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Jestin Samson, director of SAFEPASS, 
has contributed to this weblog 
from the very beginning. 
As a matter of fact, 
he’s the blogger for this site. 
His uncle passed away to
 whom he had a close 
relationship with. 
We should be in prayer 
for him and his family. 

My sister lives on the Gulf Coast. 
I used to reside there. 
People are suffering there 
because of the terrible oil spill. 
I know several people 
who make their living on the ocean. 
We should remember these people 
in our prayers. 

Also remember our troops deployed 
in Afghanistan and Iraq. 
I have two church members 
in the Marines who are stationed 
in Afghanistan.  
They see themselves as peacekeepers. 
May we pray for the safe return 
of all our troops, 
and they will succeed in bringing peace. 

For some good news, 
the Memphis City School Board 
decided to side on 
the side of scientific evidence 
by shooting down a possible revival 
of corporal punishment. 
Looks like it’s going to stay dead for a while!


I laughed. 
A man once asked me. 
“Are you a victim 
of corporal punishment in schools?” 
Never have I thought of myself as a victim 
of anything. Unless it’s my son, 
he graduated it 2009. 
I’ve tried everything to persuade him--
he needs to go to college, 
but he has this foolish notion in his head 
that he can make a living with music. 
He’s a very good musician. 
He won the Louie Armstrong award as a senior, 
meaning he was the best musician in his school.  
I’ve explained to him the only way 
you can make a living with music is to teach, 
and he’s anything but a teacher. 

Now should we call someone 
who is on the receiving 
end of corporal punishment a victim? 
I choose to refer to them in that manner. 
I grew up in a day and time 
where everybody spanked their children. 
Same way at school for the most part, 
few schools didn’t use corporal punishment 
back in those days. 
When I was in elementary school, 
almost everyday 
I heard the sounds of someone being paddled 
in the hallway. 
Only a couple of times did 
I witness a paddling first hand  
in my years as an elementary school student.

When I was in the first grade, 
I was ambling on down the hallway, 
returning from lunch. 
A second grade teacher 
had three girls out in the hallway. 
The hallway was crowded. 
At the time in my young life, 
those second grade girls 
looked all grown up. 
She paddled all three of them 
over their dresses. 
A dress was the only thing a girl 
wore to school back in those days. 
She spanked the devil out of those girls. 
I still have images of the black 
headed witch swinging the paddle 
hard at those girls. 
They must have been tough. 
They didn’t whimper, cry, flinch, 
or make one little sound. 
They just stood there and let her beat them.

A couple of years later, 
a boy one desk in front of me, 
was told to stand. 
The brunette battle-ax 
beat him hard, ten times in my estimation. 
He cried. He buried his face 
in his arms on the desk, 
and sobbed loudly. 
I don’t know what he did.

It happened to me twice in the fifth grade. 
Five of us guys stepped out in the hallway 
at the wrong time. 
The principal lined us up in front of her office 
and paddled all five of us. I thought I was tough. 
I didn’t cry, moan or make any sound, 
but one of the guys made fun of me—“You flinched.”  
So what? You have a right to scream or holler 
or cry or flinch or do something, 
if someone is beaten on your anatomy.  
The second time I was spanked was for staying in
the restroom too long.  
I was a victim of Corporal Punishment three times 
in Jr. High School. It never happened to me 
in high school. 
I went to Davidson High School in Mobile, Alabama, 
big ole school had between 1800 and 2000 students. 
I was naughty but I just blended in with the crowd.    
I tell you these stories because even today, 
many years later, 
I still have negative memories 
and thoughts about teachers who paddled me. 
It’s not emotional. 
I never cried when it happened, 
and I don’t cry now. 
I don’t have nightmares over it. 
But it’s a nagging negativity. 
I have no pleasant thoughts of those people. 
Why would an educator want 
to be remembered this way? 
It doesn’t make a bit a sense to me. 
I always said if I ever meet a teacher 
who paddled me again, I would make it a point 
to confront him/her straight forward 
about their abusive ways. 
It’s too late for that now. 
I’m sure they are all dead. 
I hope when they meet 
their maker the Lord will make 
them look into the face of every child they struck.  

