ultimately, you will win this struggle. Keep in
mind, every important social reform began in the imagination of one
determined individual. No exceptions. Society stopped burning witches, not
because everybody awoke one morning believing it’s wrong, but because
somebody like you had the right idea, stuck to it, and found ways to make
others listen. Same for ending slavery, outlawing lynching, giving women
the vote, desegregating the schools, etc. Remember Rosa Parks?
Build a team of reasonable people who are capable of fairly evaluating the
evidence against corporal punishment. Our free, easy-to-read booklet,
“Plain Talk About Spanking,” will give them the essential tools to debate
the issue. Order a few copies to start, and let us know as you need more.
Everyone can also read Plain Talk online at
Don’t waste your time and energy arguing with people who believe hitting
students is a good thing. They only listen to each other’s nonsense. That
nonsense is often just a disguise for other motives, such as a craving for
power that can most easily be gratified by dominating and terrorizing
children or the fear that their lack of teaching skills will become
apparent the minute their weapons are taken away.
I began working on this issue many years ago when I had children enrolled
in schools that punished students by hitting them with a stick. I produced
a little leaflet that had some of the same ideas that are in Plain Talk,
and handed out copies at school board meetings and parent association
meetings. I gave copies to students as they boarded the school bus headed
home, telling them to read it and give it to their parents. The message
must have had an effect because that school stopped hitting kids. You can
do the same at your school. Imagine the effect it would have if every
parent of every student received a copy of “Plain Talk About Spanking”!
Feel free to use anything else you find useful on our Web site. Encourage
others to visit, read and learn. Let us know how it goes. And if you
develop new strategies that work, let us know about them so we can share
that information with others.
Jordan Riak, Exec. Dir., PTAVE

