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Comment Posts:
If you disagree with this weblog, that is okay. 
Unlike Teachers Who Paddle, who tailor their website 
to fit their agenda, 
we are open to a discussion 
concerning corporal punishment. 
Any can post a comment, 
even teacherswhopaddle.  

This week I’m giving out awards 
to Teachers who paddle. 
Those arrogant, self-righteous women who run the
creepy weblog Teacherswhopaddle. 
They can give out awards so why can’t I?.

to fake Michelle & fake Mr. Smith
Now remember, all the names 
on their weblog are aliases. 
So I refer to them as fake. 
In fake Michelle’s fire drill story, 
she spanked a handicap boy. 
The sadist (fake Mr. Smith) watched 
her whack the boy.  
Consider how the story  transpires. 
In fake Michelle’s own words:

----Rob had to be punished. 
I silently nodded and then Mr. Smith added, 
“In this case, 
I believe you should administer this…” 
He then handed me Wendy’s old “Take Along” paddle 
that she asked Renee to “get rid of”.
(Sounds like the thoughts of a pervert.)

---I had Rob bend over a chair-----
(The same thing perverts 
tell their subjects to do. 
She got herself a good look 
at the boy’s clothed butt.)

I lined the top edge of the impact 
area of the paddle with the 
top edge of the back pockets. 
Then, I held the paddle back 
at a 90 degree angle and swung it, 
mostly with my right forearm—
(Again exact same thing a pervert does.)

(A word often used on pornography sites.)

Here’s where Mr. Smith earns 
his the sadist reward—consider t
he words of this educator as told by fake Michelle. 

When Rob turned around, Mr. Smith erupted, 
“If I didn’t feel that adding 
a couple more of my own would upset 
Mrs. …., you would get exactly that! And ANY
more trouble out of you -Your butt’s mine!
…Out of my office!”
(Inappropriate comments to say 
to an elementary student. 
No wonder so many of our kids use foul language. 
Does the school board know he says 
those kinds of things to fourth graders?)

Fake Michelle concludes.
Mr. Smith told me in no uncertain 
terms that he thought my paddling 
was rather mild and 
to send Rob to him 
if he gave me any more trouble.

Mr. Smith was not content with Rob hurting, 
He wanted to hurt Rob some more. 
Just like what sadists like to do—
see their subjects hurt more. 
Fake Michelle tell Mr. Smith I think 
he’s a coward. 
Does he think he’s some big tough man? 
He feels macho when he swings 
a paddle at a child. 
I would love to have a debate  
with him--meet him face to face, 
look him right in the eye, 
and have an intense debate 
over corporal punishment in schools.

I would like to debate you Michelle. 
I went to college in Alabama too, 
the University of South Alabama. 
The education department at USA didn’t 
condone corporal punishment 
when I attended there many years ago. 
I’m sure they still don’t. 
I don’t believe for a minute 
they condone corporal punishment 
in the Education Department 
at the University of Alabama. 
You graduated in 2006. 
I found a list of 2006 graduates 
from the college of education.  
Do they know they have a graduate 
who participates in a weblog called 
I have plans to send your spanking stories 
to them to see how they would handle it. 
There website is open to anyone who wishes 
to contact them, unlike yours. 

Tell the coward Mr. Smith 
to email me at my hotmail 
We’ll get us a
good internet debate going.    

THE ADOLF HITLER AWARD goes to fake Michelle. 
She paddled a handicapped child. 
By her own words she described him 
as borderline ADHD. 
Most likely he’s a kid with 
a learning disability 
and will be in special education of some kind 
for the rest of his school days. 

Hitler wanted to get rid of the handicapped. 
Michelle’s way of handling 
the handicapped is to beat and torture them. 
I think Hitler and 
fake Michelle travel down similar paths.

THE DUMB AWARD goes to fake Renee, fake Wendy, fake
Michelle, and fake Jenny. One of their heroes 
is Larry Langford, former mayor of Birmingham, Alabama. 
He’s a crook. One of the crudest politicians 
ever elected to office in Alabama. 
He’s in prison for fifteen years for 
embezzling millions of dollars. 
They like him because he supports 
corporal punishment in schools--
so did Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, are they your heroes too?
I would also like to add fake Wendy 
for jumping the gun on paddling 
a boy who she thought placed 
KKK in black ink on school property 
and she found out it wasn’t him
(We will be covering that story next week.)

Concluding thoughts:
If you are an adventurous person, 
can you find a story on a porn site similar 
to the ones told on teacherswhopaddle? 
We’re looking for one which uses 
the same words and terminology?  
We need to do a comparison. 
Also, if you are really a good computer expert, 
go to the FaceBook group page entitled, 
“Bring Back Spanking in Schools” 
and see if you can trace 
the origins of the pictures they are using. 
I’m almost a hundred percent 
sure they come from porn sites.

Teachers Who Paddle’s Point Of View 
On Memphis Academy Of Health Sciences 
Like I promised last week, 
I want to share with you the position 
that Teachers Who Paddle takes 
on the beating ritchual 
of Memphis Academy Of Health Sciences. 
Here’s their first reaction on October 17, 2009.

As to paddling students in front of other students -TWP does not favor it. (TWP will do a feature on a Memphis, Tennessee school next week.)