Paddling is particularly hard on females. 
My last year of junior high, the ninth grade, 
my friend’s girlfriend was 
a victim of corporal punishment. 
I don’t know what rule she violated. 
She was petite and pretty.  
My friend said. “She cried and cried and cried.” 
Months after it happened she cried according 
to my friend. 
At the end of the school year 
we had a dance in a community center. 
She was crying. I asked
my friend. “Is your girlfriend alright?” 
He shook his head. “Something made her think a
bout the paddling she got at the beginning 
of the school year. She gets very upset 
every time she thinks about it.” 
No girl is that naughty. 
She should be crying 
all year about something she did wrong. 
This took place in Dothan, Alabama 
at Young Junior High School. 
The school is no longer in existence. 
I was never a freshman in high school.  
After my ninth grade year of Junior High School, 
the company my dad worked for transferred him, 
first to Long Beach Mississippi then 
to Mobile, Alabama.  
I started to school in Mobile as a sophomore.  
After my family moved, 
I never saw this girl again 
but I would be willing to bet 
she still can’t talk 
about the paddling she received 
in the ninth grade without crying.  

This reminds me of a Kenny Chesney song, 
Don’t Blink. 
It’s a song about how fast life passes us by. 
Don’t blink teachers who paddle. 
You paddle a nine year old. 
You blink, he’s out of school 
and he’s nineteen. 
What will he think of you? 
You blink again. He’s twenty nine. 
What will he think of you? 
Any kid you paddle will grow into an adult. 
He could carry bad memories of you 
for the rest of his life. 
Or do teachers who paddle 
even care what others think of them?


I scanned through the perverted 
weblogs of Teachers Who Paddle. 
Arrogantly, they assert, a parent shouldn’t 
be alarmed at a paddle. 
They shouldn’t be concerned or upset.

Parents wake up--don’t let these teachers 
beat your children. 
The kind of instruments they are using, 
you would never use on your child. 
It’s estimated most parents still spank their children, 
but they would never use 
the kind of blank instruments a teacher uses. 
Every year, there are thousands of kids 
left with bruises and abrasions 
because of these sadists. 
Some of these children are only seven, 
eight, nine years old. 
The teacher is a foot taller than the kid. 
These teachers do not care about your children. 
All they care about is a momentary 
moment of quietness. 
Teachers do not spank children they beat them. 
Just read the story I examined a few weeks ago. 
Fake Renee swung a paddle with both hands 
at a child. In Fact, this child is 
actually close to being a grown woman.  

Prof N:
I’ve seen your other posts 
on other websites 
and you are no better 
at the name calling 
as you accuse us of being. 
For example, 
calling my partnership with Paula Flowe as, 
“Puppy love,” and telling Paula to, 
“Watch out.” 
Your level of intellectual dishonesty  
is just off the chain.

To Be honest, 
it doesn’t cease to amaze me a
bout the readiness of people 
who don’t know what they 
are talking about loving to talk. 
You may call yourself an intellectual, 
but being associated to Teachers Who Paddle, 
\who resort to antidotal evidence 
and outright lies to support their primitive 
views brings your stock down the drain. 
I would like to advise our readers 
to look at the comment thread 
that we had with Prof N on 
our previous post and come back for our side.
Funny enough that Prof N has 
accused us of not being 
up front of who we are. 
We are telling the whole truth 
of who we are. 
We’ve got nothing to hide. 
Prof N, reveal yourself. 
We already have, 
in the name of honesty and fairness, 
it’s only right you do the same.

Here is the letter 
that Prof N is referring to: 


I’ve been a pastor 
in the Presbyterian Church (USA) 
for almost twenty five years. 
I served for the past nine years 
in a rural church in Central Iowa. 
I’m originally from the 
sovereign state of Alabama. 
I’m a one man wrecking crew 
trying to do what I can to 
outlaw corporal punishment 
in schools nationwide.    