Advice 2. Jeff Charles:
Do Not Bend Over
Advice to a student who asks: “How can we protect ourselves from corporal
punishment at school?”
By Jeff Charles, September 14, 2007
Hi Sarah,
If there is any way possible, get out of the paddling school altogether!
Maybe your parents can move to a non-paddling district. Or if you are
extremely self-motivated and can find someone to work with you, home
schooling might be an option. You will have to follow a regular, approved
If you must stay in that school and work within the system, the simplest
message is: “DO NOT BEND OVER.” This is much easier if you have your
parents’ support, but even if you do not, you should refuse to cooperate
with assault and battery and sexual abuse. They will have to physically
manhandle you and pull you across the desk or chair if they wish to paddle
If students like you are silent, many adults who mean well will think
everything is OK. Or even if they recognize that paddling is not
completely OK, may still believe it is nothing too serious. However, I can
tell you from experience that if an adult hears a teen girl telling him or
her that she feels spanking and paddling are sexually perverted and a
sexual violation, you will change some minds and gain supporters. They may
have felt the same thing deep down, but thought it was only them and did
not know you felt it too.
You should speak to board members, students, and staff whenever you get
the chance, over and over, and never let up. You need to be far more
educated on the topic than they are, so you can lay to rest all the false
teachings used to support paddling. Write or obtain no-paddling pamphlets
and hand them out to friends and students (this may violate some schools’
rules). You may be able to form a teen club to develop nonviolent school
management techniques, such as an agreement to use only minor penalties
for minor violations (dress code, tardy, etc.) If your school has any
other clubs, Federal law may prevent the school from banning your club.
Try to generate some news stories to help get your message out.
Know that you are making a principled stand, and the benefit to you
individually may not outweigh the cost of trying to change a corrupt
system. You may be railroaded into artificially high and burdensome
In-School Suspensions (ISSs), where you may have to sit in a stuffy
basement, miss schoolwork (even to the point of failing a course for
someone on the edge), or have restricted restroom access, etc. This is
abusive and you are within your rights to protest. You could point out
that most schools in the US do not use paddling or ISS. ISS was originally
designed to be an alternative to out-of-school suspension for severe
violations, but in paddling schools it has come to be used for trivial
Consider not getting involved in any extra curricular activities (except a
club to end paddling!) — not cheer-leading, not sports, not the chess
club. The reasons are many, but chiefly these activities will be used to
coerce you to bend over. You will be forced to miss sports if you choose
alternative punishments, but not if you choose paddling. If you get
involved with activities and the other kids want you to participate, or
they tease you for being a “sissy” and not taking your paddling, the
pressure will work against your resolve. Often coaches themselves are
abusive paddlers and you may get extra swats for any offense.
If you get any press, save the clippings so when you apply to college, if
your GPA has been harmed by fighting paddling, you’ll have the clippings
to explain it. You may have to study harder on your own, maybe with tutors
or by attending junior college classes in summer, so that your ACT or SAT
scores will be far higher than what your GPA might suggest. It will be
further proof that your GPA was artificially harmed by your principled
stand against school paddling. If you do have to attend a “lesser” college
than you might have otherwise, I think you will be better off in the long
run. Many educated and outwardly successful people spend a lifetime
battling hidden demons resulting from paddling and abuse in schools.
The sad fact is most paddlers enjoy paddling, pretty much 100% in my view,
and they will blackball you and start nit-picking and writing you up for
things they never would have otherwise. They will make you the example to
deter other students from getting similar ideas. Realize that if they
didn’t enjoy paddling, as they claim, they could stack the deck against it
and schedule lesser detentions that did not remove students from classes
and sports or lower their GPA. Instead, they strongly coerce students to
bend over.
About one in 25 people* in the US, and I suspect about one in ten among
paddlers, is a sociopath with no conscience at all. They enjoy paddling
more if they know it causes lifetime harm. They seek out jobs where they
can employ sadism and power trips — and there is no better job on earth
than that of “school paddler”. They will act holy and innocent, while
secretly making your life hell. Still, there are some paddlers who need to
feel it is trivial and harmless. If they are doing no harm, so what if
they enjoy it? So when you make it not trivial and not harmless and not
funny, it directly challenges a necessary pillar of their justification.
In spite of the difficulties and negative consequences you will surely
encounter, I think in years to come you will be able to hold your head
higher than if you just bent over and took it. By attending a paddling
school you are already set up to have lifetime negative consequences, so
that is a given. Your only choice is which ones you want to buy into —
temporary restrictions and lower GPA or lifetime regret and hidden sex and
sadism fetishes? Even students who are not paddled are harmed by being in
an abusive environment, and many with lifetime spanking fetishes were
merely around paddling, not victims of it. Standing up to a corrupt system
shows your true strength!
Remember, too, the question isn’t whether you ever do something wrong, but
whether you should be forced to submit to quackery and physical and sexual
abuse when you do. There are certainly nonviolent and non-invasive ways to
discipline students that do not harm them, their grades, or the school’s
test scores. Discipline is teaching, not punishing. We don’t have to
reinvent the wheel, as even the highest paddling states have at least some
non-paddling school districts. Twenty-nine states and 109 countries have
already abolished school corporal punishment, and those schools do as well
or better educationally than those who still use it. This proves it is
never necessary.
I like a comment I heard some years ago, I think attributed to actor Kirk
Douglass to his sons: “Bend over backwards, but never bend over.” That is
a good attitude for high school and for life.

*Dr. Martha Stout, practicing psychologist and clinical instructor in the
department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, in her 2005 book, The
Sociopath Next Door.



Why you keep calling me names? I’m not in any kind of personal hell. So you are an Ozark native. I used to live in the Ozarks. Under the leadership of the schools, in Springfield, Missouri, many schools banned corporal punishment in the western part of the Ozarks–Southwest Missouri.

The newspapers there always printed–the best schools in Missouri are in the Southwest corner of the state. Recon a bunch of newspapers would lie. I liked the schools there. People didn’t complain about the public schools like they do in the south. Neither do they  where I live now in Iowa.