Well, that sounds fair enough, 
but look how they reacted 
the next week when The Hitting Stops 
Here came out to protest the beating 
rituals of this school


A while back, I (Renee) ran across a story on the website (file #21229) about “mass paddlings” given in front of the entire student body at a Memphis city charter school. The Memphis city schools abolished paddling a few years ago but this school operates independently from the city district. (One of the better school systems in the state of Tennessee is the suburban county district that DOES use c.p. -Shelby County, Tennessee)

…members of a California based “anti-corporal punishment” group stood outside the Memphis Academy of Health Sciences. They handed out flyers and talked to parents about paddling, which the group calls legalized child abuse. The group is called “The Hitting Stops Here.”…But many parents don’t mind.
…the school
incorporated corporal punishment and says behavior problems have diminished significantly. Faculty members also stress to that Memphis Academy of Health Sciences is a charter school. Parents choose to enroll their children there and before they do, they know about the disciplinary procedures.

So, let me get this straight: Someone whines about c.p. in a charter school that kids have to apply to get in or are on waiting lists for openings. Then dear Paula Flowe and companion fly cross country to do a two-person protest in front of the school. And to top it off -Many parents APPROVE of the school policy.


Well, I guess Paula had some frequent flyer mileage to “use or lose”.

Hint to Ms. Paula Flowe: Your “movement” is in a MELTDOWN mode!

2nd Hint: Tennesee is NOT California! So, wise up!

3rd Hint: Paula dear, just because your “organization of 2″ shows up doesn’t mean people will gravitate to YOUR way of thinking.

IMHO -I think thehittingstopshere is beginning to look like the Titanic, except the latter HAD paddles.

It sounds as if Teachers Who Paddle is very ignorant on how students are paddled at this school. Let me explain it to everybody, so they get a better understanding.

Note: All of this information comes from two former students who attended this school.

Every Friday, Memphis Academy of Health Sciences holds an assembly called, “Chapel.” In this odd ritchual, all the children who have deamed to be, “bad,” are paraded on stage while the rest watch from the auditorium. Girls are either paddled by a female administrater or if she is not available, Mr. Weathers takes a 2 inch leather strap and whips the hands of the ladies in his care. They must take up to 10 blows and if anyone moves her hand during the hand beat ritchual, the count starts over. No girl is able to continue classes until the hand beating ritchual is complete. The gentlemen are paddled by Mr. Weathers. First, Mr. Weathers touches the backsides of all the gentlemen to see if they have padded themselves with extra clothing, toilet paper, etc, if there is anything, they must remove it first. Then, Mr. Weathers hoist the young men by the back of their belt loops. Since you are proponents for paddling students for bullying, who’s going to paddle Mr. Weathers for this form of sexual bullying called, “Giving a wedgie.” After that, they also must take ten blows to the buttocks, a sexual zone that science has proven to cause sexual confusion, spanking fetishes, depression, increased aggression, and a host of other harmful side effects. I also forgot to add, this is the only time that jeering, laughing, finger pointing, and taunting is tolerated by the audience, while others watch their best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, or even family member get it from Mr. Weathers or this female administrater. After knowing all of this information, I’m surprised you reacted this way. As for our campaigning breaking down, that is so far from the truth. In a few weeks, corporal punishment will be banned and you will be left calling yourselves, Teachers Who USE To Paddle. We are stronger than ever. Finally, After criticizing us for our writing, it’s quite ironic you made spelling errors of your own.

Good Going! At least I don’t make it the cornerstone of my argument. I site fact and not opinion, like what you have to rely on because the scientific community isn’t on your side of the fence.

For those in favor of having this practice banned, I would like to advise everyone to sign this petition. Your congressional leaders and President Obama will hear your message. The link is below.


american_school_corporal_punishment To learn more about the beating practices conducted by Memphis Academy please visit this link

Note: listen to the student interview on this page.

Why Paddling Must Stop!

Behind the closed door of one Dallas middle school classroom
Two children describe what Coach does to them.

Information courtesy of End Violence Against The Next Generation, Inc.
In order to protect privacy, fictitious names have been substituted here.

My name is Rodney Ellis. I live in Dallas, Texas. My date of birth is October 9, 1982. I am a student at _______ in the Dallas Independent School District.

I am a student of Coach’s science class. Nearly every day since the end of September this year, I have been paddled by Coach. I have a weak kidney and have to go to the restroom very often. When I ask Coach if I can go to the restroom he says I can get a lick. When Coach paddles me he makes me bend over and grab my ankle with one hand and hold my private parts with my other hand.

Coach never gives a verbal warning. He just gets the paddle and gives licks if you’re talking or are out of your seat.

Date: November 9, 1995
Signed: Rodney Ellis

My name is Dolores Hurtado. I live in Dallas, Texas. My date of birth is August 24, 1983. I am a student at _______ in the Dallas Independent School District.

About a month ago, I was in my sixth period science class which is taught by Coach. I was talking with other students when Coach told me I owed him two licks. I asked why and he said it was for talking. Coach lets other students give us licks so several of them had their hands up to volunteer to give me licks. Coach told Grace Henshaw to do it. She was not one of the students who raised their hand. Grace gave me one lick. Coach asked me if I wanted the other lick now or later. I told him later. Jeff Hunt was the student who gave me the second lick.

Date: November 9, 1995
Signed: Dolores Hurtado



Wade and Jestin