It seems to me Corporal Punishment 
is out of control. 
Some principals paddle children 
for breaking the dress code. 
This recently happened in Oxford, Alabama. 
A male principal paddled 17 cute teenage girls 
dressed in their prom clothes. 
One girl chose to be suspended instead of paddled. 
This misguided principal said 
she could have a make-up paddling if she dressed 
in her prom dress…sounds odd to me. 
In some town in Mississippi, 
a principal paddled sixty boys because 
they didn’t have their shirts tucked in. 
Another school in Alabama a male principal 
gave a cute teenage girl a choice to be paddled 
or going to alternative school 
because she had a cell phone in her lap 
on the school bus.  
There is something about school paddling 
that is down right disgusting. 
Every school day in America, 
a grown man gets behind a closed door with 
a cute teenage girl and 
orders her to expose in a vulnerable way 
a part of her body she keeps covered up, 
actually a sexy part her body. 
When I think about it, 
I want to throw up. 
Even with a witness 
it is downright appalling. 
There is nothing Christian 
or wholesome about this practice.               

There is a bill soon to be introduced 
in congress by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy 
of New York to outlaw 
corporal punishment nationwide. 
I encourage you to vote 
in favor of this bill. 
Being from Iowa, you know, 
Corporal Punishment has been 
outlawed for a number of years. 
Yet, Iowa has some of the best, 
if not the best schools in America. 
You know that too. 
We’re very proud of our educational record. 
My youngest child will graduate 
from high school in one month. 
I’ve already had three other children who
graduated from the Gladbrook/Reinbeck District 
in Tama and Grundy County.  
Iowa school districts show you don’t need
corporal punishment to have a successful school. 

Look at this poll done by ABC news. 
It is five years old, 
but I think it shows the sentiment 
of the American people. 

The public by a 2-1 margin approves 
of spanking children in principle, 
and half of parents say they sometimes 
do it to their own kids, an ABC NEWS poll found. 
But an overwhelming majority disapproves 
of corporal punishment in schools. 

Sixty-five percent of Americans 
approve of spanking children, 
a rate that has been steady since 1990. 
But just 26 percent say grade-school 
teachers should be allowed to spank 
kids at school; 
72 percent say it shouldn't be permitted, 
including eight in 10 parents of

Indeed, even among adults 
who spank their own child, 
67 percent say grade-school teachers 
should not be permitted to spank children at school. 

At Home

Among parents with minor children at
home, 50 percent report 
that they sometimes spank their child, 
while 45 percent
do not. That's about the same 
as it was in a Gallup poll a decade ago.

Spanking Approval
Approve of spanking children 

 Yes:  65%
    No: 31%

Think spanking should be permitted in school 

  Yes: 26%
No: 72%

There are big regional differences in spanking. 
Among Southerners, 62 percent of parents 
spank their kids; that drops to 41 percent 
in the rest of the country. Similarly, 73 percent 
of Southerners approve of spanking children, 
compared to 60 percent elsewhere. 

Even in the South, though, 
just 35 percent think spanking should 
be allowed in the schools. Support for spanking
in the schools is about the same, 
31 percent, in the Midwest, 
falling to 19 percent in the West 
and 13 percent in the East. 

One other difference in spanking 
is among education groups. 
Among parents with college degrees, 
just 38 percent spank their kids; 
among less-educated parents, it's 55 percent.

The U.S. Department of Education has reported 
that school-sanctioned spanking 
is most prevalent in Southern states - Mississippi, Arkansas, 
Alabama, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Louisiana. 
There are no state laws against spanking, 
although 27 states have policies against the practice 
and this year Pennsylvania is debating becoming the 28th. 
Spanking in schools is currently allowed 
in 23 states (although in many districts parents 
who object can withhold permission for school personnel 
to spank their kids).
(This story was from 2005, 
thus 27 states banned school corporal punishment. 
Currently, it’s down to 20 states)

I don’t want my federal tax dollars 
going into any of those 
school districts 
that practice corporal punishment. 
I think most Americans agree with me. 
Eventually you’ll either have to 
end corporal punishment 
or reduce the federal funds 
sent to these school districts 
to reflect the will of those who 
are against it. 
Soon, the majority of Americans 
are going to cry out loud 
and hard to end corporal punishment in schools.  