The church I served in the Ozarks was thirty miles from the Arkansas state line. It was one mile outside the city limits of a town with about five thousand citizens. Out of all the churches I’ve served, it was my favorite. I ask myself everyday—why did ever I leave?  It could be. It was meant for me to leave Missouri. I have one daughter married to an Iowan and another who may.

The minister who founded my former parish in the Ozarks was a Frenchman, originally from a village in the Alps. In one of the first letters he wrote back home to Europe, he stated clearly. “They call these hills around here mountains.”

You made some disparaging remarks about the looks of women in the Ozarks. My former church is full of beautiful women. Even the older are women are attractive.

I agree with you on something. I think Mr. Smith is a hothead. You said he reminded you of a character in Matrix movie. Bob T you must be young. My son watched those Matrix movies. I watched one with him. He thought it was great. I couldn’t make heads or tales out of the movie. It’s like the movie I saw the other night—Inception–starring Leonardo DiCaprio. It didn’t make a lick of sense to me. My son liked it.

Mr. Smith reminds me of Hector Barbossa in the movie the Pirates of the Caribbean. He has the personality of Berta on Two and A Half Men. Any man who says to a fifth grader, a ten year old child—“Your butt is mine”—is not much of a man. Sounds like a bully to me.

What are you doing with Fake Renee? Why are you conversing with her the way you do? She writes about the kids she whacks on with great joy. I thought you wanted to outlaw school corporal punishment.

You don’t need paddles in schools. I’ve seen schools which are nothing more than a failing school use corporal punishment. I’ve seen schools which are successful not use it. Most public schools districts in the south have very poor graduation rates. Corporal punishment is part of their problems.

My critics keep asking me–how would I discipline a child? I’m not sure except to say I would never paddle a child under any circumstance.

I concur with the 68% of the British parents of school age children who find “the idea totally disgusting.” I’m quoting from a British survey I found online.

It’s appalling to me. An educator would tell a child to spread your legs, bend over (stick your butt out), and then finish it off by beating a child on the butt.

Bob T tell us your real name. Don’t hide behind the computer like those cowardly teachers do. Tell us who you are. We have an assignment for you. Jestin and I want you to do a commentary on the  question posed to Fake Renee. Will TWP give an update on Miranda, Barbie and Matt and others you paddled last year? It can be found on Teacherswhpaddle Weblog dated August 14th. Quit trying to flirt with fake Renee and write for us.


Hey Doctor Dominum were did you come up with name like that? Sounds like the name of a character in a James Bond movie. You like 007. I’ve seen all 22 episodes. My favorite is You Only Live Twice

So you a psychologist. You do counseling with people. I don’t care what studies you site showing the benefits of striking a kid on the butt. School corporal punishment turns me off. It is absolutely disgusting. I’m not impressed by anything you had to say.

Tell your buddy, Prov. Nev. I’m still waiting for him to post Renee’s picture on the Battle of the Century. The way Bob T carries on with her. He thinks she is attractive.

A Word to Dr. Dominum:

I am in receipt of your comments and will publish them in our next post.
One thing that did jump out of me is the fact you repeated the, “Spanked
and turned out okay argument.” Go back about two posts, I did a section on
it and how using it as an excuse to beat children is just out right
ignorant and idiotic.


Why Paddling Must Stop! Save Me Mommy!

I was fortunate to meet a woman who has gone through so much in a year that many will never experience. She has decided to take a stance and
write her congressional leaders about the abuses she witness her children’s school under the name of discipline. The letter is below as well as a letter she sent to her school board and a letter to the editor she had published in the local paper where this occurred. Note to all: due to an agreement with the person in the story all names, except for school staff, will be changed to protect privacy, but an email address will be provided so you can ask her questions if you wish and to verify that this is a true person as Dr. Dominum thought about my last “Why Paddling Must Stop!” entries Her email is:

Dear Congressional Leaders,

I am writing to you in hopes that when you hear my story you will vote yes for HR-5628 to ban corporal punishment in schools and put a stop to this insanity once and for all. In November of 08 we moved from our home in Dallas to a 20 acre property in North Central Arkansas on what we hoped would become a small farm. Shortly after we moved, having two children who were then attending 1st grade at their small new school (they had to be in the same class because there was only one class for each grade) I learned that they used corporal punishment (Grandma had read it in the handbook and had to explain it to me what it was because I had never heard of it before).