If you can’t out law corporal punishment 
all-together, pass laws where no grown 
man can order a teenage girl 
behind closed doors, 
to expose in a vulnerable way 
a sexy part of her body. 
If a school district is going 
to use the repulsive practice 
of corporal punishment, 
it should be same sex. 
Females paddle females and males paddles males. 
That will eliminate any suspicions 
of sexual abuse. 
And there should be a law now making 
it an act of assault 
for any school official who would spank 
a child in special education.  
My oldest child is autistic 
and I’m very sensitive to this issue. 
Think about it and pray about it.

May God richly bless you in your service to our nation.

Rev. Wade Ditty

We were fortunate enough for the 
Holladays to contact 
The Hitting Stops Here! 
We spoke to the wife of the principal 
and they told us to remove the materials 
from our website, including 
the article from the Spoof website. 
They both said they would cooperate with us 
and give us their side of the story. 
So far we have no notice. 
Here is a letter from Paula Flowe, 
director of the organization.


Hi Wade,

Please tell the author of the letter 
(Prof N) that we contacted the principal.  
We told him that we will be very happy 
to remove the story given the opportunity 
to hear his side of the story.  
We informed his wife as well 
in a lengthy conversation. 
They have since ignored our 
attempts to support their clearing their names.

It was clearly stated to 
them that if what was printed 
and told on state and national 
news was untrue, 
we would do a write up 
and support of clearing their names.

Neither the wife nor husband 
have responded to our offer to date, 
though it still stands.

Feel free to forward this message 
to the person inquiring and 
he may send this to the Holladays as well.

Thank you for your good work 
and God bless you for 
your concern regarding 
the mistreatment of our American school children.

Best regards,
Paula Flowe, Exec. Director
The Hitting Stops Here!
A campaign for teaching kindness 
and respect in schools everywhere.

Prof N, one more thing, 
although it came from the Spoof News, 
it doesn’t make it false, 
they report on funny stories, but if you insist, 
I will do a better job of citing sources. 
Although The Spoof has it wrong, 
it doesn’t take away from 
the lack of judgement on the principal’s part. 
If we are going to spank grown women 
in one place, what’s not going 
to stop others from taking advantage 
of this mentality.
(I’ll talk more about it next week)

For now, I will leave you with 
two videos of people 
displaying their true feelings on this story.
News story on the issue:
A gentleman claims that 
he is not a principal, but a pervert:


I guess that principal wants to spank that, 
well you know what I’m talking about.

Family Wants To Take

Spanking to the Supreme Court

A DeKalb County family is resurrecting

the debate over corporal punishment in schools.

It all started when Bill and Dava Cody’s

daughter Meghan was caught

with her cell phone on a bus after school.

The principal of Fyffe High School,

Ricky Bryant, said she would have

the option of being paddled

or going to the alternative school.

The Cody’s chose alternative school

for their daughter.

The school board told them the principal

has the right to punish their daughter as he sees fit.

Now the Cody’s are asking the

Alabama State Board of Education

to ban corporal punishment,

and their daughter Meghan is speaking out.

“No you’re not going to paddle me.

You’re not going to touch me on my private part.

That’s my zone.”, says Meghan.

Dava Cody says, “I want to take it to the legislation,

to the Supreme Court of Alabama, I want these laws changed.”

The Codys have enlisted no-spanking advocacy groups from across the country to help.

Corporal punishment in schools is banned in 30 states.


I commend the Codys for choosing 
a more humane consequence 
rather subjecting her to 
possible sexual confusion 
and spanking fetishes 
in the future as well 
as a host of other ills. 
My friend Jeff Charles really 
nails it on the head. 
Principals and other teachers 
will do anything to spank 
that bottom and that 
includes using punishments 
that may possibly harm grades 
and athletics, 
but that all goes away when 
the student decides to take on 
a posture a prostitute would take 
in a hotel room. Bend over, 
spread your legs and show me that sexy butt.
Meghan, you truly are a hero to 
all students in the United States, I salute you!