I immediately called the school to inform them that it was never to be used on my children. Since they had no formal form I was told to write a
note stating I was declining its use and I sent it in with my children the very next day. So, that’s what I did and I let it go. Since my children had  previously attended an exemplary school in Texas, had never been in trouble at school even once and were straight A students I figured I had nothing to worry about anyway.

What I did notice during that year was that neither of my children
really liked school anymore and complained that the people at the school
were “mean” which was a big difference but I just chalked it up to a
change in environment and a passing phase.

So summer came and went and this year (2009) my youngest son, Michael, was starting Kindergarten. On the fifth day of school, Michael came home and told me his teacher was scaring him and crying, begged me not to
make him go back. “I just want to stay home with you mommy”, he cried
clinging to my waist. Well, I came to find out his teacher had brought a
paddle to the room and while they were all seated “on the carpet” she
showed it to the class, explained what it was and how it would be used
on them if they didn’t behave. She then left it on her desk in full view
of the children as a reminder.

Outraged at how this teacher was trying to control the children by using fear and intimidation, I met with the principal. As soon as I voiced my
objections, however, the principal became rude and hostile. She stated
that she had given the paddle to the teacher and fully endorsed her
actions and would do so again. Here are a few of the things she said and
I quote, “If she doesn’t get control of her classroom we won’t get our
test scores,” (little early to be worrying about test scores, don’t you
think, 5th day of school with Kindergartners). “For some children it’s
the only way to get their attention,” (how did they even have time to
get their attention in other ways?). “I’ve already had to paddle one kid
from that room,” (I wish you could have seen the look of triumph on her
face as she said that). “A lot of the kids in that room have never had
any formal discipline,” (apparently she considers using fear of violence
and violence itself “formal” discipline”). Finally, she told me point
blank that they were doing nothing wrong and that she had better things
to do with her time than discuss the matter any further with me and
referred me to her superintendent.

The next day I met with him and found out that he held the same beliefs and didn’t think it was a big deal. I stated at that time that I was
going to look for another school which I did. Editor’s note: After speaking with this woman over the phone, I discovered that two children were subsequently paddle before she moved to another district. One time a child bit another and another was paddled for hitting another student. Wonder where they got that from?

Approximately, 10 days later my children started at another school in a different county and school district. They used corporal punishment also
but according to corporal punishment incident records from the Arkansas
dept. of education they were using it much less. To make a rather long
story short, we did not find this school any more nurturing and finally
when the principal refused to sign my document that corporal punishment
was never to be used on my child (they didn’t have a form either) and
stated to me that asking my permission to beat my child was only a
courtesy the school board extended and that “legally” she could use it
on my child if she saw fit we were forced to move. Since there were no other schools within driving distance that weren’t hitting children, we left the state and moved back to our old school district in Texas. So much for that saying that America is “the land of the free” when some parents with school age children have to pick and choose where they live in order to have safe schools.

In summary, I want to tell you that both my children and myself have
been harmed by this experience. I can not adequately describe in a letter what we went through but I can tell you that as a mother it is the worst feeling in the world to have to send your children off to school in the morning and wonder what harm will befall them while they  are there.


Please read the letter below that I wrote to the editor in that town to
confirm that leaving it up to the school boards and state is an utterly
irresponsible thing to do. I uncovered discrepancies in the number of
incidences they were reporting and they were never even investigated for
it. Lies that they are using it as a last resort abound. (not that I would approve of that) Don’t believe them! The educators that are using corporal punishment are very sick and dangerous individuals! You are in a position to put a stop to it, right now, and if you do not, I confer that you also should be held responsible and accountable for the next assault on a school child by their educators. If you would like to speak to me in person please email me with the number and time. I would be more than happy to tell you all I know.

Dear Editor,

I became concerned with corporal punishment (CP) in the Marshall County school district (MCSD) after my son in his first week of Kindergarten
this year came home and told me that his teacher was scaring him and he
didn’t want to go to school anymore. Upon questioning, he then told me
his teacher screamed all the time and had showed his class a large wooden paddle and explained that it could be used on children who didn’t behave. She then kept the paddle in full view of the children on her desk. Outraged at how she was trying to control her classroom by intimidation and the fear of punishment, I tried to address the issue with school officials. Since they stated they were in complete support of this type of teacher behavior and became defensive and outright hostile in my questioning their disciplinary tactics, I decided to investigate. Here is what I found.

According to records on the Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) website, during the 2007/2008 school year, there were a total of 394
reported incidences of CP in all Searcy County schools. That same year
neighboring Stone County reported 125. It should be noted that Stone County had just 46 less students that year then Searcy County did. On
this same document under the heading of “other discipline” Stone County
reported 542 and Searcy County reported 6. Well, due to the huge
differences between the two counties, my investigation continued.

First, I ranked each of the 75 counties in Arkansas by dividing
the reported numbers of CP incidences with the number of enrolled
students. What I found was according to records from the ADE website,
Searcy County came in 8th and Stone county came in 29th per capita with
#1 being the county that used it the most. I then requested the CP records from the MCSD. True to form, they completely ignored my request until I was advised by ADE to send them a certified letter quoting my freedom of information. What I received were the CP records broken down into years and the 3 schools that comprise MCSD. According to their own records and admission, in this school district alone that only consists of a little over half of all students in Searcy County there were 616 incidences of corporal punishment in 2007/2008. But what of the figure on the ADE website that reports 394 as a combined number of all the schools in Searcy county? Was it an oversight on behalf of the people who combined the data? Or did they
intentionally not report their actual numbers? (I tried to investigate this but it looks like no one wants to give out the information I need to do that. One word for that “cover-up”) If I rate MCSD like I did counties and divide the number of CP incidences by the number of students they will claim 1st place in all of Arkansas in the race to hit as many children as they possibly can. I leave you with these questions. Is CP being used as a last resort or first? Are the children of Searcy County more than 5 times more likely to misbehave to the point of warranting CP than the children of Stone County? Why at one elementary school in this district during the 2006/2007 school year were there 18 reported CP incidents and then during 2007/2008 it jumps to 69 and 61 in 2008/2009? What the hell happened? Did a busload of juvenile delinquents suddenly move to the area all at once or maybe a planetary cosmic shift affecting this county alone could explain it? Or maybe, a new principle that started in 2006 took it easy the first year while she got her
bearings and the next year when she felt acclimated went on a CP rampage
to satisfy her need for power by punishing as many children as possible?
At another elementary school, the reported number of CP incidents went
from105 in 2006/2007 and 96 in 2007/2008 to 168 in 2008/2009. Guess
what? A new principle was hired that year. So what is it that’s causing
Searcy County Schools to have such high CP incidences, more misbehavior
from children or a preference by principles to solve behavioral problems
through force? Just so you know, Marshall High School has had the same
principle since 1995 and their CP numbers don’t change much from year to
year. I hope the fact that there are consistently more CP incidents per
year than there are students at this school doesn’t alarm anyone. Just
for fun, you might ask any student who’s gotten it from him whether he
seems to enjoy it. If anyone would like to see the report that I’m
getting my information from just email me and I’ll be more than happy to
forward it to you.
(end of letter)

Editor’s Note: After speaking to this woman, I soon discovered that Searcy County is one of the poorest counties in all of Arkansas and in the neighboring counties that have money, it is banned. Does it make you
wonder that possibly that the United States school system has a class level. All minority, poor, special needs, and gay students get a taste of the wooden board and all the rich, middle class white children who are slated to be our future rocket scientist and movie stars, don’t lay a finger on them. Does it make you wonder?

From Amanda To Teachers Who Paddle:
One more thing, when I went to pick up my children on their last day at this school I asked to see the paddle that they had no problem displaying to my 5 year old child. I was shown one like it out of the COLLECTION of paddles on a shelf in the principals office. The first three she tried to show me were broken. “Oh wait a minute, this one is broken, oh this one is too, here’s one, no, it’s cracked, here we go, here’s a good one” she said. Now you tell me how a paddle that size, not one, not two, but three get broken by using it to hit elementary children. Please email me ASAP and explain that to me. Here is one more letter, as at that time, I pulled out a camera and tried to photograph the paddle but was denied the opportunity as the principal grabbed the paddle and stated “we don’t allow that” and that she had shown the paddle to me in good confidence and now I had “betrayed” her.

Letter to superintendent: for clarification
Mr. Vining is the superintendent
Mrs. Bohannan is the principal
Mrs. Baysinger is the Kindergarten teacher

Mr. Vining,

You have, no doubt, heard from Mrs. Bohannan by now regarding my
requests to be provided to me by your school district. Just so you are
absolutely clear about them, I am taking the time to request them in

First of all, I would like to view and photograph the very paddle that
was shown to my 5 year old son by his teacher at. Leslie Elementary. I
would have been satisfied to have a photo of the paddle I viewed today
because as Mrs. Bohannon stated “it was exactly like the other one”, but
since Mrs. Bohannon refused my photograph, I’m now inclined to see the
same one. Honestly, I have to tell you I was shocked at her reaction to
my photographic request, after all, during my first conference with her
she admitted that Mrs. Baysinger came into her office asking for a
paddle and after explaining to Mrs. Bohannon what she intended to do
with it, Mrs. Bohannon whole heartily gave it to her and fully endorsed
those actions and she would do so again. Indeed, during that same
conference, Mrs. Bohannon clearly stated to me she had already used it
to paddle a child in my son’s kindergarten class. So if she has no
problem showing it to a group of kindergartens and using it on their
bottoms, why on earth would she be distressed over my photographing it.
I suppose I missed a photo opportunity, during the days when Mrs.
Baysinger left it on her desk in full view of kindergartners as a
reminder to behave. I could have gotten a picture of my son standing
next to it. I have to tell you that I would have seen the right paddle
but would you believe it was still in the classroom three weeks after I
expressly requested to have it removed from the same room my son would
spend the day in. As a parent I don’t allow my children to even be in
the vicinity of a weapon. You should know that in this day and age if
you tried to board an airplane with a paddle in your hand they will
certainly inform you that they consider it a weapon as well and refuse
you. Mostly, however I was just completely mystified as to why it was
still in the kindergarten room when I thought I had come to the
agreement with Mrs. Baysinger over a week ago, that it was no longer to
be kept there.

If you would be so kind as to inquire to Mrs. Bohannan, I’m was more
than a little confused today when she said I had betrayed her because I
didn’t tell her ahead of asking to see the paddle that I intended to take a quick snapshot of it and of course, I didn’t when she asked me not to. Honestly, as much as it is taken down and used around there, I thought it would be about as big a deal as a snapshot of a teacup, after all, when I came to even you with this issue of the paddle you made it quite clear that you intended to do nothing about it. Well, I certainly do apologize but as for betrayal, well that’s going a bit far.

If anyone has the right to cry betrayal, I should think it would be me.
After my meeting just last week with Mrs. Baysinger and Mrs.Bohannon, I
thought they understood my position on using fear and intimidation by
displaying the paddle and actually inflicting pain to control the behavior of kindergarten children. I have to say that I left that meeting quite hopeful that they would try to do better and seek out some better alternatives only to learn a few days later that yet another kindergarten child had been paddled and today I find out the paddle is still in the classroom. Now listen here, if she wants to cry betrayal, I can talk about that all day.

First off, did I not entrust my children to your school only to find
they had been threatened with violence and subjected to intimidation and
fear? That is betrayal. Do you not claim that this year, this school would teach compassion as it’s main theme? Now here is the biggest betrayal of all, not just to me as a parent but to the children. How can you claim to teach compassion when you won’t show it? Let me remind you of the definition of the word compassion. It is defined as “sympathetic consciousness of others’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it”. If your idea of alleviating distress is beating a 5 year old child with a long wooden object, then I have news for you, you will never teach compassion to anyone and you should not disguise yourself as someone who can.

Now then, I will need to see your every record of corporal punishment performed on a child in all your elementary schools for the 2007/2008 and up to date this year. I will need the age and/or grade level of the child and the date it happened. If there is a child who was the recipient of more than one paddling, you will need to indicate that to  me as well, for example, child X, grade 1, on such and such dates. If there was more than one paddling in a day to the same child you will need to show it. Example, child X, date, 2 times. You should have it to me by Monday morning September 28th at the latest.  You want to play hardball with 5 year olds? Fine, now you can play hardball with me. Let’s see who’s got the bigger paddle.


In response to your email that if the board did not approve my transfer
I would need to return my children to your school at that time, it will
never happen and you are barking up the wrong tree if you think it will!
(end of letter)
Editor’s Note:
Amanda speaking: Just so you know my request for their corporal punishment records was completely ignored until I sent them a certified letter and then all I got was the number of incidences per year, per school which didn’t match what they had reported to the Dept. of Education, they were much much HIGHER! Yes well, they are not the smartest educators on the block either are they?

Editor’s Note: I discovered that she wrote an additional letter to the
editor of a man who assaulted students at the local secondary school. This
was what she called, “The straw that broke the cammel’s back.” After this
incident, she moved back to Texas to a school district that doesn’t dish
it out.

To the Editor,

After reading the comments posted online at this week
regarding the incident of assault at Mountain View School by a volunteer
music instructor, I was utterly appalled. That there are so many people
in this community who supported the comments and I quote, “feel sorry
for the instructor” “he did a good job” “some of the kids I’ve seen at schools need to be smacked”, “ashamed that their kids are so unworthy” is nothing short of despicable.

To even suggest that a child should be held responsible for an adult’s
violent behavior toward them is positively obscene and yet it is this mentality the school district undeniably supports and endorses every
time it allows their principals to carry out an act of violence in the disguised form of disciplinary corporal punishment.

As a mother of 3 elementary students, I have no respect for anyone who
would beat a child – period, much less with an archaic barbaric wooden
instrument of torture called a ‘paddle’. That this is still happening anywhere in any school defies all decency and those that support its use are blatantly supporting child abuse. Just the fact alone that in 30 states and 21 countries this type of behavior will land you in jail speaks for itself. If anyone else is responsible for what happened last week it is this school system’s imbecilic support of violence against children and not the children’s supposedly unruly behavior.

For those of you who will comment back to me quoting the proverbial
“spare the rod” verse out of the Bible, don’t bother; it wouldn’t take me five minutes to find a religious text to justify anything – including murder.

Facts stand that corporal punishment is damaging to children and anyone who uses it is committing an act of savage premeditated violence. If you must comment, please show me the documented evidence that corporal
punishment in schools is beneficial to children. Go ahead and try to find some because there isn’t enough room in this entire newspaper to quote the number of legitimate studies that evidence the numerous negative and debilitating lifelong effects the children who endure such humiliation may suffer.


To join the growing number of enlightened people against corporal
punishment in schools please email

Submitted on 3/29/2010 to Stone County Leader as a Letter to the
Editor by its writer, Amanda,  mother of three
children that attend Timbo Elementary